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1000 bulbs free shipping coupons ? 1000Bulbs.com is a revolutionary, award winning online company that sells more than just light bulbs but everything that has to do with lighting. The company 1000Bulbs.com was launched in 1996 during a time when people were still trying to figure out how the Internet works. Since 1996, the company has grown to be the best online lighting product portal with over 200 employees who handle various aspects of the business from research to sales.

The company handles queries from potential customers on a daily basis and offer products at reduced prices. 1000 Bulbs.com stocks a variety of well-known lighting brands and has an extensive product list that is not limited to light bulbs as most people know them. Products range from simple household bulbs to specialized bulbs like outdoor track bulbs and Ultraviolet Germicidal light bulbs that emit ultraviolet rays at a wavelength that is short enough to kill microorganisms. 


1000Bulbs.com is an online store that stocks bulbs and lighting fixtures for a variety of uses. It has a vast product catalogue of fixtures that are appropriate for offices, warehouses, parking lots, even sports grounds. Whatever your needs are, you will find the right solution at 1000Bulbs. Com. The retailer makes it much easier to shop at the store with discount deals, clearance sales and limited 1000 bulbs free shipping coupon offers.

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1000 bulbs free shipping coupons

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There are different kinds of light fixtures that can be found at 1000Bulbs. The product list is categorized into actual light bulbs, additional fixtures and equipment like ballasts, batteries, converters and other things that are essential in certain applications. Customers can go to individual categories to find what they are looking for or they can shop by brand. 

1000 bulbs free shipping coupons


Features to look for in a light bulb 

Most people are familiar with incandescent lights in their home. These have been shaped in different ways to be used in other spaces like nightclubs and open fields. The common ones we know are pear-shaped with have an electrical filament, which glows to produce light and a base that is either a screw capped or has pins. 

Before you shop here are a couple of things you need to know in order to make the right choice: 

· Wattage – when choosing a specific light bulb you need to know a little bit more about what makes a light bulb effective or why its better to choose one type of light bulb over another. The one factor that most people are aware of is Wattage. LED bulbs have challenged the common incandescent light bulb we have been using for centuries. The reason is that LED bulbs use less power to produce the same amount of light the incandescent light bulb needs. 

· Lumens – Sometimes wattages are expressed as lumens. Lumens are described as a measure of how much light a bulb emits. A normal 60-watt Incandescent light bulb has 800 lumens. This is not a set figure. Lumens or the brightness of the light from a bulb can be affected by how long that bulb has been in operation. 

· Temperatures of the light – Bulbs produce electrical energy, which has a temperature. Bulbs that produce 2700K have a bright white glow. The higher the temperature, the brighter the bulb will be. A bulb with a 5000 K temperature is not only hot but it creates a stark white colored light.  

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How to compare light bulbs  

There are different kinds of bulbs that are suitable for different kinds of applications. At 1000 bulbs free shipping coupons , you can discuss your lighting needs and get information on the best product or solution to your lighting problems. 1000Bulbs.com stocks big brand names like GE, Phillips, Toshiba, Hatch, Gelco, Sylvania and many more. There are 1000 bulbs free shipping coupon offers on specific products, categories and brands that can be found online at different times of the year. 

Incandescent light bulbs convert most of the electrical energy to heat rather than light. These bulbs can burn for 750 hours to 10,000hours depending on the wattage and whilst they burn, 90% of the electricity used is lost as heat. This loss has prompted many manufacturers to come up with energy efficient alternatives that will not only consume less energy keep being brighter for long


Energy Efficiency  

Halogen bulbs, Linear Fluorescent Bulbs, compact fluorescent, High Intensity Discharge bulbs and LED bulbs are the energy efficient alternatives that are available on the market. 

1000 bulbs free shipping coupons


Halogen Bulbs 

Halogen bulbs have a small container with halogen gas. When they are light the halogen gas gives off a bright white light without using too much energy. They can last as long as two to five years depending on the wattage and how often or long they are required to burn.  


· Compact Fluorescent lights

These lights produce as much light as regular bulbs but only use a quarter of the energy. This means that a 15-watt compact fluorescent bulb creates the same amount of light as a 60-watt incandescent light bulb. They can be used in any room in the house, they save money and energy. 


· High Intensity Discharge

These light bulbs are very bright but they don’t draw as much power as incandescent light bulbs do. High Intensity Discharge bulbs include types that use metal halide, mercury vapor and high-pressure sodium. 


1000Bulbs.com is a company that is aware of the environment and the need to conserve energy. As an environmental conscious company 1000 Bulbs.com promotes products that are energy efficient and supports companies and organizations that are involved with sustainable energy projects.

There has been a concerted movement by the company to partner with organizations like the DC Sustainable Energy Utility that offers rebates on products with an Energy Star certification purchased online. The partnership makes sense because the company not only pioneered the online selling of lighting products but it continues to educate and offer customers energy efficient products at low prices.

Customers can get information 1000 bulbs free shipping coupons offer as well as sales by registering on the website. The site is packed full of information on products and special deals on offer.

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