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Sitting at home, get paid to review products you like, and wondering how you can make that extra cash? Not really into looking for a full time office job? Well, thanks to the internet, you can do just that by doing reviews and getting paid to do it. The world we live in today is one that is centered on the consumer and their opinions are perhaps the most important parts of making any company successful.

In this case, we find that companies and service providers are looking for feedback from consumers to know whether they are delivering according to consumer demands or not. This valuable feedback is extremely important when it comes to industry or company success because it is vital information. Below is how to get paid to review products.

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Get paid to review products based on your view

It is vital because the company relies on it to make better future decisions regarding its products or services. Feedback from consumers helps the company know where the gaps are and some insight on how they can fill those gaps in a smart way. Another camp that benefits from feedback are fellow consumers.

Because people generally prefer to have some information about the product or service before they purchase it, it is a utility to them to have an overview of the item. For consumers, reviews offer insight on what other users of the same product are saying. Because it is coming from fellow consumers, it tends to be more reliable in terms of unbiased opinions. For this reason, product reviews are one of the most important and searched for information before the consumer decisions are made.

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Money for an important services

Consumer feedback in terms of customer reviews is one of the most popular and easy ways which companies and service providers. Additionally, they offer help in terms of giving consumers an idea of the product’s capabilities, pros, and cons, and other information that may be useful before purchase. For many people, writing reviews is a hobby or it is done just on the basis of sharing sentiments of how they feel about a particular service or product.

However, recently it has become a money making enterprise and a lot of people have gotten on board. It is a way to make money in several ways, one being that it is time consuming and the writer deserves compensation for their time and effort put into trying the product and developing the review. Also because of the value the review has for both the consumer and the company, it must be properly compensated in exchange of the financial value it has. So you want to become a product reviewer? Well, it is a great option to get you extra money that you need.

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One of the most useful tools you will run into as you are looking at ways you can begin your product reviewing career is, a website that is essentially made for product reviewers who want to make money. The website has been established in 2006 and since then, it has gotten over 2 million members.


It requires no fees to join the website and the site makes payments to members who have earned every month. Personal information will be required during the sign up process for the good of contact information for the data base. Following the signing up, you are offered a survey to complete your profile in which after completion you receive your first 25 cents. The procedure is relatively easy and quick. 


a. Offers

Aside from making a great deal of money on the website for creating product reviews, users can engage in other money making ventures right from the website. For instance, with the offers page, users can take advantage of various free or paid offers and earn money for completing various offers

b. Surveys

Surveys are also available on CashRate as another way to make money. Though the rate of earning from surveys is lower than that of completing offers, it is still a way to rack up more on your paycheck. Because the website itself is not made specifically for carrying out surveys, they are not the basis of earnings. 

c. Referrals

Another great way to earn money with CashRate is through the two tier referral program. This involves the recruitment program in the part of the user which gives them a chance to refer new users to the site. As a reward for bringing in new users, the first level pays 20% of earnings to the individual who referred while the second level pays 10% of earnings. In terms of referrals, it is a quick and easy way to get more in your paycheck and getting family and friends in on the secret. 

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When you are looking through various sources to trust with your review writing career, you want a secure and trusted service. When working with CashRate, you have both. The website has been operating for over 8 years and has been doing so because of the continued number of new people signing up to join.

Those who join are also able to stay because they see results and compensation for their product reviews. Working with CashRate allows you to work hand in hand with having assured payment plans which are delivered to you each month. Also, the fact that the website has been offering services to numerous others like you give them a trust edge that most other review websites do not necessarily have. 

Should you join?

Considering that you are looking for a way to earn extra cash, this is certainly an ideal path for you to follow. You are probably already using products in your home or office, now you are adding money to the factor by letting others know about it.

Instead of doing it for free, you are able to give valuable information to the company and other consumers about the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of it. With CashRate, not only are you making money for reviewing products, but also for getting referrals, taking up offers, and surveys on the site. Get paid to review products at home. Essentially, your job becomes a paid informant for sharing your views on what you purchased! How easy and enjoyable is that?

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