Apps That Pay You Real Money

The dream of working from home, or earning money at a desk is no longer a fantasy. CashCrate pays individuals to sit in front of their computer screens to watch ads. Aside from watching ads to make a profit, CashCrate also offers other various methods of acquiring money. It varies from doing surveys, to even watching random videos, and even shopping. CashCrate is a great place to start if one were to decide to start working from home.

This is often the case for stay at home parents who have nothing to do while their kids are at school. Also watching ads alone, or earning money online alone might seem really boring and not entertaining to some. There is a simple solution to that problem.

If individuals refer their friends or family to CashCrate, they will earn 20% of what their friend or family member makes. There are many other bonus' as well which would be too long to list in this short blurb. If your dream is to work from home, CashCrate is one of the best places to start!

Earning points and playing games to earn cash is something that everybody wants to do. Completing surveys and download the app at google play to earn extra money something everyone dreams of all the time. According to market reach people in there spare time do this to earn extra cash. It is easy and done with simple task in order to earn money. Earn extra on the run and you could also win gift cards as well. Shopping online has never been easier and you can start earning today by watching videos with free app. No credit card required and you can use apps that pay. This is the best way to earn money online without being in a job.

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Apps That Pay You Real Money At Home


apps that pay you real money
apps that pay you real money

Ease of Use

It is one of the simpler websites to navigate to complete surveys, or get paid to watch advertisements. For a user to cash out, they would be required to wait till the 15th of the next month, as well as earn a minimum of $20 before being able to receive a check from CashCrate. The web design is clean and smooth, there is no lag while scrolling or transitioning between pages.

There is also a money meter which allows users to know how much they've earned, as well as how much more they need before they are able to get a check. There is also a simple video tutorial which teaches first time users how to navigate the site and to start earning money fast.

While on the homepage of the website, there are 7 tabs which users can click on to start earning money. These tabs are as follows:1. Offers2. Surveys3. Referrals4. Videos & More5. Bonus Surveys6. Bonus Offers7. Shopping



Regarding the support on CashCrate, they have a frequently asked questions section; a contact support section which allows users to email a question to support; CashCrate also has a member forum which has other users respond to questions which first time users might have. Along with the support side of CashCrate, there is a blog section on their site where users might also be able to get questions through. You can also get paid to watch advertisements.

apps that pay you real money



As mentioned earlier payment would be in a form of a check sent to your residence. During the registration of this website, it is mandatory that users include an address. This is so that if a user watches enough videos or ads, they would be able to get paid via check.

There sometimes are issues due to postage which checks would arrive a couple of days late. There is no need to fret if you don't receive the check immediately. If new users are afraid to register or commit time into CashCrate, they can simply hop over to the Payment Wall.

This section of the website shows how much other users have made in the previous months. After a user acquires the "Silver" level, as well as receive one check. They would then be allowed to select Paypal as their choice of payment.



There are three ways in which users are able to refer their friends or family to CashCrate. One is via the referral URL, which allows you to copy the referral link and then send the link over to your friends through Facebook or another platform. From then on your friends would be able to sign up under your referral. The second method of referring is via email.

This would send friends or family an invite link through your email account. Lastly users are able to put a CashCrate link on their blog or Wordpress website. For users referrals, they would earn 20% of what their friends and family make. If the user's friends and family refer other users, the initial user would them make 10% on what those users make. So the initial user doesn't actually need to do as much work to make money.

apps that pay you real money


Ways to Earn

Listed above were some ways in which a user is able to earn money through CashCrate. There are multiple other ways which users are able to earn. There are games, as well as community contest which go on constantly.

New users will have the chance to enter and to win prizes from these events as well. Users have both a cash amount in their account as well as a point amount in their accounts. With the cash amount, they are able to cash out once they get a minimum of $20.

While with the point amount, users would use that balance to either play games to earn more points, enter into contests, or even redeem prizes. The prizes which users are able to use points to redeem for are located in the "Prize shop" section of the website.

These prizes are gift cards of various denominations from a whole range of retail shops. There are Amazon gift cards, Starbucks cards, and there is even an option to redeem a Victoria's Secret gift card. So aside from the mentioned ways of earning, there are many more options to explore on CashCrate.



Often stay home parents don't have much else to do when their children head to school, or if one is currently out of a job and needs quick cash, CashCrate is the place to go. Working at home is no longer some dream which is far away, it can be done today. What's better than sitting in front of a computer or a TV screen and get paid to watch advertisements.

This lifestyle is simple, and yet easily achievable by anyone at any education level. CashCrate is one of the top websites which people who work from home go to, and there are many testimonials to prove that CashCrate is not a scam. In conclusion, CashCrate is a great money maker for anyone who has the time and patience to sit in front of their computer. Get paid to watch advertisements can help everyone build an income.

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