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If you have ever suffered from allergy you would know that it is not something we relish, rather when it happens our experience of reality becomes so painful and uncomfortable that we tend to get rid of it by any means. In this age of digitization, here’s a tool which can help you deal with allergy effectively without any hassle. 

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Yes, the new innovation of twenty first century for dealing with allergy is travel humidifier. You would know that the basic cause of allergy is air pollution. If the air in your environment, where you breathe most of the time per day is not free of harmful bacteria and virus, then the chances of allergy would tend to get higher.

So what would be a feasible solution which will help you breathe fresh air and never need to worry about the air you breathe in? Answer is a humidifier which lets you breathe easy and prevent any sort of allergy and its symptoms like sneezing, coughing, breathing problem and so on and so forth.

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How to choose a travel humidifier which actually helps?

desktop humidifier for work

Now there are a lot of products in the market which assure you of safety and excellent performance, but when you are going to invest on such a thing which is very much health sensitive, then you need to take special care before purchase. Here’s a simple guide which will help you choose the best  humidifier so that the purpose you are trying to solve with it can be done.


The humidifier you choose should be portable. If it is very bulky and cannot be carried everywhere wherever you need to use it, then it would be a total waste of money. Because even if it works at one place, you would not be able to get the value out of it which is worthy of your money that you would invest in purchasing it.


Works well everywhere:

The people who are especially allergic to air will not be protected if your humidifier doesn’t work well outside. If you buy a portable humidifier which is easier to carry but only works well inside your room, then it would not be the perfect one you should keep your eye on.

Rather choose something that works equally well in any atmosphere in any given condition so that if any person who is allergic to air pollution or may be your children would feel safe and can breathe fresh air at any place in any time.

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Effective technology:

The best humidifier is the one which uses effective technology to make the air free of pollution. The high frequency technology of the most effective humidifier in the market converts the water into a micro-fine mist and spread across into the air by fan or sort. If the humidifier you are keeping your eye on are not using this advanced technology, then you should look for the best in the market which transmutes water easily into steam.



Who likes a device which creates a terrible sound whenever you put it on? Thus quietness is very important for a humidifier. So whenever you consider a humidifier for purchase, make sure that it doesn’t make much sound. Otherwise to prevent air pollution, your humidifier would create sound that would not affect the peacefulness of your environment.


Perfect level of humidity:

If you pick up one humidifier you need to make sure that it gives the perfect level of humidity for the air. The best of the best travel humidifiers are the ones which provides perfect level of humidity for rooms up to 200 square feet. But for bigger rooms, the humidity can be controlled as per your need by the output regulator.


User friendliness:

No one likes a humidifier which are very complex to use. A travel humidifier which is very easy to use, simple to operate and gives excellent performance would be chosen by most of the customers. The first part of user friendliness of a humidifier is it should be fit into any kind of travel bags and boxes so that no matter wherever you travel, you can carry it along you. The second point of user friendliness of the right humidifier would be the ease of operation.

You just need to use a PET bottle, connect it to the appliance and as a result use fresh air in the room wherever you would keep it. The third part of user friendliness is that no matter how many benefits travel humidifier provides the price range should be in medium range. Thing is if people who travel a lot cannot use it, then actually it is of no use. While few companies may target the niche market with their product, travel humidifier should be priced while keeping into mind the interest of the average traveller.

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Last but not least is the automaticity of the device. If the travel humidifier which you would like to buy would not offer you this simple function, then better you opt for any other which helps you save power and don’t require any manual interference to get switched off. The best travel humidifier in the market doesn’t need human interference. Whenever it runs out of water, the device gets switched off immediately. 

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Final Word

To summarize, if you would like to deal with or prevent from allergy then, a humidifier is the device which you should pick up right away. But if you are confused which one you should choose among many humidifiers available in the market, then you should factor in few attributes which separate the best from the rest. First thing you need to examine is the portability of the device. If the device is portable it would be easier to carry.

But only being handy would not solve the problem, rather the humidifier should work everywhere equally well to be considered worthy of purchase. Moreover, you also need to make sure that the device effective and advanced technology to be able to provide you the benefit you would like and the quietness and an ability to create the perfect level of humidity is also important. The last couple of things you should consider are the user friendliness and automaticity of the travel humidifier before you consider the worthiness of purchase. 

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