Home Furnace Humidifier Reviews

Home furnace humidifier reviews help consumers to be informed. Clean, cool and fresh indoor air is essential for the health of home occupants. Dry, horrid winter air can zap moisture from home interiors leaving its occupants with dry skin. A furnace humidifier plays a crucial role in raising the air humidity in a home. It is a critical part of a home’s HVAC system. 

It humidifies indoor air when it is hot. Health related problems triggered by dry indoor air such as scratchy throat, itchy eyes, sinus complications and dry skin among others can be resolved by installing a good furnace humidifier. 

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Home Furnace Humidifier Reviews And Features

home furnace humidifier reviews

Nowadays, manufacturers have come up with furnace humidifier designs that come with unique features making them provide safe and affordable solutions. Therefore, choosing the best home furnace humidifier is the best step one can take in elevating the comfort of their home. Here are the helpful home furnace humidifier reviews on factors to consider when choosing the best brand.

Type of humidifier 

A buyer has to choose from several types of humidifiers. The type to choose depends on the humidity level in a home and the climate of the area. Those living in hot places can select cool-mist humidifiers while those living in cold areas can opt for warm-mist humidifiers.

home furnace humidifier reviews

Top fill humidifiers are ideal for those with conditions such as arthritis. They are perfect for those who don’t like carrying heavy containers around. One can pour water into them with ease. Ultrasonic humidifiers are great in raising indoor moisture to eliminate conditions such as nasal congestion, sinus irritation, dry cough and dry cough. UV Germ humidifiers us ultraviolet light and work best in killing germs, viruses, bacteria and mold. 

Capacity and room measurements

Furnace humidifiers are made in a way to produce moisture levels normally rated concerning gallons per day or GPD. Humidifier units of GPD 1.5-2.0 are deemed to work best in spaces of up to 500 square feet. Units rated 3.0-3.5 GPD are suited for areas of between 700-800 square feet. Units of 7.0-9.0 GPD work best in homes with large spaces of up to 2000 square feet while units of over 10 GPD are suited for those homes of more than 2000 square feet. 

home furnace humidifier reviews

Installation requirements

Installation varies based on the model one chooses. Some of the units can be readily attached to a furnace while others require ductwork. It is advisable to study the configuration of the furnace and ductwork before purchasing a humidifier. It is great in eliminating annoying reworking procedures. 


Furnace humidifiers are available in three different models with each offering unique set of advantages and disadvantages. Flow-thru humidifier models are ideal in prohibiting mold growth. However, they need inbuilt floor drain for good drainage. Spray mist humidifiers are used with gas or oil-powered furnaces but not electric furnaces. Drum-style types are cheaper but require greater maintenance.

Additionally, humidifiers with extra chambers and receptacles are preferred especially when one is using it for health reasons like allergies and asthma. 

home furnace humidifier reviews


Controls determine the convenience of a furnace humidifier. Humidifiers with easy-to-read humidistats are preferable. Humidistat measures moisture level and can send a signal to switch a humidifier on and off when humidity hits certain levels. Units with inbuilt humidistats are the best for anyone to consider.

For units without built-in humidistats need to be adjusted manually to achieve desired humidity levels. Moreover, humidifiers that turn off automatically when water tank is empty are safe to use in a home. 

Replacement parts

For efficient operation home furnace, humidifiers require routine maintenance. Maintenance varies depending on the model of a humidifier. Components right from screens to pads and filters need to be replaced when worn out. Replacement varies and should go as per manufacturer’s guidelines.

When buying a unit, therefore, it is vital to consider the availability and cost of these parts. Evaporative humidifiers often need periodic replacement. Ultrasonic models come with demineralization cartridge which is an added advantage. 


No one needs a noisy environment. Console models are noisy. They are not suitable to use in bedrooms. Noise level is a factor to consider when buying one. 


A home furnace humidifier plays a pivotal role in determining the comfort and health status of home occupants. Due to the various models available on the market, selecting the right one can be an overwhelming task. The above are the key features to consider.  

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