Aromatherapy Combinations Of Essential Oils

Long before the discovery of modern medicine, the ancients had unlocked the healing secrets that lay hidden in essential oils. Today, the world is gradually awakening to the power of essential oils as uniquely effective remedies for managing a variety of diseases and health conditions.

In recent times, aromatherapy has grown in preference among populations because it entails the trusted healing power of nature. Violet essential oil contains a powerful chemical composition that enhances the healing process with remarkable effectiveness. The following are some of the healing chemicals that are found in the oil.

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Violet Essential Oil Chemical Composition

aromatherapy combinations of essential oils

Chemical Composition:

* Parmone
* Bezyl alcohol
* Viola quercitin
* Nonadienal
* Hexyl alcohol

The Special Properties of Violet Essential Oil

Violet essential oil has multiple properties that make it ideal for treating different health conditions. Although there are over 200 species of violet, only the odorata specie has the unique properties required in aromatherapy. In modern medicine, this essential oil is highly effective for treating pains and aches of different kinds. The special properties promote faster healing and leave you without any side effects.

Therefore, this essential oil is recommended for people who suffer from migraines or the kind of headaches that result from sinus conditions. Studies have confirmed that the regular usage of violet oil does not result in any serious side effects.

* Analgesic
* Decongestant
* Expectorant
* Anti-inflammatory
* Diuretic
* Laxative
* Stimulant

Why this Essential Oil is Harmless

Naturally, the body must break down conventional medicine into harmless compounds before it is released from the system. This burden does not apply to violet essential oil because the nature of its usage does not entail ingestion. Moreover, this oil is less likely to cause allergies as compared to conventional medicine.

As such, it is one of the best alternatives for people struggling with weak physical sensibilities, or those who have been rendered weak by some ailment. Violet oil aromatherapy is convenient for underage patients who may be disqualified from using conventional medicine. The following are some of the health conditions that can be treated with this essential oil.

aromatherapy combinations of essential oils

You can use this essential oil to manage the following conditions:

* Aches and pains
* Insomnia
* Headaches and stress
* Cold and sinus problems
* Inflammation
* Skin care
* Anxiety
* Nervous exhaustion

How to Use the Essential Oil

1. Inhalation 

This essential oil can be used in two main ways depending on the condition for which it is applied. If you wish to use this essential oil to manage internal conditions such as aches, pains, insomnia, anxiety, cold and stress, then you have to inhale.

Inhalation is highly effective because the therapy goes directly to the nerves of the affected parts to begin the healing process.One ways of enhancing the process of inhalation is to drop some of the oil into a pan of boiling water so that you breathe in the rising vapor. You should stop the inhalation process when the feeling of suffocation sets in. 

Usually, the feeling takes effect between 10 to 15 minutes, although some people may have to stay longer. The process can be repeated twice or three times a day depending on the severity of the condition. It is important to protect children, or vulnerable individuals from the threat of suffocation during this process. Proper inhalation should leave you feeling relaxed and relieved of stress, anxiety and whatever condition that afflicts your body. 

2. Application

Violet essential oil can be applied directly on the affected parts of the body for effective healing. This method is ideal for people who endure the pain of arthritis or inflammation. The essential oil is applied sparingly at the affected part at least two times in a day.

For the best results, the oil should be applied once in the morning and once before bedtime. The special properties of this essential oil make it possible to penetrate beneath the skin or muscle to begin the healing process. Those who have used this oil before acknowledge its remarkable healing power.

aromatherapy combinations of essential oils

If your skin is sensitive to oils or other substances, you should not apply the oil. It is recommended that the oil be used in small amounts at first in order to assess the reaction of the skin.

If there is no irritation, or an allergic reaction, then you should proceed to apply the oil at the inflamed area at regular effect until a calming effect is noticed. Generally, this alternative therapy works well for nearly every type of inflammation and can be used by multiple people without compromising on the dosage. 

How to Use Violet Essential Oil for Skin Care

Distinguished beauty therapists have acknowledged the effectiveness of this oil in enhancing skin beauty. First, the oil is a recognized cure for various skin diseases including acne, rashes and dry skin syndrome. The chemicals in the oil have a therapeutic property that helps to heal the skin. Secondly, the same chemicals can nourish the skin leaving it soft and supple, particularly if it is used regularly. 

The advantage of this oil lies in the fact that it is all natural. Alternative skin care products often contain mercury, lead, or other heavy metals, which expose the skin to different kinds of cancer. You can use this skin to eliminate thread veins and eczema. The oil has been certified as a safe product by professional bodies within the beauty industry. People with delicate skins are advised to dilute the oil in order to avoid discomfort. For the best results, it is advisable to apply the oil shortly before going to bed. Ensure that you have washed your face first before applying this essential oil.

Tips of Enhancing the Oil's Effectiveness

1. Ensure that the product has not passed its sell-by date.
2. Apply the oil sparingly to heal inflammations.
3. Inhale the oil in short but regular intervals.
4. Buy the oil from trusted dealers.
5. Keep the oil away from heat or reagents. 

The Verdict

Overall, violet essential oil has exceptional therapeutic qualities for the regular user. As an alternative medicine, this oil is ideal for managing different pains, aches, stress, anxiety, inflammation and many other conditions that afflict families and individuals. The oil is safe and contains healthy substances that have enhance the appearance of the skin. This essential oil has a broad utility value in terms of health and body aesthetics.

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