Air Conditioner Is On But Not Cooling Can I Resolve It ?

Is your AC not cold? As the climate continues to grow hotter by the year, air conditioners have cemented their spot permanently in our lives. A day without them would infact put us into distress. This calls for all AC owners to learn a basic set of tricks to get their air conditioner working in the event of a minor failure. 

Your air conditioner is designed to provide cool air under many different circumstances. However, sometimes the unit fails to blow cold air, and there is no single cause to this event. Some of these malfunctions are a part of the natural life-cycle of the device and are easy to correct.

air conditioner is on but not cooling

AC Not Cold Check This Out This Might Help !

air conditioner is on but not cooling

Let’s take a look at some of the things that you can do in case you stumble upon this situation one day: 

Operate Under Favorable Conditions

If your air conditioner is located in a room that is already very hot or includes devices that produce a lot of heat, the air conditioning could take a while to cool the room. Turn off all appliances that produce heat and ventilation of the room before turning the air conditioner.

If your space contains unfavorable operating conditions, such as open windows or soil close to prevent air from escaping. Remove obstructions like fabric, curtains or furniture. Barriers stifle the flow of air entering or leaving from the unit.

2. Dust Off The Air filter

Get hold of the Filter tab on the upper back of the unit and pull it. If the air filter is messy - filled with dirt and other foreign particles, your air conditioner will fail to blow cold air, despite functioning adequately on a mechanical level. Rinse both sides of the filter with hot water until it is completely clean.

Shake the filter to remove additional water and dirt. Pat the filter completely dry with a towel or allow some fresh air to dry it down. Replace the filter at the back of the air conditioner and try again. This is a common case, and if your air conditioner does not blow cold air, you can expect the air filter to be the culprit 90% of the time.

air conditioner is on but not cooling

Your fan not blowing in ac lets go

Are You Running In Fan Mode ?

3. Make Sure You’re Not Running Fan Mode

If your air conditioner is set to fan mode, which is indicated by a fan icon on the screen, your unit's cooling mode is not actually not switched on and hence the absence of cool air. The fan simply circulates the air that is present in the room, and this air is not intended to be cooled.

Press the cooling function button, which is represented by a snowflake icon on most models, to activate the cool air function. A snowflake icon will also appear on the screen when the cooling function is active. Now, lower the temperature to an ideal cooling temperature at around 77 degrees Fahrenheit by pressing the on or off button on the control panel or the remote control.

4. Clean The Drain Pipe

Although this is occurrence is not all that common, it’s something you ought to know. If your water drainage pipe is filled with water, your air conditioner will fail to blow cold air until the discharge pipe is completely empty. While you do this, make sure to unplug the power cord for safety purposes.

Disconnect your air conditioner and take it to an outdoor environment to dispose off the stagnant water. Pull the drain plug on the bottom side of the unit and allow the water to drain completely from the device. Insert the plug back and reconnect the device. Now, turn it on for about 15 minutes and gauge its performance. 

The Final Verdict


If all the aforementioned methods fail to assist you successfully, then it would be safe to say that your air conditioner is actually dealing with something more than just an operational snag. Frequent usage also results in wear and tear of the device, causing internal components to fail.

In such cases, only a qualified support staff who is certified by your air conditioner’s manufacturer will be able to assist you in the repair of the device. The good news is that most of the models do come with extended warranty. So it would be good idea not to try to experiment with internal hardware by yourself. Just call tech support when things get too complicated! 

Goodman 3 Ton 16 SEER Air Conditioner R-410a GSX160361air condition

air conditioner is on but not cooling

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