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A cigar humidifier is essential for anyone wishing to store cigars safely for future use. A cigar should be stored at a certain humidity level, which is why a humidifier has to be used to keep the moisture inside the humidor at the required level.

Essentially, cigars should be stored at a relative humidity level of between 65% and 72% if you plan to store then for over a week or so. Therefore, without a humidifier, storing your cigars in a fancy humidor is practically pointless as far as preservation of the cigars is concerned. 


What's Wrong With Storing Your Cigars At Environmental Humidity Levels?

Most native countries where cigars are made consist of tropical climates that are only found in very few parts of the world. For the rest of the world, these climatic conditions need to be replicated for cigars to retain their natural form and flavor.

In tropical countries, relative humidity ranges around 70, while temperatures also range within 70 degrees Fahrenheit, which acts as the basic guideline for cigar storage around the world. 

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The temperature may not be too big an issue since the temperature is regulated to meet the appropriate heat requirements for cigar storage. However, humidity is a different issue altogether. In some cases it can be too low, while in others it might be too high, necessitating the need for manual humidity regulation.

Failure to meet these humidity conditions results in several setbacks that are guaranteed to ruin your cherished cigar smoking experiences. Below are some downsides to failing to use a humidifier when storing your cigars. 

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    What Happens When You Do Not Use A Humidifier When Storing Your Cigarettes?

    To appreciate the benefits of using a humidifier, it is first important to understand what comes from storing cigars without the use of this important device. Generally, when you store your cigars in an environment with an unregulated humidity, you will experience some of these problems.

    cool mist or warm mist humidifier for allergies

    - Your cigars will will burn too fast or irregularly when you try to smoke them.

    - The cigars may light with lots of difficulty or even keep going off as you smoke.

    - The taste of the cigars may change entirely. The taste can get bitter.

    - The cigars can also get infested with beetles. 

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    Cigar Humidifiers Benefits

    - The greatest benefit of using cigar humidifiers is that they help maintain humidity at the required level, therefore conserving the integrity of the cigars.

    - Some humidifiers use solutions that can also kill the bacteria that may be grow under the humid conditions that the cigars should be stored in.

    - Some humidifiers can also prevent excessive humidity by absorbing excess moisture that can result in dampness and destruction of the cigars. 

    - Good humidifiers are able to maintain a consistent humidity level within the cigars, which is a plus since wildly varying humidity levels can cause a lot of damage to cigars.

    - By automating the humidification process, humidifiers substantially reduce the effort you need to keep your precious cigar collection fresh.


    Things To Consider When Purchasing A Cigar Humidifier

    Having understood the invaluable benefits of using a humidifier, and the terrible consequences of storing cigars without appropriate humidity, the next logical step is to buy a humidifier for your cigar collection.

    Unfortunately, not all humidifiers will be appropriate for you, which is why you should choose your humidifier very carefully. Generally, below are some points to keep in mind while buying a humidifier.

    - Consider the capacity of the humidifier. You should purchase a humidifier based on the amount of cigars you are willing to store. Some humidifiers can maintain more cigars, while others will lack the capacity to do the same job. Therefore, make sure that your humidifier can properly humidify the cigars you need to store within a particular humidor.

    - Find our whether the humidifier has an alarm. Some humidifiers are electrified, giving them the ability to create alerts when the humidifying agent or battery power runs low, thus allowing you to respond appropriately and keep your cigars humidified at all times.

    - Think about how much you are willing to spend on a humidifier. Some humidifiers cost about $10, while others can cost up to more than ten times as much. It is up to you to decide how much you want to spend on a humidifier and select the best option that lies within your budget limit.

    - Also consider the reputation of the humidifier brand. Some humidifiers are rated better than others by users, which is a good way of knowing whether the device will deliver on its promises before you spend any money on an ineffective humidifier. Popular retail websites can provide the review information needed to determine whether a certain humidifier is worth your money or not.

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    How To Take Care Of Your Humidifier

    Basically, a humidifier does not require lots of maintenance, but how you treat your humidifier is critical to its efficiency at keeping your cigars safe. Things to look out for when doing maintenance work on your cigars include the following.

    - If the humidifier uses water, you should use distilled water as replacement when the liquid runs low. Tap water contains compounds that can block the humidifier's pores and hinder its effective operation. 

    - When you first buy a humidifier, check on it more regularly to ensure that it is able to maintain the appropriate humidity level. Some of them may be broken, resulting in inappropriate humidity levels and destruction of the cigars they are meant to preserve. 

    - Follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding maintenance to ensure that the humidifier operates as it is supposed to. Improvisations during maintenance or even neglect can result in problems that might even result in destruction of the humidifier, not to mention your cigars. 



    For cigar enthusiasts, humidifiers are a godsend. Many cigar enthusiasts live in non-tropical climates where a cigar would easily get ruined by humidity. A cigar humidifier ensures that your cigar collection remains fresh at all times.

    More importantly, with the right choice of a humidifier, you do not have to tend to your cigars personally to ensure that they are not ruined by inappropriate humidity levels since you can get alarm notifications whenever humidity levels get out of hand. You should also take good care of your humidifier to ensure that it can preserve your cigars with regard to form and taste. 

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