Stair Vacuum Cleaner Tips To Buy The Perfect Device

Stair vacuum cleaner have effectively replaced brooms and mops for cleaning around the house. However, it can be awfully difficult to get a bulky vacuum cleaner shoved up and down the stairs to clean them up as well. This is why anyone would advise you to buy a nice stair vacuum.

It will be handy for cleaning your carpeted and non-carpeted stairs and make them clean. However, given that you expect endurance and performance from it, choosing a perfect stair vacuum can be rather tricky. Nevertheless, here are some valuable tips for you to buy that perfect machine. 

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Stair Vacuum Cleaner Factors To Consider

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Factors To Consider

Let's begin with the most important factor for a vacuum cleaner. That would be the ease in maneuvering it around on the stairs and in the house. Most householders make the mistake of buying big machines with impractical designs and end up suffering for life. It is, however, possible to avoid this mistake. 

One should first consider the weight of the machine. Handheld vacuum cleaners are all the rage now because of their economy of design and proportion. These cleaners can be easily carried from one room to another and even to the little nooks and crannies that usually get left out.

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In a big, sprawling house, a handheld stair vacuum is your ideal solution. It will help you out to clean staircases as well as all the rooms and quarters without much of an effort. The newer varieties of handheld machines also come with customized attachments that help in more thorough clean-up work. 

If you are worried a bit about finances, fortunately you can now buy lightweight versions of the traditional stair vacuum cleaners as well. These are detachable, portable and versatile enough to suit your needs. 

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What Is The Ideal Machine ?

best vacuum for carpeted stairs

The Ideal Cleaning Machine

Choosing a lightweight cleaner is just half the job done. Other factors to consider could also be the problem of wires and chords which make the movement of a stair vacuum cleaner rather restricted. Try to find out models which have either long and flexible chords that can be stretched to great distances between rooms or no chords at all.

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In fact, the latter option makes the most sense. Battery-operated cleaners should be on your watchlist. There are now rechargeable cleaners that come with lithium ion batteries. These will give you the advantage of being extremely portable and easy to use in different situations. If you have too many pets scampering around in the house, portable and handheld devices will make it easy for you to clean the place around from time to time. 

What About Machine Versatility ?

best vacuum for carpeted stairs

Versatility of use is another oft-overlooked factor. When buying a stair vacuum cleaner, make sure that you get enough additional attachments. And these should not just be the standard add-ons that you get with most machines. An ideal stair vacuum cleaner could be one that has enough attachments that allow you to use it fully.

Some of the latest models come with attachments of brooms and cleaners that can dig into little gaps and crevices. These types of add-ons can make cleaning staircases and corridors a smooth ride for you.

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Flexibility is also offered by some of the new cleaners have motion pistons and mechanisms. This is just ideal for stairs as well as for curves of walls and facades which need to be cleaned from time to time. There are some new stair cleaners that can rotate 180 degrees.

This kind of flexibility of movement can help you to use it more comfortably and conveniently than ever. Just grab your handheld cleaning machine and use it whenever you want to.

What Is The Verdict ?

best vacuum for carpeted stairs

New Designs Vs Old Designs

Additional features and frills sound great. But remember that they should not hamper the overall efficiency of a stair vacuum cleaner. You can choose between both new-age streamlined designs and traditional cleaning machines that come with the elongated handles.

The older designs have better grip and stability and they have also become lightweight and comfortable to use. On the other hand, new-age machines can be a bit befuddling to figure out. But they also come with advanced add-ons that make them effective. The ultimate choice is yours. So, think and take your time before you take the call.

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