Can You Put Essential Oils In A Bath

Can you put essential oils in a bath. Oils for soaking ? Aromatherapy is the technique that utilizes oils derived from aromatic plants to improve an individual’s mood and well-being. It uses essential oils that come from the natural sources. The essential oils have the ability to improve the mood of the surrounding with its unique aromatic essence. These oils can be used for various purposes.

Soaking is one such purpose where these essential oils have proved helpful in improving the wellness of an individual. The soaking with such aromatic essential oils can help a great way to get relieved from stress, anxiety, and muscle pains. It also helps in boosting up the moods of the individuals. 

Oils For Soaking : Why Are They So Trendy To Use?

can you put essential oils in a bath

Types of Oils for soaking 

There are various essential oils that can be used in the baths. Soaking itself makes us feel relaxed and pampered. The addition of few drops of the essential oils will make us feel even better. This section will talk about the essential oils that are suitable to be used for soaking. There are various other essential oils that can be used for soaking. A few of them are discussed here. 

1. Rose Oil

Rose oil is one of the most sought after essential oil that is being used for soaking. The calming effects of rose oil help in reducing the tension and anxiety of the individuals. The rose oil is appropriate to be used for all the people with any type of skin. Hence, it can be used by the individuals even with the dry and sensitive skin

2. Combination of Sandalwood Oil, Cedarwood Oil, and Rosewood Oil

These oils for soaking come from the bark of the respective trees and are known for their soothing effects when used for soaking. Some people use it in combination while others try to use it individually. Among them, the sandalwood oil is known for its amazing fragrance.

3. Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is mostly used for the nighttime soaking. It is a very good treatment for insomnia. People use lavender oil for improving the texture of their skin as they are good at correcting the stressed and irritated skin. 

4. Neroli Oil

Neroli oil is extracted from the orange blossom flowers. It helps in the relaxation of mind and reduction of stress when used in the soaking. It can also act as a sedative to induces sleep. This is one of the essential oils that is used as a stress-reliever from a day long work. 

can you put essential oils in a bath

5. Chamomile Oil

Chamomile oil can work great when used for the soaking. It helps inducing the anxiety and tension. The oil can be used for the nighttime soaking to have a sound sleep. The benefits of chamomile oil can be enhanced by adding a few drops to the chamomile tea bag and soaking that tea bag in the soaking

6. Jasmine Oil

Jasmine oil acts as the stimulants that help in improving the mood. It also soothes the body while soaking with it. The people who have dry skin will derive a lot of benefits from jasmine oil soaking

7. Vetiver Oil

Vetiver oil is extracted from the vetiver plants at its roots. It helps in the moisturization of the dry skin.  

Benefits of Using Oils for soaking 

The oils for soaking have a plenty of benefits in them. The essential oil soaking can resolve many of the health issues without any side-effects. The use of essential oil does not involve any harmful chemicals. The process is simple and anyone can attempt without any issues.

The aromatic soaking with such essential oils sorts out various health problems. Some of them include stress, insomnia, circulatory problems, skin problems, respiratory problems, menstrual issues, muscular pains, etc. It also helps to improve the moods of the individuals in case of mood swings. The overall well-being of an individual gets improved with the oil soaking.

can you put essential oils in a bath

Tips for the Safe Usage of Essential Oils 

The right selection of essential oil is important while attempting for an oil soaking. The suggested way of using the essential oils for the soaking is to add the oil to the salt or the emulsifier (milk, sesame oil). This ensures that the essential oil gets dispersed in the water in a safe way.

When we don’t use salt or emulsifier, the oil may not mix well with the water and keeps floating. In this case, there is a possibility of oil getting in contact with the skin. The oil combined with the heat from the water can cause an effect called dermo-toxicity which is dangerous for the skin. 

There are essential oils that should be avoided for the oil soaking. Some of them include oregano oil, cinnamon oil, thyme oil, bergamot oil, lemongrass oil, etc. In general, we should avoid all spicy, phototoxic, irritant potential oils. 

The excessive use of the essential oils can also be dangerous. We should make sure not to exceed 8 drops of oils for a single soaking.

Precautionary Steps To Be Taken 

1. We should try to use only the pure essential oils without any synthetic fragrances.

2. We should not expose the oils for a long time. This can cause them to lose their properties.

3. The exposure to the oils should be limited. These oils can be dangerous when exposed in higher       quantities as they can cause nausea, headache, etc.

4. We should try to store the essential oils away from the lights and tightly sealed.

5. The essential oils should be avoided in children and pregnant ladies. 

It is very important that we familiarize ourselves with the dosage, properties and precautions of the essential oil before using it for the soaking


A lot of benefits can be derived from the essential oils when we select the right one for the soaking. There are various essential oils available in the market and we should always look for the safe ones to extract maximum comforts from them. In the case of any queries, it is always good to approach the dermatologists and aromatherapists to guide us about the best essential oils.

Some of the oils are suited for all the skin types, so it is best to have them for our needs. When rightly chosen, essential oils can be a great solution to various stress-related and health-related problems. As they are a natural way of curing the health issues, it is wise to utilize its benefits in the best possible way. Oils for soaking is the best way to address any environment issues.

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