A Gas Fired Warm Air Furnace Heats By

If you are thinking of heating up your indoor area through economical ways, it is better to buy energy efficient furnaces which are more environment friendly. 

What is a heater?

A furnace is a large device that is used for generating heat. Over the years, furnaces have been used in industrial manufacturing plants for generating high temperatures. But furnaces have also been modified for small scale applications like heating the interior space of houses and to boil water for bathing and cooking. While electric heaters have the capacity to boil water and to warm air, they run on huge amount of electricity. This adds up to endless electric bills which become every homeowner's nightmare. 

a gas fired warm air furnace heats by

What Is A Furnace If It Is Not Energy Efficient

a gas fired warm air furnace heats by

Furnaces on the other hand, are more energy efficient. The US D.O.E (Department of Energy) has recently revealed reports that a typical urban home today uses about 56% of its total energy consumption for heating and cooling purposes. This is a really high amount of energy use, and not only does it create a financial hazard for the typical homeowner, but it also creates a huge amount pollution. So what can be a better environment-friendly process of generating heat to maintain comfort in our homes? 

Because the furnaces operate mostly on fuel, they will not draw excessively from the electric supply in your home. Rather, the US Department of Energy has stated that efficient models of furnaces should be used which can convert a minimum of 80% of its fuels into heat. There are now highly advanced furnace models in the market which can even convert 98.5% of the fuels into energy.

As a result, waste is highly reduced and the risk of polluting the environment can be finally at an all-time low. If you already have a furnace at home, make sure that it is not an obsolete model. Old models of furnace can convert maximum of 70% of fuels, which means that you will be wasting 30% of your fuel which you paid for with your hard earned money. 

a gas fired warm air furnace heats by

How Can You Make The Right Choice To Buy One

How can you make the right choice while buying a furnace?

There are some major brands like Lennox, Carrier and Trane which manufacture really efficient models of furnace meant for home use. However, each model comes with its own set of features and warranty that might not be what you are looking for. While making your decision, you need to take a look at several factors like energy efficiency, warranties, durability and comfort. 

1. How efficient is the furnace?

Furnaces use fuel energy to generate heat. If a certain furnace can give you more heat from a certain amount of fuel supply, the better it is for you in the long run. A good furnace should use less amount of fuel and very little electric energy to run the blowers in order to circulate the heat in all rooms of the house efficiently. A lot of models carry EnergyGuide Labels on their side which shows the energy efficiency rating, which is called the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating.

What Are The Features, Advantages, And Benefits 

2. Does it have energy saving features?

Good furnaces have combustion sides where air from outdoors is mixed with the fuels to generate maximum heat. This chamber is the sealed combustion area where air is properly heated up and is then sent through the blowers for efficient circulation in all rooms. Highly efficient furnace models keep a close watch on the mix between air with gas and also varies the speed of the blower depending on the heat requirements in the house. 

3. Does the furnace come with a two stage gas valve?

Advanced furnaces use a two stage gas valve which warms up the air inside the furnace very quickly and then goes back to a temperature that is more economical. These furnaces also save electricity by not using electric motors.

Rather, they connect their variable speed motor to a highly sophisticated thermostat. As a result, the furnace keeps blowing air into the rooms consistently but in little amounts. This also reduces the sound of the furnace a lot, which is an added advantage. 

These three factors are important to consider when you are trying to buy a high quality home furnace. A good furnace model should have a blower that can move at a speed that matches the heat requirement, a sophisticated thermostat that can interact with the motor and an efficient secondary heat exchanger to draw the maximum heat from the fuels. If your preferred model has all of these features, buy it immediately without any delay!

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