Best Cool Mist Humidifier Without Filter

If customers are looking for quality filter free humidifiers then there is no doubt that the Vicks Filter free humidifier would certainly be a good product. It is quite popular amongst thousands of customers and therefore it has lot of acceptance. It would be not a bad idea to have a critical review of the product based on various parameters and functionalities and then come to a conclusion whether the product is actually good and whether does it offer good value for money.

Why People Look For Filter Free Humidifier 

Humidity in the atmosphere has its own benefits and downsides. While it might help bring rains it certainly could mean lot of health challenges for many people. On the other hand too dry an atmosphere could also have its own problems.

Many people could suffer from sinusitis, cold and cough and even asthma because of dryness. To overcome such situations many people find devices such as Vicks filter free humidifier very useful. Let us try and find out why this particular product is so very popular and what does it have to offer for customers.

Vicks Filter Free Humidifier

Why The Vicks Humidifier Answers Many Questions 

· Does the filter need to be replaced? This is a common question that many customers ask of any humidifier. This question does not need to be answered because the Vicks humidifier is free of filters and hence the job of changing filters does not arise. It is one of the very few humidifiers which come without a filter. 

best cool mist humidifier without filter

· Is sound a major problem?

This again is a question that is regularly asked by many when they decide to buy a humidifier. This particular brand of humidifier is totally silent and therefore promises a good night’s sleep for all the inmates of the room. 

· How does it actually work on the ground?

This is one of the few humidifiers which allows the customers to virtually have a look at the cool mist that it generates for prompt and immediate relief from cold and cough. The device also allows for adjustment of the intensity of mist depending on specific needs and requirements of customers.


best cool mist humidifier without filter
best cool mist humidifier without filter

· It tank cleaning a messy affair?

This question is also well answered when one decides to buy this humidifier. The tank design is unique and therefore cleaning it on a regular basis should not a difficult task.

 · How long can it operate?

Unlike many other humidifiers this brand has been known to work very well continuously for 24 hours at a stretch.


· How does it save on recurring costs and expenses?

This question has obviously been answered by the fact that this is a filter free humidifier. Hence, the pocket-draining requirement of replacing the filter almost every 40 days can be avoided. 

best cool mist humidifier without filter

· How much capacity does the dehumidifier hold?

It has a capacity of 1.2 gallons which certainly is quite generous.


A Few More Important Points That Are Worth Considering 

· The Vicks Filter Free Humidifier is very easy to use and this is one important USP which cannot be ignored. It is very easy to set up and install. It literally has a plug and start feature which certainly makes it very special and much sought after.

· It is also very well performing and has even been critically acclaimed when it comes to humidity output. When used properly and for corrects lengths of time, the humidity levels could range anything between 60 to 65 percent. Even when the humidifier is switched off during the night, in the morning the hygrometer shows humidity levels of 50 to 55 percent, which certainly speaks volumes about its performance. 

Some Useful Usage Tips 

Now that we have seen some obvious and unmistakable benefits as far as this humidifier is concerned, let us see how we can get the best out of this machine. 

· The biggest single deciding factor that makes many people buy this humidifier is that it has the best of humidifying properties. However, to ensure that it remains above 65% there are few things that should be kept in mind. The size of the room should be perfect and should be in line with what has been mentioned in the instruction manual.

· Regular cleaning of the tank is extremely important. This will ensure quality humidity without running the risk of contaminating the air that is being breathed by the inmates. 

· Once the humidity level has reached the optimum level it is important to switch off the machine to ensure its longevity and durability.

· It is always better to set the level as minimum because the Vicks humidifier is quite powerful and since it gives out a cool misty vapor the optimum humidity level is reached faster when compared to a warm humidifier. 

Flip Sides To This Humidifier 

Like all humidifiers the Vicks Filter Free Humidifier also has some shortcomings according to some users. Here are a few of them that are worth mentioning: 

· One of the biggest problems with high performing humidifiers such as this is the fear of condensation. Close monitoring of the humidity levels is required failing which it could lead to high levels of humidity in the room. This could lead to condensation and lead to growth of microorganisms and bacteria and could pose a new problem. Hence, regular monitoring of humidity levels is very important.

· Some users have complained about a white dust of deposits in the room where these humidifiers are being used. However, this again must be because of overuse of the humidifier.

The Final Takeaway 

However, when one looks at the pros and cons associated with this filter free humidifier there are many reasons to believe that it is a good buy at the price at which it is being available. It would make sense to buy it from some good online sites of repute, where the discount structures could be much better and attractive.

It certainly is a must have in homes where the humidity levels need a ramp up or where the atmospheric humidity levels are very low. It certainly is a big protection against dry cough, dry and chapping skins and other such problems associated with dryness in the atmosphere.

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