Air Conditioner Fan Runs But Compressor Does Not

HVAC has several components. For the system to regulate temperature in your home, all the components should be working well. From time to time some of the parts will fail. This makes it necessary for you to be equipped with troubleshooting tips so that each time the system will stop working you can know the problem and fix it.

It will be cheaper for you to troubleshoot the problem and fix it if it does not require technical know-how. You will end up saving a lot of money which you will have used to pay professionals for the services of troubleshooting and repairing. It will be easier for you to avoid being ripped off by professionals who will be after exploiting you after your system fail to work due to minor complications.

air conditioner fan runs but compressor does not

HVAC Tips Know One Told You About

air conditioner fan runs but compressor does not

HVAC tips

1. The system fails to cool the home

There are many causes which will make you fail to achieve the cooling effects of the system. For example, the circuit breaker may have tripped. In the case you will just have to check your circuit breaker box and reset the circuit breaker

Wrong setting of your thermostat can make the system fail to cool. If the thermostat is off, you will be required to witch it on and set it to cool. This is a simple setting you will apply and have your system running without even involving a professional.

Sometimes the indoor unit may be running but the outdoor unit is off. In such a case you will have warm air entering your home. In order to rectify the fault, you need to check on the thermostat and reset the temperature settings. You can as well leave the thermostat control in off position for about 2 hours and check whether it will reset itself. If the problem persists, then you will need to contact a professional.

Why Does A System Fail Because Of Heat

2. The system fails to heat

If your system is not heating the home, then you need to check on several components. First, you need to check on the gas whether it is turned off. If the gas valve is turned off, then you need to turn it on so that you will start feeling the heating effect of the system.

If your system has been turned off, then you will not be able to heat the home. In this case you will have to check the thermostat and switch the system on or plug it if it has been unplugged. Wrong settings of the thermostat may also cause the system to fail in heating your home. Just check on the settings and reset them for the system to heat the home.

A tripped circuit breaker will result in a no heat effect. You will have to check the circuit breaker box and switch it on. 

3. The system has no air flow

Lack of airflow in your HVAC system can be caused by clogged or dirty filters. In order to have air flowing freely, you need to check on the air filters and clean them. You can also replace them if the one in place have served for a long period of time.

A dirty coil can become frozen up hence blocking air flow. You can turn your thermostat off for about three hours so that it will defrost.

air conditioner fan runs but compressor does not

Why Is My Utility Bill High And What Can I Do About It ?

4. Your utility bill is very high

If you have not added a new accessory such as a hot tub which consumes a lot of power, then you need to check with your utility service provider for you to know whether they have increased the energy rates. If the rates have not changed, then you need to contact a professional for a full diagnosis. You should also check whether the system is reaching your set point. 

5. The system is constantly running

This can be caused by a setting which is too high. You need to check your thermostat setting for summer and winter. If the settings are set at optimum, then you need to call a professional for  troubleshooting.

6. The drain pan is overflowing

This can be caused by failure of the overflow switch. In this case you should turn off the system and call a professional to fix the overflow switch. The professional will explain to you the possible causes of the switch failure so that you will avoid a repeat of the same issue.

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air conditioner fan runs but compressor does not

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