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Shark vacuum models has been around for a while now and for those who are not in the know this vacuum is sponsored by EuroPro. It is to my understanding that it is a family generational owned business. Currently right now you actually see the current CEO on television. It just so happened to be a Sunday morning as I was typing this and I was channel surfing and ran across one of the informercials.

I must admit I am not a big infomercial fan however, sometimes I run across good well constructed advertisement and I often find myself looking at the whole thing. I actually purchased a shark vacuum about 8 years ago, and I vivid remembered that it was a well run machine, as with any purchase you have to be informed as a consumer of these machines. When I am in the space to purchase a vacuum the things that I am most impressed by is if the vacuum has the capability to clean the allergens in the home.

Most people have a tendency to use vacuums for the sole purpose of picking up dirt and debris on the floor, but because I suffer from allergies I am very particular about the type of vacuum I get. Well at the time that I purchased my shark I remembered getting it at our local Lowe's.

We had just moved to our new home and had been in the home for about 4 months. Well as you know when you have something new it starts to wear over time and that is exactly what had happen to the carpet although it was new carpeting we had the tendency to have heavyfoot traffic and as a result over time debris and dirt started to develop.

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    Shark Models Clean Allergens

    shark vacuum models

    So I decided to get a vacuum but at the time I was not sure which type of vacuum to get because back in the early 2000's it was still about picking up dirt and not allergens, those things that could trigger sneezing and coughing spells. So the first time I was introduced to vacuums that remove allergens was the shark vacuum system. I thought this was a novel idea because most brands at the time was not even talking about the HEPA filter and as I remember this was one of the few companies that was, in addition with the bagless technology that was being introduced as well I said this sounds like a winner. 

    The funny thing though I saw all of this on an infomercial and not in the stores. So what I mean is if I did not see the informercial I probably would not have thought to buy it at all in the store. If that was in the store without seeing the information on the commercial I would have just thought to leave the vacuum on the stands. I had learned the term cyclonic technology through watching the commercial so this was informing me as a consumer. Shark vacuum has cyclonic actions.

    shark vacuum

    My experience with this vacuum has been a good overall experience I thought the machine to be very powerful and at the time I loved the idea of not have the bags anymore and you could washout the container when you finished use the vacuum. This to me was worth the purchase because bags has a tendency to leak back into the atmosphere even when your not using the vacuum. The only way that you could prevent that from happening is by dumping the bag after usage not when it gets full.

    I don't care what they say I think bag vacuums can leak the debris back into the air. I like the idea of dumping the dirt and debris immediately have usage. This ensures that the dirt is completely removed from the area. If you have allergies issues you always want to buy a vacuum machine that is specifically designed for removal of allergens from your environment. No point in buying a vacuum if it can't remove the dust in its entirety. So without further a do I am going to share with you the features, advantages, and benefits that I have noticed this with the Shark Vacuum system.  Shark vacuum models are here to stay.

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