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Best vacuum ? While I was looking at my handheld vacuum I could not help but think how did I ever use this machine. I remembered when I first layed eyes on it I thought it was a god send. It was very powerful and had the portability that you would expect from having a machine this size. Normally for these little rascals you can only do but so much with them. But what I found out that they are not designed or built for long term usage.

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At some point before a 2 year period you may find yourself by in the line at your local store looking to purchase another one because you took your first one through the ringer. The machines are only meant to do certain type of vacuuming jobs. They are in my opinion not be used as there bigger sibling counter parts although they may possess some the features you would find in the big machines they are really design to manage smaller task. The machines are ideal for a crumbville environment.


For example, the kitchen is an ideal space where these machines can thrive they are very good for picking of overages of various substances such as sugar, salt, cereal, or if it has the wet vac capability for spillages. Also, these devices are great for inside your car if you are a busy mom or dad on the go and are concerned about extra dust particles in the air due to the crumbs in the back seat these machines come in very handy. If you also have cloth furniture these are great to remove any type of pet hair that may be left by your cat or dog.

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Best Vacuum Usage And Tips

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The key to using these machines is to ensure that you give the machine time to re-charge for at least a day so that when you need it you will have a full charge. The length of time to be able to use based on a full charge will vary from manufacturer. But the idea is as long as it has rested it will be ready for use when you need. Now just like any machine that you use sometimes the machine can get overheated which can result in the unit to cut off during usage. Some manufacturers has put in a fail safe system to prevent the handheld vacuum from over heating.

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Now sometimes over heating can be caused as a result of the filter needing to be washed and cleaned or there exist some type of blockage within the unit that needs to be cleared before continuing usage. Also, sometimes the machine will cut on and off during use there is no real answer that I am aware of at that point you may want to contact the vendor representative. You may also receive a strange smell from the machine which at that time you also may need to contact support. As you can see these machines can easily get to a state of non-working status. Best vacuum should be able to let you know when the filter needs replacing.


I will with a caveat it all depends on the user of the machine sometimes people use things really hard and wear out the device. So the length of time that the device will last is totally up to you. One mention of notice is that when you invest into products like these it is very important that you register the product so that if in the event you have to call support they will assist you.

You see when you register your product that is officially communicating to the vendor that our product has reached to the consumers hands and they are officially a user of our device that we built. Best vacuum should always allow you to register your product.


So at that point I think they as in the company feel obligated to support you as a user. Also, pay close attention to the warranty because from my research for some of these machines it looks as though there is no support for normal wear and tear through usage of the machine.

Some vendors will replace your machine if it is due to a faulty part from there end but if it is just your normal usage and it does not work anymore guess what ? You got to go out and buy another one. I don't know how fair is that. Best vacuum should be able to last long.


To me it seems as though the machines are only built for a limited cycle of usages and once that cycle runs out then you have to buy another one. If you don't mind that then it is not a problem but it would be nice for some companies to continue to provide parts on a maintenance basis versus a factory default.

So my 50000 foot view from the sky if you are going to invest in these machines ensure that you know exactly how the machine will be used. Because as useful as they are it really seems to me that it has a limited life cycle and from my research most vendors don't replace parts on these machines and once you get full use from the cycle then that is it.


You may just have to buy another all over again. I think these machines has its place in the removal of dust and debris however it is on a limited scale and if you are going to make that investment you want to ensure that you have all the relevant information to helpyou to make an intelligent decision.

I don't have any issues with companies trying to make a profit, however, with the limited life cycle that these machines has I want to make sure that as a consumer I am getting the most bang out of my decision making process. With warranties only lasting a year that tells me that the company is not making any long term commitment however, they are making new equipment upgrades. Be prepared and use these machines wisely as they will be able to last as long as you take care of it. Finally the best vacuum should be affordable, reliable, and high quality.

BISSELL 9595A Vacuum with OnePass - Corded

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