Changing Thermostat In House : A How To Guide

How efficiently regulated are the temperatures around your home? Do you feel like your current home thermometer isn’t matching your expectations? Perhaps it is time you installed a new thermometer that is not only efficient but one that also saves you money. But how do you go about the installation process? Here is a comprehensive step by step guide on how to install a thermoregulator starting with the basics.

How To Install A Instrument Using These Steps 

changing thermostat in house

Step 1: Start by choosing a good thermometer

The process of installing a good thermoregulator for your home should start at the departmental store. Here, start by selecting a thermoregulator that is not just cost friendly and easy to install but also highly efficient if you want it to serve you for a long time. You may check for informative content online or consult a professional on the qualities of a good thermometer.

changing thermostat in house

Step 2: Power the HVAC system off and disconnect the old thermometer

Once you have the right thermoregulator and the right tools including a screwdriver, drill as well as a level, power off the heating system and start disconnecting the old thermometer. Start by removing the control cover for the existing thermometer to gain access to the wiring plate.

Note that this plate contains two different sets of wires; from the furnace and electric power. Take note of their connection ports; you might want to take a picture of it for reference, before disconnecting them. Then go ahead and label or mark them accordingly.

How To Remove The Old Plate 

Step 3: Remove old plate and install new one

Unplug the old thermoregulator from the wall. Then unscrew the power cables from the thermometer and using a masking tape, stick them on the wall to prevent them from slipping away through the wall cavity. Ensure that you take note of the high voltage power cable to avoid fixing it wrongly with the new thermometer. 

changing thermostat in house

Step 4: Level the new thermometer plate against the wall

Before fixing the new plate, consider the strength of the anchors on which the previous thermometer rested. Whatever the result, however, it is only wise that you drill new positions for the thermoregulator anchors you are to install keeping in mind the length of its mounting screws.

While mounting the plate, use a level to ensure that it is a balanced as possible for maximum efficiency. To reduce the confusion, especially with the mounting of wires, it is critical that you maintain the same position occupied by the old thermometer in fixing the new one.

How To Connect The Wires 

Step 5: Connecting the wires 

This is the single most crucial step that the installer should remain conscious of when it comes to installing a thermometer. If wrongly connected, at the very least, the thermometer won’t work. Depending on the type of connection and the thermometer brand, an error in the connection may even end up destroying the device forcing you to incur yet another purchase cost. So how do you avoid a faulty connection?

By strictly following the connection instructions from the manufacturer that accompany the thermometer, however, ensure that you get expert help whenever you are unsure of the process. A seemingly insignificant error in the connection like improperly fixed wires would have long term implications on the efficiency of your thermoregulator. 

Step 6: Attach the control cover and power on

The hardest part of thermometer installation lies in the wire connection and once you are done with that, you are as good as done. You can now fix the control thermoregulator cover on your thermometer as well as fix batteries if the model is battery powered. After switching on power to the furnace, proceed with the last step that involves setting up the installed thermometer according to the manufacturer’s instructions. 

These steps not only teach you how to install a  when replacing a new one with an old or inefficient one but they can also be used when installing a thermometer to a new room or building. The only problem in such a case would be identifying the right connection port for the wire cables that would most probably be hanging on the wall.

But if the furnace installers had labeled them well it would also be an easy do it yourself project. Nevertheless, even with such an extensive guide, it is always advisable that you engage a professional in one way or another especially in choosing the right thermometer and conducting an efficiency evaluation. This ensures that you not only install a thermometer that is compatible with your furnace requirements as well as ensuring that works as expected.

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changing thermostat in house

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