Thermostat Not Working These 7 Ideas Can Provide Help

Thermostat not working is a common issue that many individuals experience. Many people depend on these thermostats to keep their energy bills in check. However, this works flawlessly only when the thermostat functions well. Otherwise, you are likely to end up with either very hot rooms or very cold rooms that are incredibly uncomfortable to be in.

There are many reasons why your thermostat might not be working flawlessly and you might just have to check the different causes before fixing the thermostat. In case you are wondering how to do so, here are a couple of guidelines that will effectively help you in case of thermostat not working. 

Changing the batteries

This is the first thing that you need to do before trying out the more complicated options. Although all thermostats are not the same, there are some which need battery changes. In case you have a wireless thermostat system, try using the AA lithium batteries instead of the conventional ones. Use batteries of very good company always for your thermostats. 

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Thermostat Not Working Check For The Dust

thermostat not working

Proper dusting

This is another simple solution to get your thermostat, particularly the electro-mechanical thermostat fixed. You can get the dusting done with small brush, a paint brush or any soft brush. Pen the housing of the thermostat and do some light cleaning.

Very often dust and dirt turn out to be the major causes for inaccurate readings of temperature and other issues. Get your thermostat dusted lightly and make sure that the metal coils and contact plates are cleaned well. If you cannot get your brush fixed between the contact plates, use a soft paper by sliding it in and sliding it back and forth for the cleanup. 

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Check the location where the thermostat is placed

Well, this might apparently seem obvious, but you’d be surprised knowing how many homeowners causally overlook the issue, in case of thermostat not working. Your thermostat needs to be placed away from the sources of direct light and sunlight. If it is near a computer or a lamp or any other random source of heat, the temperature reading of the thermostat will be off and will be sending wrong commands to your air conditioner or furnace. 

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How To Check The Balance Of Your Thermostat ?

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Check the balance of your thermostat

This is something that you also need to ensure in order to take care of your thermostat. By using a level device, make sure that your thermostat is placed in a level plain. If it isn’t completely straight, then your mercury switch is likely to not work accurately or properly.

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Adjusting the anticipator

In order to adjust the anticipator you will have to open the housing of your thermostat and look out for the small metal tab which is exactly beside the scale from shorter to longer. If you have an HVAC cycle that switches on and off quite frequently or not frequently enough, then adjusting the anticipator is likely to sort the issue. Following are a couple of things that you need to take note of. 

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What Is The Verdict ?

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If your heat cycling is on and off very frequently, your anticipator is likely to be moved closer to the long setting. Make adjustment to one specific calibration mark individually. 

If your furnace doesn’t reach the preferred temperature, make sure to move the anticipator from the longer setting. 

While making these couple of adjustments wait for a couple of hours to check whether your system has stabilized itself. If you still feel that it is necessary to adjust the anticipator, make sure to make the additional changes every calibration mark at a time. Your anticipator is likely to work well between .2 and .8 amps. 

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Adjust the thermometer

Just behind the thermostat, right behind the section of the mercury switch and the coil at front of it, you will find a puny metal nib. Some of these nibs have a specific slot for a screwdriver. Use this for adjusting the thermometer of the thermostat by using a conventional thermometer as your guide. 

Check the switches for shut offs and breakers

Although, it might just sound unbelievable, but you need to check the switches for shut offs and breakers. Look out for the standard wall switch along the furnace; you are likely to find this somewhere. Check the circuit breaker and make sure to fuse for the furnace is in proper condition, if your thermostat not working. 

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