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Best office air purifier can clean indoors. Indoor air is usually more polluted than outside air. And because most of us spend a good part of the day indoors especially in offices trying to make ends meet, exposure to polluted indoor air puts us at a risk for various ailments including asthma, allergies and other respiratory problems.

Using the best office air purifier can help create a healthier and cleaner office environment so you can keep air quality related conditions at bay. Nonetheless choosing the best office air purifier for your office can be a daunting task. There are typically thousands of models in the market and choosing one over the other can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

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So which air purifier is the best?

When it comes to purifying the air, there is no a one size fits all approach. Most brands that are available in the market today are manufactured by reputable companies and meet all the set standards. However the best air cleaner is the one that deals with your problem. Consider the following tips to help you find the best office air purifier for your needs:

Best Office Air Purifier And Why You Need One

Why Do I Need An Air Purifier?

Before you purchase any air purifier, consider your air quality needs. For people who have allergies, go for a machine that is architecture for that. They feature high efficiency particulate air filters or HEPA filters which remove about 99 percent of airborne allergens.

These include pet dander, ragweed, mold spores, dust mites, dust and pollen. The same applies to people with asthma. Go for a chemical or odor air purifier. If none or all of the above issues apply to you, an all-purpose air purifier will be ideal.

air purifier that removes mold

Coverage area

When choosing a purifier, consider the size of the office that you will be using it in. Measure the width and the length of the room in feet and multiply them together and then use the figure to find a purifier that has a recommended coverage area that matches the square footage. You can find this information in the machine’s specifications.

What Are The Different Specifications ?

Extra Features

It is also important to consider if you need any additional features. This can include digital controls, air quality sensors, programmable timers, filter change indicators, remote controls and so on. These extra features give you complete control over your machine’s performance by adding convenience to operations.

air purifier that removes mold

Noise Level

Most carbon based cleaners and electronic air cleaners use a motor to draw air and these motors can be very noisy. On the other hand most Ozone and negative ion purifiers also are usually equipped with a fan, which is usually less noisy than their electronic or carbon counterparts. ]

But there are machines that come with settings which allow users to control the level of noise it produces. So ask for a demonstration first before you buy any purifier.

How do you go about maintenance ?

Maintenance and Upkeep

Be sure to keep in mind the frequency and cost of future filter replacements in mind when shopping for an air purifier. The filter life is usually indicated in the product specifications. But there are some high end purifiers like Havernil purifiers that come with a single combination filter which means it is the only filter that you will need to replace. AirFree sterilizers on the other hand use ultraviolet light or heat to kill allergens and germs. This typically means that they don’t require filter replacement.

Top rated office Air Purifiers 

1. Alen Breathessmart

The Alen Breathessmart is perhaps one of the best air purifiers on the market today. It comes with a lifetime warranty and it has reliable CADR ratings.301 for pollen,276 for smoke and 256 for dust which is more than enough to eliminate common air pollutants in the office.

air purifier that removes mold

2. RxAir Plus Filterless Air Purifier 

RxAir Plus filterless air purifier’s Viratech technology is trusted by airports, day care centers, hospitals and schools to eliminate allergens in the air. The machine uses high density germicidal ultraviolet light to destroy about 90 percent of airborne viruses and bacteria including TB, Strep, MRSA, Pneumonia, SARS, common cold, flu and so on. 

3. Blueair 403 HepaSilent Air-Purification System

The high quality machine uses a patented HEPASilent technology which utilizes both mechanical and electronic filtration to eliminate more than 99 percent of the particles in the air. It is also very silent on low and produces designed white sounds on high speeds. Its filters are recyclable and it is designed with a handle so you can easily move it around your office.

4. Honeywell QuietClean HFD-120-Q

Honeywell is known for making high quality air purification machines and the QuietClean HFD-120-Q is no exception. It is designed for medium sized offices and uses a washable ionizer and filter. It is AHAM certified, has 3 cleaning stages and it is very efficient and quiet.

Many times indoor air of your office becomes more polluted than outside air. In this condition you are very much exposed to bad air as you have to spend most of your time in your office which can increase the risk of causing various health problems like respiratory problem, allergies and asthma etc. You can create a healthy environment in your office, to prevent health problems caused by overexposure to bad air, by using a good quality air purifier.

But shopping for the best office air purifier is not easy as you can find them in wide variety in the market. In fact have to consider several things while buying an air purifier for your office, like: 

Reasons to buy office air purifier

Size of air purifier

Features of air purifier

Maintenance of air purifier

All these points are briefly described here under to help you in buying the best office air purifier. 

Reasons to buy office air purifier

First thing to be considered while choosing an air purifier for office is the quality of indoor air you want. You should buy one with High Efficiency Particulate Air filters or HEPA filters, if you have allergies.

They can give you relief from allergies by removing almost 100% allergens including dust, pollen, mold spores, dust mites, pet dander and ragweed etc. up to 0.3 micron size from the air. A chemical odour air purifier or asthma air purifier can be the good option for you if you have symptoms triggered by chemical and odour pollutants or suffering from asthma.

They remove particles of allergens with the help of HEPA filters or chemical and odour filtration systems. Another option for office air purifiers is smoke air purifiers which can remove soot of the fireplace, smoke and other types of fumes that can cause not only unpleasant odour in your office but also aggravate your respiratory problem, if you are already suffering from it.

Buying an air purifier especially designed for multiple chemical sensitivities can also be a good option for you, if you are extremely sensitive to chemicals. Their filters are made of materials that soak chemicals and odours efficiently to avoid aggravation of your sensitivity. So while purchasing the best office air purifier you should consider how it can improves the quality of indoor air to provide you a healthy environment. 

Size of air purifier

The second important thing to be considered while buying the best office air purifier is the size of the appliance. In order to buy air purifier of right size you should measure the size of office space in which you want to have clean and pure air. The size of your effective space can help you to find an air purifier of suitable size. Most of the air purifier manufacturers specify in their instruction guide about its suitability for specific size of the room.

ACH or Air Change per Hour rate is another criterion to find a suitable air purifier for your office as the filter of these air purifiers can treat the whole amount of air inn that space every hour. It can be beneficial for you if you have asthma or allergies. An air purifier that can clean entire indoor air four times in an hour is considered as the best for asthmatic or allergic people as its filters can clean the air thoroughly by removing even microscopic allergens from the indoor air which can you breathing problem otherwise.


So the specification page of the office air purifier you buy must have marked with Room size for 4 ACH’ if you suffer from allergies or asthma to ensure you to breath easily all the time you remain in your office. Moreover, you can also consider cubic feet of air processed per minute or CFM rate of the air purifier to choose the best one according to the size of space you want to clean. 

Features you need in your office air purifier

After selecting a purifier on the basis of its size and type, the next thing to be considered is your expectation for some extraordinary features. Some of the additional features you may want in your office air purifier may include handles and caster wheels for moving it easily, remote controls, digital controls, indicators for change of filters, fan with multiple speeds, sensors to monitor air quality and programmable timers etc. These features can not only give you more control over performance of your office air purifier but also make its operation convenient for everyone. 

Maintenance requirements of the air purifier

Every air purifier needs maintenance after some time to ensure its effective use to get good quality of indoor air. Replacement of filters of the purifier, as recommended by the manufacturer, is one of the most important aspects of its maintenance to ensure the removal of airborne pollutants effectively.

You can change its filters at different times depending upon the number and types of filters it has. For instance, the life of pre-filters is 3 months whereas filters with activated carbon can work for 6 months and HEPA filters can last up to one year. So, you should also consider the cost of replacement of its filters while searching for the best office air purifiers.

The lists of the specifications of the product you choose also include the types of filters and their normal life to inform you in this regard. Some air purifiers have a combination filter to maintain their simplicity as you have to replace only one filter whereas some other air purifiers use ultraviolet light or heat to kill allergens and germs to purify your indoor air. These air purifiers can be more convenient for you as you need not replace their filters.

So, while purchasing the best office air purifier, you should consider all the points discussed in this write-up to ensure the best results. You should consider not only the size of the air purifier and the space in which you are going to use it but also your health conditions to buy the most suitable one for your indoor environment. Similarly, along with considering the additional features of the air purifier in your office you should also consider its maintenance cost to find the best for your budget. 

Final Word

Office air purification machines can be a very huge investment. Most users vouch for their effectiveness and they report fewer asthma and allergy symptoms as well as a cleaner offices. Hopefully this guide will help you choose the right office air purifier for your needs.

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