Does Affiliate Marketing Still Work In 2017

Does affiliate marketing still work in 2017 . The answer is yes also in  2018, 2019, and 2020. While in the past a job was sufficient to take care of basic necessities, it is becoming increasingly difficult to live on a single salary and most people have been forced to take up more than one job to meet all their needs. Another option that is becoming increasingly popular and for a good reason too is setting a home based business.

Among the top rated areas where you are sure to start and run a successful business is in tourism. If starting a tourism business this year sounds like something you are interested in then you will get some unique business ideas here. 

When it comes to business models a it is important to create a niche site that has a successful affiliate marketing program. As a affiliate marketer participating in affiliate programs you want to earn affiliate commissions. Affiliate market work requires a traffic source and also a landing page with product and services. Also, a long term commitment to social media. These are the keys for success in affiliate marketing for 2017, 2018, and 2019.

Before we can even get to discussing viable tourism businesses you can start at the comfort of your own home, it is important to first understand the benefits you stand to gain from a tourism home based business or any other home based business for that matter.

Does Affiliate Marketing Still Work In 2017 : Can It Build Wealth ?

does affiliate marketing still work in 2017

Benefits of home based businesses

Low capital requirement

With a desk, computer and some internet connection, you can set up a home based business and earn some tidy sum at the end of the day. You do not have to worry about having to get some huge capital in order to succeed. You can first concentrate on growing your business and turning it into a thriving enterprise before you can think of sinking your entire life's savings in the business.

Low operational costs

The essence of working from home is cutting down on common costs such as rent and other overheads that come with renting a business premise. This means that with a good business idea you can start your business today and not have to think about getting enough money to cover rent and other costs at the end of the month. 

Flexible work schedule

If you have had a 9-5 job then you know that it can be hectic not to mention the fact that it is almost impossible to change this schedule when unforeseen situations arise. Having a home based business gives you the flexibility and freedom that comes with running your own business and being your own boss and also allows you to work without having to factor in some commute time.

You can work at whatever time, day or night and still be in a position to manage other daily functions such as taking care of the kids. You can also dedicate as much time as the business needs especially during its infancy and this can make all the difference and set you a few paces ahead of your competition.

Now that you know that running a home based business is not only possible with minimal investment but also could be just what you need to secure your financial future and enjoy being productive with minimal if any stress, you can think of setting up your tourism business.

Tourism is quite broad and there are numerous ventures that you can come up with. Below are some business ideas that have been proven to work especially for entrepreneurs who wish to operate their businesses from home.

does affiliate marketing still work in 2017

1. Starting a travel Consultancy

Becoming a travel consultant is easy and all you may need to do is set up a business website that lists the services that you offer and explain why tourists should depend on your services. To get a lot of customers and stay relevant in this field you must keep abreast with the happenings in the tourism and travel industry in order to be in a position to offer value to your customers.

Whatever services that you choose to offer always remember that your success especially in consultancy is based on the quality that you offer and one happy client today will translate to many business lead in days to come.

2. Organizing holiday tours in locations near you

If you are a great organizer and are always organizing family getaways and functions, this would be an ideal business opportunity for you. Identify tourist attractions in your area and organize tours for different people such as youth groups, families or work retreats.

To set yourself apart from others who may be offering the same services personalize your services as much as possible and try to fill the gaps that are left by others where organizing holiday tours are concerned. You may need to work with reliable transport or tour company but most of the organizing and booking tourists can be done online. 

3. Setting up an online platform where travel can access affordable accommodation among other services

There are numerous online platforms that compare accommodation costs and give affordable options for visitors who do not wish or are not in a position to meet the high hotel prices. You can come up with a similar where you provide visitors with cheap accommodation options in your area. You can also start a platform that allows people with cheap accommodation spaces to advertise and those seeking their services to access affordable accommodation easily.

does affiliate marketing still work in 2017

4. Photography and photography training

If you are a good photographer then this is one of the most ideal business ideas for you. The truth is while most tourists would like to get great photos when on holiday, these service is either not available or is way above their reach. You can build your business website and advertise your services in different tourism sites or visit different tourist destinations. You can also offer photography training online for those who would like to know what it takes to capture great photos. 

5. Offer translation services

If you speak multiple languages then starting a translation business would be a great idea. While tourism has no boundaries and tourists visit from all corners in the world communication in this sector is paramount. You can offer translation services to tourists visiting destinations close to you. You can also help tourists understand some of the content regarding their chosen destinations that they may find online but cannot comprehend.

These are just but five tourism ideas that you can exploit. There are numerous other opportunities and all you need to do is identify an area that you can work with and put all the effort you can gather into turning that business idea into a successful business ideas. 

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