Air O Swiss U200 Hydrocell : What You Need To Know ?

Air o swiss humidifier is a great way of preparing for the winter, which is when your indoor environment becomes very stuffy and moist. Humidifiers make your office or home more habitable, comfortable and safe. Over the years, Air –O- Swiss humidifiers have become a favorite choice for homeowners and commercial entities.

The humidifiers come in portable designs that factor in the concepts of space, comfort and innovation. Air O Swiss humidifier are mostly easy to use, even for the greenest of homeowners. Supposing you intend to buy this type of humidifier, it pays to know what to expect before you actually venture out. This piece provides you with a list of the most frequently asked questions about this appliance as well as their solutions.

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Air O Swiss U200 Hydrocell : Air O Swiss Humidifier Features

1. What are the features of Air O Swiss humidifier that make them a popular choice among consumers?

• They operate quietly, limiting the level of air-o-swiss humidifier noise in the internal environment of your living quarters.

•Their level of output of moisture is very high, ridding your immediate environment of water in a over a short period of time.

•The appliance comes with a provision for the automatic control of humidity. You should however be careful when making a purchase because not all models have this feature.

•The two operation modes available, digital and manual, are easy to understand. In addition, they offer you the opportunity to select what you want to work with.

•Water refill indicators alert you when the level of water in the appliance is low.

•The presence of programmable timers allows you to manipulate functionality according to your own convenience.

•The humidifiers come with capabilities for prevention of germs.

•Cool and warm moist options allow you to vary the internal environment of your living quarters.

•The humidifier comes in numerous designs, giving you diversity in choice. You can therefore pick a style that fits in with the elements of design of the destination room.

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air o swiss u200 hydrocell

2. How do models of the Air-O-Swiss humidifier differ?

The main types of this dehumidifier include the ultrasonic cool mist and warm mist, air washer/humidifier combinations and the cool mist-only units.

Cool mist humidifiers are famous for their efficient use of electricity because they do not have to heat any water. An example is the Air-O-Swiss 7145 .

Air washer types humidify while purifying the air by removing impurities and suspended or floating particles. They include the Air-O-Swiss 2055A Air Washer model among several others. 

Ultrasonic warm and cool humidifiers include Air-O-Swiss U700 and work towards modifying your immediate environment into either warm or cool, depending on your choice. These types are very quiet. In fact, they are the quietest model because their processes produce waves at frequencies that are too high for the human ear to detect.

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3. How big an area does the average humidifier cover?

This varies depending on the model and rating.All ratings for humidifiers come in square feet. Portable travel humidifiers are small, covering the immediate space ahead of you. The biggest ones cover over 600 square feet. There are many intermediate types, allowing you to consider your space limitations before making purchases.


4. What is the level of noise produced by Air-O-Swiss humidifiers?

The average noise rates at less than 25 decibels. This is roughly equal to the sound you produce when you whisper in a long hallway.


5. Are there differences between a normal air purifier and an Air-O-Swiss air washer?

The function of both of these appliances is to rid the air of particles. Air washers are set up to trap large particles of air to prevent them from recirculating. Purifiers on the other hand are very capable of handling the tiniest particles in the environment, making them a good choice for the removal of allergens from the air around us.

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6. What do I need to do to maintain an Air-O-Swiss humidifier?

You will need to clean the appliance on a regular basis to ensure that bacteria and germs do not stay too long on the inside because this might give them a chance to recirculate into your breathing environment. To perform any kind of cleaning, you will need to empty the water tank and clean the inside of the device with a soft brush. You can also use a cleanser. Go for mild chemicals in this case. Some humidifiers are designed in such a way that they will alert you whenever the need for cleaning arises. In most cases, there is a two-week window between cleaning exercises.

Some parts of the Air-O-Swiss will need replacement from time to time. For instance, you will have to get a new hydro cell for the unit every year. This cell is important because it keeps the tank and its components very fresh. The demineralization cartridge is important because it prevents harmful compounds from going out into the air you breathe. Those who use hard water on their appliances need to replace this cartridge every three months because its functions involve intense processes that take a toll on its condition.


At times, some consumers will buy refill granules and drop them inside the cartridges, which is a way of ensuring functionality while avoiding the expense of a new cartridge. Finally, the filter wick also needs periodic replacement.

Always keep in mind that the conditions of the parts discussed above will depend on the frequency at which you use the device as well as the maintenance procedures you carry out. A well-maintained appliance will not need regular replacement of the parts. Most consumers carry out maintenance in a bid to enhance longevity.


7. What is the function of the demineralization cartridge?

Water contains many minerals. Studies show that some of these minerals produce white dust. Those who use hard water in their appliances are more likely to encounter the problem of white dust than those who use soft water. When this residue enters your breathing environment, it makes its way into your lungs, causing a condition known as humidifier lung in layman terms.

The function of the cartridge is to sift through the water, ridding it of mineral compounds responsible for the development of humidifier lung. Experts in appliances advise homeowners to try and use distilled water in their units as much as they can because it contains very few minerals and is less likely to lead to the formation of white dust. Air o swiss humidifier is one of the best on the market.

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