Asbestos Siding Removal Cost Per Square Foot

Asbestos removal cost is hazardous and it can cause stomach and lung cancer through inhaling. For its harmful effect, it is banned from using in household projects. In fact, now it is obligatory to remove the asbestos from the old constructions as it releases harmful particles into the air and can cause life -threatening diseases. 

Asbestos removal can be an expensive affair while moving to a new home. If you are planning to move a new home then make sure that the construction is asbestos free and you are heading towards a safe destination. Otherwise, you will have to go through the removal process to make the environment healthy and safe

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asbestos siding removal cost per square foot

Asbestos Removal Cost Your Contractor Never Told You About

asbestos siding removal cost per square foot

If you are going through this situation and looking for some tips for the asbestos removal then consider hiring professionals for this purpose. Professionals are skilled and experienced and they know how to remove the asbestos with minimal damage. Choose a service that has an asbestos license, insurance, and the waste carrying license.

This is important to ensure that your preferred service has the requisite skill and documents for the safe removal. Before hiring the service, inquire about the cost of the removal.

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What determines the asbestos removal cost?

Many things determine the asbestos removal such as the labor cost, and the material cost. Different types of the asbestos are available. Hence, the contractor will first inquire about the type of the material and then you will decide the cost. 

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What Are The Labor Cost Involved ?

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Labor cost 

The next thing is the labor cost. The labor cost might vary from $200 to$700 per hour. If you have to remove a large amount of the asbestos, then you might be ended up spending more on the labor. More importantly, before the removal, the contractor will visit the place for the inspection.

He will inquire about the type of the asbestos, what tools will be required, and how long it will take. And for the inspection only, he might charge up to $600 to $1,000. The price might vary depending on the location. If you are staying in a developed city, then the charge will be higher. 

Material cost is also an important factor. The charge will vary as the contractors and labors will use different types of the tools for removing different types of the materials. Below is the list of the materials and the prices. It might vary a little depending on the location

asbestos siding removal cost per square foot

OK, So What Am I Really Looking At In Terms Of Cost ?

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For the respirators, you will have to spend $150 per unit. 

For the disposable gloves, you need to pay$10 per unit.

For the eyewear, you will have to pay $20 per unit. 

For the disposable overalls, you might be paying $50 per units.

For the rubber units, you will have to $30 per units. 

For the HEPA Vacuum, you need to pay$1000.

These are some of the common estimation of the asbestos cost removal. Many other types of the asbestos are available and the cost can vary significantly. You just need to consider all the factors before hiring an asbestos removal process. You can contact more services and do a proper research to hire the best service for the asbestos removal. 

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asbestos removal cost

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