Vacuum Cleaner For Stairs And Carpet

Vacuum cleaner for stairs are no doubt among the busiest places in your home if not the busiest. From family members moving up and down to your pet playing all over the house(if you have one); the stairs are often dirty and as a result, require regular cleaning to prevent dirt from accumulating over time. Using a standard vacuum cleaner on your stairs translates to more work, time wastage, and of course reduced efficiency. 

The convenience of your vacuum cleaner will more often than not be dependent on the type of surface you intend to use it in. Therefore, what are some of the basics in choosing the most appropriate vacuum cleaner for stairs? 

The type of your stairs

Understanding your specific staircase needs is the first step to satisfying your cleaning needs. Every house has a unique staircase design either based on overall size or the width and length of the cases. This means that you need to be extremely careful when selecting a vacuum cleaner for your stairs. 

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Vacuum Cleaner For Stairs And Staircases

vacuum cleaner for stairs

All staircase vacuum cleaners are either corded or cordless. For a relatively small staircase, you can choose between the two options. However, if your staircase is large in size, then going for a cordless vacuum cleaner is what you need.

Some vacuum cleaners for stairs have longer cords that can allow you to clean up to the highest case. Therefore, before you consider other preferences, it is essential first to examine your stairs, its design and highlight its specific cleaning needs. 

What Type Of Vacuum Cleaner Should I Have ?

The type of vacuum cleaners

Generally, there are four main types of vacuum cleaners for stairs. Understanding how each type performs or functions is an important step in acquiring the most suitable vacuum cleaner for your needs. 

The following are the main types of vacuum cleaners specifically designed for staircases.

vacuum cleaner for stairs

1. Handheld

When it comes to portability and convenience, no staircase vacuum cleaner beats the handheld vacuum cleaners. With a slightly small cleaning head, this type of vacuum cleaner is efficient enough to remove all kinds of accumulated dirt, including pet hair or even human hair. All handheld staircase vacuum cleaners are bagless. 

One More Point...

This means your vacuum cleaning activity will be limited to the size of your cleaner. Another plus for this type of vacuum cleaner is its versatility as you can use it to comb out the extreme edges of your staircase or even your car seats if the need arises. 

What About Cylinder Cleaners ?

2. Cylinder vacuum cleaners

Although the cylinder vacuum cleaners are mostly used for cleaning the house, they can also be used on your stairs. The trick is to ensure the suction hose is long enough to reach the highest case. Another important consideration is to ensure it has a slightly small base to enable it to sit on a case while you are vacuuming. 

And Don't Forget About The UpRights...

3. Upright 

These types of vacuum cleaners are commonly used to clean the house. However, if u can get a significantly smaller design, you will be able to perform your stair cleaning functions with ease. Otherwise, the base is often too large to enable you to use it on the stairs. The lift off version of the upright vacuum cleaner is more appropriate for use in staircases as it has a smaller size. 

vacuum cleaner for stairs

4. Stick vacuum cleaners

Small and portable enough to be used on staircases, the stick vacuum cleaners have a small cleaning head that makes it possible to move it along all the surfaces of your stairs.

What Are The Best Tips Available ?

Tips on selecting the most appropriate vacuum cleaner for your stairs

1. Power

Before you purchase your ultimate staircase vacuum cleaner, remember the golden rule of vacuum cleaners. Power beats design! Go for a powerful cleaner that will reduce your workload while at the same time increasing your productivity. A powerful vacuum cleaner will suck all the dirt from your stairs leaving the stairs squeaky clean. 

2. Weight 

Let`s be honest here, selecting a heavy vacuum cleaner for use on the stairs will only reduce your efficiency while performing your cleaning duties. Go for a standard weight, especially when using handheld vacuum cleaners. This will reduce overall levels of fatigue and ensure you perform your cleaning duties without getting tired too quickly.

3. Suction hose and cord

It is important to ensure that your suction hose and cord are long enough to accommodate your cleaning needs. Failure to this will see you disappointed at your selection since cleaning will not be as easy as intended.

If selecting a corded vacuum cleaner is your preference, then it is advisable to ensure the cord is long enough to suit your cleaning needs. A longer suction hose gives you the freedom to clean the edges of the stairs without moving the vacuum cleaner.

Finding the perfect vacuum cleaner for stairs is not difficult provided you consider the design and size of your stairs. Once you factor in your cleaning needs for your specific staircase, you will be able to select the most appropriate vacuum cleaner. This will ensure your stairs remain clean and free of accumulated dirt and dust as well.

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