Best Vacuum For Stairs And Carpet

You need to buy the best vacuum for carpeted stairs if you like your home to stay clean. There are many allergens which can enter your home and stay in hard to reach areas such as stairs. Not all vacuum cleaners you can use in your home will work well on your stairs. The best vacuum cleaner for you to buy should have long cords so that you can reach upstairs as you clean the carpet. 

The best vacuum for carpeted stairs

1. Eureka RapidClean Step Handheld Corded Vacuum, 41A 

The vacuum cleaner can work on both carpeted as well as bare stairs. If you have a staircase which develops a lot of dirt, you can buy the system. It will offer you the best services which you deserve. The operation is very easy. You have an on/off brush roll system for you to lift all dirt from your stairs easily. It is safe for you to preserve the fabrics of your carpet. Some of the great features you will enjoy in Eureka RapidClean vacuum cleaner include the following:

Hoover FH50150 Carpet Basics Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleanercleaner

best vacuum for stairs

Best Vacuum For Stairs On A Budget

Long cord

The cord on the system reaches up to 25ft. This is enough length for you to clean your stairs. If you have several stairs in your home, you can always connect it to a socket near the stairs. 

Soft easy roll wheels

The soft and easy roll wheels make it easy for you to move the vacuum cleaner upstairs as you clean. It has six powerful motor which allows you to achieve superior cleaning performance.

Easy operation

It is well designed to clean both bare and hard floors. You will always find it easy when cleaning your stairs after you have the system in your home. 

Hardwood floors can be cleaned really well with crevice tools. Some vacuums utilized battery power in order to provide freedom to move freely throughout your home. Canister vacuum provides a cyclonic action to remove dirt and dust. You should get an upright vacuum cleaner to do floor surfaces also a bagless vacuum is the best route to go. If you are going to do a flight of stairs.

best vacuum for stairs

What About The Shark Navigator ?

2. Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional with Dust-Away & 2 Microfiber Pads (NV356E) 

The shark navigator offers excellent performance. It is an easy lift way vacuum which you can use to clean hard to reach areas in your home including your stairs. Both carpet and hard floors can be vacuumed clean through the application of the system. It is very useful in lifting away both large as well as small debris from the floor. 


The system is light weight hence suitable for you to lift as you clean the stairs. The microfibers are easily washable for you always to enjoy comfortable carpet cleaning experience.

Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology

The filter and the anti-allergens seal technology ensure the vacuum cleaner removes all dirt from your stairs which can expose your family members to cases of allergic reaction. The HEPA filters used traps up to 99.9 of allergens and dust. It is a powerful and portable system you will always enjoy using in your home. 

best vacuum for stairs

Don't Forget The Shark Rocket..Blast Off!!!

3. Shark Rocket Corded Hand Vac (HV292) 

The handheld vacuum cleaner cleans your carpet stairs with great ease. It has a flexible hose attachment which connects the cleaning tools to the rocket for maximum control. It is the best vacuum for carpeted stairs which you can use to reach hard to clean areas on your stairs. Some of the great features of the system include the following:

TruePet Motorized Brush 

The brush is very useful in picking up loose debris from your carport as well as pet hair and any large debris. The 15 ft cord allows you to clean the stairs till the top. 

Easy To empty vacuum

The design is easy for you to operate, you just remove the dust up, and you will quickly discard the debris. There is no vacuum bag required in the operation of the system. Other added features include Trupet motorized brush and dusting brush.

Portable and Ultra Lightweight 

The lightweight construction makes it easy for you to clean up the stairs. It employs never get loose technology for you to vacuum those allergens from your stairs quickly. 

Did You Find Gold ? Eureka !!!

4. Eureka EasyClean Corded Hand-Held Vacuum, 71B

The vacuum cleaner is suitable for you to clean stairs and the carpets. It features a convenient on/off brush roll switch for you to always enjoy great peace of mind when working on stairs. You can easily reach different parts of your home due to the long cord provided. The system has a 23 ft cord and 5.5 amps powerful motors for you to achieve the best possible operation. Suction is strong enough for you to remove those hard to reach dust and allergens. 

When it comes to vacuuming your stairs, you will need a different type of cleaner other than the one you use on other spaces in your house. Remember, stairs are high traffic areas because everyone steps on them as they move from one level of the house to another. More so, stepping on the stairs constantly embeds dirt in it. What you require is a special kind of vacuum cleaner that digs up the dirt even if it is on the edges of the stairs.

It is even worse if you have a pet because fur can reach the stairs making it look messy if you do not sweep it in time. Knowing that a vacuum cleaner can help keep your carpeted stairs spotlessly clean should make you smile. However, the challenge comes when you are looking for the most appropriate vacuum i.e. a cleaner that can handle the job.

In general, the right cleaner should have the following features.

• It should be lightweight
• It should have a compact shape
• Maneuvering it up and down the stairs should be easy.
• A long power cord is essential to avoid unplugging from one power socket to another in between cleaning
Instead of wasting time trying to compare and figure out which cleaner you should go for, consider looking at the reviews of the top models. Here are some of their features including their strengths and weaknesses.

Dyson V8 Absolute

The V8 Absolute is an adaptable stick model specifically designed to clean the stairs. It is ultra-light and flexible making it just the right vacuum for the stairs. Another stunning feature with this cleaner is its portability made possible by its cordless feature. This feature makes it the best choice when you have long stairs in your house. You can also use it in the entire house if you do not have any other vacuum.

Advantages of Buying this Cleaner

• Being cordless, the vacuum cleaner gives you the freedom to clean your stairs without worrying about running out of power cord.
• Unlike other Dyson V series, the V8 is the first model that runs for a long period, going for as long as 40 minutes. This makes it the first vacuum cleaner in the series that is suitable for use in the entire house including stairs.
• This vacuum cleaner is also suitable for cleaning places above you such as the ceiling. All you need to do is remove the floor head.
• It has an adjustable wand that makes it easy for you to clean the steps that are close to you as you move from one-step to the other, something that is nearly impossible when using a vacuum with a long wand.
• It has a pair of motorized brushes that change depending on whether your stairs have a carpet or they are simply hardwood. The carpet brush consists of a direct drive system with 150% power. That is more than most other brushes in the market have today. This feature makes it suitable to penetrate through the carpet’s fiber taking out all the dirt especially pet fur.
• It comes with several attachments such as a small motor brush making it suitable for cleaning car carpets and brushing off pet hair.
• It is quite costly
• It has a small dust cup. That means you will empty it several times if you have several stairs or are cleaning entire house
• It is noisy, which is acceptable considering that it is a lightweight

Shark Navigator Lift Away Professional Upright

This vacuum cleaner is suitable for cleaning stairs because it is a lightweight. This feature makes it easy to move as you progress with cleaning. It has a powerful suction power that makes it very effective in removing pet hair and dirt from carpet fibers.

Advantages of Using Shark Navigator Lift-Away

• It is a lightweight making it suitable if you like doing regular vacuuming of your house
• It comes with a HEPA filter, which is suitable for removing allergens from the air and keeping them trapped in the canister. This is a very convenient feature for those people who suffer from allergies.
• It is highly versatile and delivers high performance, which is made possible by powerful suction.
• It comes at a highly affordable price
• It comes with a motorized pet tool that makes it perfect for removing pet hair trapped in the carpet’s fiber.
• The vacuum cleaner is somehow heavy which makes it inconvenient to lift from place to place while cleaning.
• The wand hose is short and hence creates problems when you are using the lift-away canister.

Miele Complete C2 Limited

Although the C2 is a relatively old design from Miele, it is a sublime choice for cleaning carpeted stairs. It has a smaller canister than the C1 and C3 that allows it to fit on the stair perfectly while you are cleaning. It also has a significant amount of power. This vacuum cleaner ensures that your carpet is spotlessly clean.

Advantages of Miele C2 Limited

• It is highly affordable
• It has a sleek and compact design that makes it aesthetically pleasing to the eye
• It has rubber bumpers that protect your floor when you are cleaning along the edges of the wall
• It has a 33-foot operating radius that makes it the best choice for cleaning long stairs
• The canister fits all the vacuum cleaner’s attachments
• It is made of high-density plastic and metal parts and hence offers high durability than other models.
Disadvantages of Miele C2 Limited
• The beater brush is not good if you have a deeper plush carpet
• Compared to the other brands, this cleaner tends to be heavier weighing 20 pounds. With this kind of weight, it is hard for you to vacuum by hand.


When buying a vacuum cleaner for a carpeted staircase, you need to ensure that the cleaner you choose can easily maneuver through the stairs. Consider a cleaner with a floor head that perfectly fits the stair step. The body’s flexibility is also an important feature to consider. Also, consider a vacuum cleaner that matches the type of floor you have.

Even if you happen to change your carpet in future, the cleaner should be able to deliver. As earlier mention, the stairs tend to accumulate a lot of dirt due to heavy traffic on it. While buying a vacuum cleaner, be sure to buy the one with high suction power.

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