Best Vacuum For Vinyl Plank Floors

Hardwood or plank floor vacuum ? As a consumer of many different products I am often amazed at big budget commercials, how they can spin a topic and present you information without you ever trying the product. And some how like magic the next time we go into the grocery store low and behold we are picking up the next new thing and putting it in our baskets.

The magic of marketing I like to call it because for the most part when we are buying goods and services we can only hope that such goods and services me our consumer dollars expectation.

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BISSELL PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Corded Vacuum, 81L2A (Same as 81L2T)cleaning

Which brings us to our next review Eureka Vacuum and what exactly are the things you need to be aware when shopping for a vacuum. From my position the only thing that I care about on the highest of scales is that the vacuum cleaner has the ability to remove dirt, lent, dust, and any air pollutants that may be getting in the way of clean air. The best hardwood floor vacuum is lightweight and able to clean films on floors. Stick vacuums are very light weight and can handle different floor types. When cleaning hardwood floors you need to have more suction power and robotic vacuum can provide that type of power. Bare floors can use the upright vacuums with the microfiber pads that can clean dirt and debris. Clean ups with the brush roll are specifically designed for hardwood floors.

Just to give you guys a little history lesson I am often intrigued on how companies got started. I mean you think about back in the early days the only thing that was available for cleaning was maybe a broom and a mop. Now having the best hardwood floor vacuum has now been integrated with technology. Which at that time was not a bad option, and most folks back then had wooden floors, so it was that big of a deal when someone had to do any clean because all they had to do was to get the broom and start sweeping until all the dust was removed outside.

Floors and carpeting are things that most home owners have to think about because there are so many options on the table. You have to take in consideration of the colors and texture of how the floor will look in your home. Many home owners go through a massive decision making process to get the type of pattern and texture they want for there home. Fortunately there are designers that can help you with this process. Luxurious vinyl is a good choice but you have to ensure that it is durable and will give you the look and feel that you want. One think about picking a is that you want the floor to be durable especially since it is a high traffic area. As a home owner you don't want to spend all of your time moping your floor because that will impact your lifestyle. You want to get the most bang out of your dollars. Clean your vinyl should not be a chore. Your vinyl floor should be clean by shark rocket with a power cord. Having a floor cleaner with power will save time for laminate floors.

This was a neat and easy way to remove dust. But with the invention of carpet that is when we as consumers start to notice the trappings of dust and the creation of dust mites. 

Best Vacuum For Vinyl Plank Floors At Home


Which hardwood floor vacuum....

Eureka is a very interesting company as it has its roots in the year of 1909, which at that time it was located in the great state of Michigan. In the year in 1927 Eureka was gaining market share with respect to sell of vacuum cleaners. By this time they had created a whole suite of products to aid Moms and Dads with cleaning responsibilities. Over the years there product line has grown to multiple different niches to include some of the following:

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best vacuum for vinyl plank floors

1. Uprights

2. Cannisters

3. Sticks

4. Handhelds

5. House Built-In Systems

To go through their product line is not necessary however you get the idea. They are very experienced in terms of creating products to remove dust and particles from the air which I personally am a big fan of what they do. When considering investing into Eureka products there some things that you should keep in perspective. First, at the end of the day it is a vacuum cleaner, and it is a tool to help you to fight off the dust in your home. 

Vacuum Tools For Dust Removal


However, it is ultimately your job to ensure that your indoor quality air environment is free from the pollutants that will give you allergy symptoms. To be honest it is a very difficult job because as soon as you clean one room and move into the next room new pollutants are in the atmosphere. The cleanest hardwood floor vacuum will clean your floor with ease.

Given that fact you want to ensure that you have an effective vacuum system that is able to clean about 99.99% of the particles in the room. In order to do that it is various tools that comes with these Eureka Vacuum cleaners. Take a look at the following and determine if you own any of these pieces with your current vacuum.

1. An extension wand which has the nested capability

2. A crevice tool to use in the corner of your couches and floors

3. You also must have a dusting brush, which can be used on your soft areas such as sofas, shades, or vents

4. In addition, you should have the upholstery nozzle which is great for cushions

5. Don't forget the power paw which can also be used for sofas

Anyone who is accustom to cleaning will tell you it is not an easy job, however to create a fresh clean air environment you have to put in the time and the energy. In addition to having all the right tools. Now if you had kept reading this article you will have ran across this sentence.

best vacuum for vinyl plank floors

Potential Vacuum Issues


It is at this time I think I should share with you some of the potential problems that you may run into with an investment in a Eureka product, however I want you to realize that this company is fully aware of their potential problems so as I am mentioning these as potential issue please be advised that they may have fixes for some of these issue if not all of them.

It is always a good idea when you are evaluating potential investments in products that you have a clear understanding of what a product could or could not do so that you will have all the relevant information to make a intelligent decision. With that said here are some of the potential problems that you may run into with the investment into a Eureka product:

best vacuum for vinyl plank floors

1. This one is no surprise to me with constant usage of a vacuum the motor will eventually not start

2. Have you had this scenario sometimes your are vacuuming and you are pushing the dirt because it will not pick up

3. This one is always a classic to me when I am vacuuming sometimes the suction on the end is not strong

4. Particles of carpet or floor can get trapped in between the wheels making the vacuum hard to push

5. Also, from time to time the burning smell of rubber can be given from a vacuum

6. Lastly the front of the vacuum cover sometimes will not close.

Even given all of these potential issues I still believe owning a vacuum is still better than not having one at all the time that it will take someone to clean is so time consuming using a broom. However, with a vacuum cleaner you could cut that time in half. So the opportunity cost is relatively minor when in comparison to manually sweeping.

The Eureka Verdict

In conclusion, I don't have a particular opinion one way or the other, my attempt in this independent research was to seek out tools that could provide a cleaner air experience. I do believe that Eureka has that potential however, I am not personally recommended it, I am only sharing my opinion on what I believe it can do. I will leave the recommendation to the experts in the field. It is only fair to do that since they are doing the testing on its products to support its claim. I am only giving a summation of what I believe the product has the potential to do or not do. In the end it is up to the users of the hardwood floor vacuum to determine the best tools for their own homes to provid a qaulity clean air experience.


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