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First let me thank each of you for stopping by my webspace to learn more about cleaner air. If you can bear with me for a moment I would like to share with you how this website came into existence. You see it was never my intentions to build a website about cleaner air.

My journey began with my own struggles with breathing clean air. I suffer from terrible allergies and bronchitis. If anyone has this issue or know someone who does then you will understand my story. I started looking for a machine that could help me around the house.

Well that led me to going to google and type in some words about clean air. To my surprise I was shocked that what returned was businesses claiming to have the best clean air machine. None of these business was talking about the issues surrounding clean air indoor and outdoor.

Did you know that the air quality outside your home was better than inside. This was a total shock ! For the most part you don't hear the news talking alot about having cleaner indoor air or air quality in general. Its like one of those forgotten topics amongst the daily news.

But the reality is that we as a human beings living on planet earth should focus more on making our indoor air quality much cleaner. This was the beginning of Airfresha.com

about me the author
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Who Am I ?

Well this is a very good question, My name is Curt and I worked in the information technology field for 20 years and I enjoy doing research on the internet. Especially when it comes to topics that I became very passionate about, which lead me to buidling this site.

On any given day I can have what I call an allergy attack. My eyes get watery and red, I start to sneezing alot, sometimes get headaches from my sinuses, also my bronchial tubes can get inflammed to the point it cuts in on my breathing. When these symptoms happen and left untreated it can really get to be unbearable.

Then I will have to goto the doctor and they do the breathing test, and chest xrays, and give me different meds to help clear up the mucus that could occur. I wanted to create a webspace that talks about all things dealing with clean air, from allergies to pollutants and everything in between. Consider this site as an educational resource and tool to help you in your journey to identify strategies to support clean air in your home.


How to use this site ?

I'm glad you ask, this site will be a simple site nothing fancy at all. This site is free and for educational purposes. As you are searching on the web I hope to become a reliable resource in your journey, that is my goal. This site will be a work in progress because I am a consumer just like you and I am on my own personal journey to find better ways to providing clean air in my home. 


How can this website help me ?

I will be covering a vast array of topics related to air quality. From product reviews, to air quality concepts and ideas,in addition will be buidling a knowledge base over time that can aid in the research for cleaner air. 


Who do you work with ?

Well I am an internet enthusiast and consumer. I work for no one and this is my personal journey that I decided to embark upon. I don't have a team of people, I just enjoy doing research and publishing that research online.

However, I did wanted to be partnered with a team that could help me develop my concept from the ground up a website that could provide value. There are many web hosting sites on the net but I wanted to be a part of a web host company that understands the art in creating a valuable website.

And I believe I have found that partner, as a one person web administrator there are so many things that you are responsible for doing. The main thing is the ability to create valuable content that can identify with your reader. Also, when considering a partner cost should not be an issue because you want to be able to have support 24/7 365 days a year.

If you have a web question you want to be able to know that you have a team of supportive people who can help you achieve your content goals. I believe I have a partner that understands a persons website needs and concerns. Should you have a desire to create your own webspace with your own content I suggest you check the following site.


What makes your website different than the others in this field ?

Well the main objective of my site is to explore the world of cleaner air quality. So I am not in competition with anyone as I am on my own personal journey to cleaner air. I am hoping as this journey continues that I will share the knowledge that I have acquired with everyone. Here is what I will say, you won't find a bunch of ads in your face on this site.

As my focus now and going forward is to identify ways to have cleaner air quality indoor and outdoor. Some may say that makes me an environmentalist, well I don't know about that but I do care about breathing in clean air.


What makes you an authority ?

Honestly, I am not an authority at all, I am a consumer just like you who has an interest in better understanding the concept of cleaner cooler air


What should I expect when visiting your site ?

Great question and I hope to answer it to the best of my knowledge. You should expect a clean website, content filled, fast, easy to navigate, and all links working website experience. 


What other topics do you write about ?

This is a good question and for me I don't have a particular direction, the theme of my site is about air quality however, I will write about anything that is important to me. So if you have a topic of interest you would want to see on the site send me a message and if it is in line with what I want to write about then I will add it to the site. 

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