Are Humidifiers Good For You Is It Worthy 

So, you are considering purchasing a Vicks filter, but are unsure as to what to expect or indeed which one to buy. Well, that is OK because there are a lot of people in a similar situation as you find yourself just now, but help is at hand.

Vicks is of course one of the premier names within its industry and it is well known for producing a range of products that are designed to just help you breathe more easily. So, how do their filters compare? Do they work? Which one should you buy?

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Are Humidifiers Good For You : Reasons Why We Should Love It

are humidifiers good for you

An Introduction To Humidifier Filters

A humidifier adds some moisture to the dry air and this is especially important if you suffer from a range of allergies that may be made worse in these kinds of conditions. The aim of the filter is to kill any bacteria, mold, or germs that may exist in either the machine itself or the water before it is then sent into the atmosphere. This will then result in a better quality of air that is more pleasing on the nose and, in turn, reduce the amount of irritation.

Humidifier filters have been shown to improve a variety of health issues as dry, dusty air is known to lead to irritation of the nasal passage, which can ultimately lead to an individual developing various allergies. These allergies are not limited to purely dust, but also due to other air-borne particles such as mold, germs, and even pollen. For more information on how to clean a honeywell quietcare humidifier

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How Does A Filter Work?

The way in which a filter works is very easy and indeed this is how Vicks manages to catch as much as 99.9% of those particles. When it is in operation, the humidifier pulls in air from the room which it then passes through the machine and either sends it back out as a warm or cool mist depending on the humidifier that you own.

However, before the air is put back out as a mist it passes through the filter which has such a fine mesh that it catches any particles such as dust or the other things listed above so that only the purest of air is sent back into the room.

The problem here is that through time the filter does become clogged with the particles meaning that they are no longer going to be trapped and are then sent back out into the atmosphere rendering the filter useless.

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Choosing A Vicks Filter

When it comes to choosing a Vicks filter there are just a few things to think about to make sure that you actually do get the correct humidifier for your needs.

First, you need to look at the reasons why you are using it. Do you want it to be germ free, which means it traps 99.9%, or do you just want a warm or cool mist sent into the room, in which case the version that traps 95% would suffice. 

Next, the size of the humidifier is largely determined by the size of the room that it will be used in because clearly there are some models that are more powerful and capable of treating a larger room than others.

These machines that are capable of throwing out more moisture in a shorter period of time will have a larger filter as they are taking in more air and have to contend with more particles than those that are for a smaller area.

In other words, you need to think about the location and your exact personal requirements to determine if you are getting the correct humidifier filter in the first place or you could be wasting your time.


The Benefits Of Purchasing A Filter

There are a number of clear benefits of buying a humidifier filter that has such a good name in the industry as Vicks and it is important to understand these benefits before you go ahead and spend any cash. So, that being said, the main things to consider are as follows.

They have a range of filters suitable for a variety of humidifiers.Depending on which one you purchase it can kill up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria.It also traps dust particles, which is a major factor in a variety of breathing conditions.The air that is sent into the atmosphere will not only contain more moisture, but will not irritate.

The filters will last for some time although you should change them in accordance with the time span for the machine.They are inexpensive, but do their job extremely well.

To be honest, there is not much else that you need from a filter other than to know that it catches all of those things that could cause problems with your breathing and Vicks certainly has a range of filters that are more than capable of doing this. 


Are There Any Issues To Contend With?

You could argue that no product is perfect, but in the case of their humidifier filters there is not much that can go wrong with them. Some may feel that the life span of some filters is shorter than it could be as you may have to change them every two months if they are used on a regular basis. 

However, that is simply to make sure that the air that is produced is of the highest possible quality and that it is not clogged up with particles that could then be thrown up into the atmosphere. While some may see this as a negative this should not actually be the case since it just means that you can rest assured about the quality of the air you breathe and is that actually a bad thing?

You are also looking at such a low price for a new filter that it is always going to be money well spent.


So, Is The Vicks Filter Any Good?

To conclude, we have to state that if you are looking for a quality filter that is going to work well without costing you an absolute fortune, then the Vicks filter is certainly one that you should consider purchasing. Depending on which one you purchase you will know that it is killing up to 99% of bacteria and germs meaning the moist air that is being put into your room is as pure as possible and completely free of allergens. 

These filters last for some considerable period of time and work very, very well and when you see a difference with your allergies or even your asthma, then you will know that buying this filter was one of the best decisions that you have made for some considerable length of time.

are humidifiers good for you

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