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business ideas ? Starting a home-based business in this digital age has never been easier. Every tool that you'll need to start a business is already available. Some are free while others have a small cost. The truth is, there's a wide selection of providers you can choose from. All that's left for you to do is to come up with good business ideas.

What's a niche?

If you want to make sure that your home-based business will make money, you have to focus on a niche. A niche is a group of people interested in finding a solution to a specific problem. Think of it as a subsection of the market with a specific need.

People who belong to a niche are desperately looking for answers to whatever their need may be. This is where your business come in. You are to provide them with whatever it is that they're looking for. 

Niche Business Ideas To Think About To Make Money

best individual business to start

What to offer to a niche?

As a business owner, you could provide them with information about a certain health problem. Or, they might already be interested in specific products which they believe could help them achieve certain results. You then have to make these products easily available to them.

It's important that you are able to identify good business ideas. With proper research and a little bit of testing, you'll be able to prove its profitability. 

Top 5 Niche Ideas

To help you get started, here's a list of top five business ideas that are proven money makers and potential passive income sources. 

1. Online Marketing

Businesses nowadays have to be recognized not only in their geographical area but also in the virtual world. People should be able to find them on the internet. They need to establish strong social media presence. That's why everyone wants to find out how to be popular in the internet.

There are a million ways of doing online marketing. Whether it's through Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, article marketing, blogging or Google Adwords, business owners want to learn how to do it successfully. Whether you offer online marketing services, software products or information, it is a timely business that serves the need of many entrepreneurs.

2. Freelancing

Most companies today prefer to work with contract workers or freelancers when fulfilling specific jobs. For them, t's more practical and budget-friendly. To find the right candidate, they usually post a vacancy ad in various online marketplaces such as Upwork, Freelance, Elance, Craigslist, PeoplePerHour and many more. Their need is more on how to find the right person for the right job.

That's why more and more professionals decide to go freelance in their careers. If you'll check these job sites, there are thousands and millions of profiles of workers seeking for a job every day. They want to find out how to find the best freelance opportunities, how to get hired with the highest rates and grow from there. Offering technical advice and strategies may be the most practical help to give them.

best individual business to start

3. New Entrepreneurs Who Want to be Successful in Business 

It's reported that everyday, millions of businesses are created. But, 90% of them fail in their first year. Success is something that we all pursue in whatever we're doing. That's why, those who haven't been there yet are very eager to learn how. New entrepreneurs will do everything they can to get there. They want to learn as much as possible and try out options that will allow them to be ahead of the game. 

They always look for products and resources that can equip them in their journey. They're also very interested in courses, coaching and training programs that could help them deliver quick results in business areas where they experience difficulty. They're actually desperate for a breakthrough. With the use of right words through motivation, you can make a profitable business from this niche.

4. Managing Personal Finances

With the advent of digital technology comes the problem of, most people getting into huge debts. This is true especially for the Millenials. They have to learn yet how to control cash flow and manage the use of credit cards. They need to be taught about financial planning, saving and investing. Reducing debts and living within your means are critical subjects that also need attention.

This type of niche mostly need education and practical tips they can apply in the everyday life. Financial counselling and coaching would also be appropriate to help solve their problem. Creating apps related to financial management may create an impact in their financial habits. There are many people who badly need now this kind of help.

best individual business to start

5. How to Lose Weight

Experts say that 78.6 million of American adults are obese. This statistic alone justifies the reason why this niche business idea will always thrive. There are many people who need help in losing weight. It's true that we all have different body physiology. That's why there will be variations on how one strategy may be effective for one person, but not to the other. 

Having this in mind, there are many ways of providing solutions to this market. It could be a type of workout, diet, vitamins, meditation, change of mindset, etc. It's a big niche that could be narrowed down with the different methods to be used to lose weight. Since it's a health-related concern, it's very important and will provide value to many.

What to Do Now?

Look around where you are. Start making a list. Whether it's a list of problems that people commonly suffer from or a list of items that they often use, just take note of them. Do some research on your potential niche list and find out if they're worth it to build your business on. 

Alternatively, you may want to consider one of the five business ideas featured in this article. Just add your own personal touch on how to approach each niche market so you could provide them with the valuable help they need. 

If you'll be able to establish yourself as someone trustworthy, you can be a niche authority. It will open a big door of money making opportunities to your business.

Take Action 

There's no need to struggle anymore when starting a home-based business. In fact, you can make money even on day one if you're doing the right things. Find good business ideas and determine the solutions you can offer to them. Take action and you'll see profits coming in.

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