Best Way To Be Self Employed

There is much competition at the workplace and it only takes one slight oversight to lose your job. The number of graduates ready to take up your responsibilities at a lower salary is also increasing each year. This combined with other inconveniences of working away from home have pushed many to consider starting their own enterprises using simple self employed business ideas.

Starting a home-based business is no longer an unusual phenomenon. Rather, it is the fastest growing trend not only in the US but across the world. The advantages of growing your company from home are quite obvious and should not be overwhelming to comprehend.

Nonetheless, there are many things you must be aware of before diving into this lucrative and tempting opportunity. Here are a few self employed business ideas and insights to help you start a successful home business:

Self Employed Business Ideas To Help Get You Started

best way to be self employed

Why consider home based business?

As aforementioned, the benefits of a home based business are straightforward. However, many entrepreneurs often have various doubts which is only logical considering that 50% of business startups will fail to reach success. So what are the benefits of a home based business when compared to employment and other work-away-from-home ventures?

• Increased flexibility – It gives you the chance to be your own boss and this alone brings much flexibility. What’s more, you can set working hours, integrate family time and be the stay-at-home parent that all the kids love. Growing your business at home allows you to integrate much flexibility into your schedule and there is no one constantly on your back.

You do not stand to lose employment simply because you had to take care of another more important errand. However, you must always remember to build a strong work ethic that provides sufficient time to income generation.

best way to be self employed

• Low initial and operation cost – One of the great benefits of home based ventures is in the low initial capital and operation cost needed to run your business. Other business opportunities require huge capital investment that involves using traditional media advertising and marketing to get your products in the market.

Since you are renting spaces and other utility, you must make sure you make income as fast as possible to cover these expenses. With home businesses, you can grow the networks slowly and get your quality products and services out without spending much money and resources.

• More productivity – When working away from home, you will spend at least 50 minutes commuting to and from your offices besides spending more in transportation. Home based businesses only need you to find a small space in your basement to begin working.

This means it saves you both time and money all which allow you to become more productive with your business. There is no need for commuting and you can make both home and work decisions which give you a piece of mind to concentrate.

• Lean business growth – If you are implementing the right strategies and techniques, your home based business can quickly grow from a small venture to a large company that requires a separate space for establishing its headquarters. With small initial cost and reduced operating expenses, your revenue will quickly multiply as the brand gains reputation within the network.

best way to be self employed

• Easy scaling – Business scaling is very important for any self employed entrepreneur. It is an inevitable part of management as you must ensure you right-size the business operations for optimum productivity. If you are renting offices and other utility on a long term lease, scaling the business can be a nightmare.

You cannot expand the place or hire more personnel for instance without weighing down on the available resources. With home based ventures, you can set the working hours up or down, hire more or less personnel and scale the business to the right size without consulting anyone since you are working at home.

There are many other advantages of a home based venture as it allows you to take control of all aspects of the business and optimize it according to your efforts and strategies. 

Considerations to make

Starting a successful home based enterprise requires learning some self employed business ideas and a keen review of the market. Although many gravitate towards this offer, not as much enjoy success with their home businesses. The above mentioned benefits can only be realized when you take sufficient time to evaluate your business idea and all its aspects. Some of the considerations to make include the following;

• Product/service choice – you must review the market and determine if the products and/or services you want to offer are on demand within the area. They must depict high quality and desirable in favor of what is offered by competitors.

• Delivery framework – this involves how clients will contact the products and services and whether you will deliver them to their residences.

• Sales and marketing – home based businesses can start from their local networks and build their brand and client list from this tapping into other networks as their business grows.

• Human resource – you may end up hiring other personnel to assist in various areas of the business when operations get large.

• Communication – how will you communicate with your customers? Do you need help hotlines or are the social media platforms just fine? Consider how you will interact with customers and other shareholders within your business.

• Security and legal issues – since your home is the new workplace and your brand reputation is set to grow, you are an immediate candidate targeted by frauds and burglars or even competitors. You must have a plan to enhance security especially if you have other personnel working for you. It is also crucial to consider all the legal issues including quality assurance, insurance and taxes.


Basically, growing your company from home requires you to think as the boss and handle all parts. While operations may seem simple and easy to achieve when you are alone, it gets more complicated as the demand for your offers increase and you hire additional staff in your team.

The self employed business ideas and insights given above may help you understand various sides to home business startups but there is still a lot to be learnt through experience. Make sure you take sufficient time to carefully evaluate your options and decisions before making them.

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