Dehumidifier Ratings For Your Home And Laundry Room


Ratings ? Excess moisture in the air has a negative impact on personal comfort since it worsens some medical conditions like asthma and particular types of allergies. High humidity can also damage electronics, clothing, and books, among other items. 

Ratings And What To Look For...

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How a Humidifier Works

A dehumidifier is the solution to such issues. Although you might have an air conditioning system, you may still need a dehumidifier in areas such as laundry rooms and basement, which are characterized by heavier dampness. A dehumidifier helps to maintain the ideal humidity in the atmosphere. 

Dehumidifiers absorb excess moisture from the air and create a balance in indoor humidity, to comfortable levels. This makes indoor spaces pleasant and safer to live in. dehumidifiers contain a fan that draws air from the room and the air temperature is lowered thus reducing the moisture content. The de-moisturized air is then reheated and then released back into the space. 


Some dehumidifiers come with a humidistat that measure accurate humidity levels present in the atmosphere, at a particular area. The main challenge when it comes to dehumidifiers, is dealing with the reservoir, which stores collected moisture. Some units come with a hose extension that can be used to stored water in the reservoir. On the other hand, some will come with an auto shut off valve, which shuts down automatically once the reservoir is full to avoid overflows. 

Which Dehumidifier I Should Select

Selecting the Right Dehumidifier

When shopping for a ratings , it is important to consider ratings and reviews, so that you can have an insight, from those who have used it. Most importantly, you should also consider the following: 

- The area where you wish to use the appliance 

- The method that you intend to remove the condensation removed by the humidifier

- The performance of the unit in terms of energy

- Capacity 

- Size 

- Price 

- Maintenance 

How to Use a Humidifier 

Make sure to follow all the instructions provided by the manufacturer. After you have unpacked, the unit checked the internal bucket to make sure that the float switch has not been dislodged. When you turn it on for the first time, the RH should be set to the highest or driest possible setting to stabilize the humidity of the room. You should also remember that: 

- The airflow path should be unrestricted at all times. Units that have been designed with a vent at the top can sit against the wall. Units that have vents fitted on the sides and back require at least 6 inches of space for circulation from furniture and walls. 

- Check the air filters regularly and ensure they are clean at all times. A clogged filter restricts airflow and thus reduces the performance of the unit. 

- Make sure to unplug the unit before proceeding with any cleaning work. 

Which Ones Has The Best Reviews

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Product Reviews 

There are numerous types of dehumidifiers in the market today offering you a wide range to choose. Dehumidifiers are divided according to different criteria and types. They can be grouped into three main categories, basement dehumidifier, portable dehumidifier, and whole-house dehumidifier. 

Room Portable Dehumidifier 

You might find that there is one room that tends to have higher levels of air moisture than the rest. In this situation, you should avoid a dehumidifier that weighs more than 100 pounds, especially if you have upstairs rooms. A portable dehumidifier is most recommended since it can be easily moved from one room to the other. 


It should also come with a long outlet cord, which can reach almost all areas. It is also advisable to look for a room dehumidifier that has a humidistat, to give accurate readings of room moisture. Alternatively, you can measure manually using a hygrometer. 

Whole House Dehumidifier 

This dehumidifier is very effective in dehumidifying the whole house. However, they come with higher maintenance requirements. Although they might be highly priced, they will prevent valuables and items in the house from being destroyed by excessive moisture and mold. 

Efficiency and capacity are also important factors to consider when buying a whole house dehumidifier. An efficient one will consume less power while a high capacity one will remove more water pints on a single day. 

Basement Dehumidifiers

These are specifically designed for basements that can contain the highest amount of humidity in a home. Most of them are portable. Additionally, they have been built with features and designs that make them suitable for basement conditions. 


Choosing the right dehumidifier will ensure that humidity levels in your home are controlled. There will be no damage to home items and the living environment will be comfortable. With proper maintenance, a dehumidifier can serve for long periods without the need for a replacement. 

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