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Unless you have been living under a rock chances are you may not have heard of Miele Vacuum, I know I felt the same way when I ran across this gem of a vacuum cleaner for better air quality. First before I go into this model of vacuum I thought I would take the opportunity to introduce to some and present to others who is this company ? For more information on free art supply samples by mail

Now if you are residing in the United States particularly on the east coast most vacuum commercials that you may see are Oreck, Bissell, or the Shark Vacuum. Which by the way none of these vacuums that I just mention are bad, its just that from an advertising perspective this is what I would normally see on a Saturday afternoon in terms of an informercial. Having said that, that does not mean their aren't any quality vacuums outside of these popular names. 

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Top Rated Vacuum Comes From Where ?

Well to continue on our journey this manufacturer is based out of Germany, and they build and create domestic appliances and commercial equipment. It is a decent size company with over 17,000 thousand employees, yeah you read right that is alot of human resources in motion.

That is a big company in terms of a mid sized organization, also the company is family owned and operated. This is impressive because they seem to me at least from the outside that they are creating a legacy to carry from generation to generation which is always a good thing. 

consumer research vacuum cleaners TOP

Another side bar worth noting that JD Power and Associates Ranked Miele with the highest in customer satisfaction with Upright and Canister Vacuums. This was amazing to me because I did not think that anyone made canister vacuums anymore. So as I mentioned before I am no expert of vacuums of any kind I am strictly concerned with improving the air quality in my home. For more information on to effectively run a business it is necessary to

With that said something has to be said for a company who strategically are still making canister vacuums and apparently there is a market for it to be made. The best things to be things to be mind of when making an attempt to improve the air quality in your home, here are some features that are considered to be advantages when it comes to air quality....


5 Key Elements to be mindful of when considering a vacuum canister

consumer research vacuum cleaners

1. It has to be light weight- remember those canisters from the 70's my god they were heavy and I remember when I my mom use to tell me to clean my room it was an all day affair. You want to ensure that the canisters are portable to move from room to room. My top canister vacuums has always been light weight.

2. Also, you want to ensure that you have an Air Filter cleaner- remember what I said this is about improving the air quality in your home, and there is no price point when it comes to good clean air. It is crazy not to invest in your family environment, which is why filters are critical for clean air.

3. Keep in mind that dust particles are also in the furniture which is why you would want a vacuum that has a dust brush, or some type of uphoseltry tool to help you with the removal of dust bunnies that might be on the furniture. And for top rated canister vacuums they should be able to handle an excess amount of dirt.

4. You also want to ensure that you have adequate footage to be able to tote the vacuum cleaner if needed from one room to the other. This is very helpful when you have to clean multiple rooms. You don't want to have to unplug and replug everytime you need to clean multiple spaces.

5. You also want to ensure that whatever vacuum cleaning system you get for your home that it has the ability to capture 99.99% of fine particles that can be in your carpet, floors, or furniture. This is the main key when considering a vacuum because that is how you will better contribute to clean air.


So how I would rate this vacuum well for a person who is having to run across it for the first time I am impressed with the possibilities, however I can't recommend it because I have not use it. I would encourage anyone to make there own decision on a top canister vacuums and based on your personal needs because remember you are in control of your environment, some people may have hardwood floors while others have a whole house filled with carpet.

Which in either case you have to make the decision that is best for your home and not what a man in a suit may tell you in a commercial. I am a firm believer in doing independent research and identifying facts first then develop an opinion based on those facts, with that said this vacuum cleaner has the potential to be a winner in my book. As with all vacuum cleaners there are good elements and bad elements, I am more concerned with using the vacuum as a tool in the fight to produce cleaner air for my environment. 


In conclusion, when looking for a vacuum cleaner remember names are only on the surface you want to find true value in whatever you use. Keep in mind my elements when you are searching for a quality cleaning system, let that be your guide on your journey to better air quality.

Honestly, when I am thinking about a product price is not even an issue, not because I have the money, but I look for the real reason and I ask the question how is this going to better improve my quality of life, remember cleaner air is not a cost issue it is a quality issue, better tools and better quality equals cleaner air at least in my book. For top canister vacuums it is best to go with the one that you feel comfortable in cleaning.

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