Earn Cash Through Paid Product Testing As A Stay At Home Mom

Have you ever dreamed of having a stay at home mom program. In today’s economy, many people are looking for alternative ways of making money. The nine to five traditional office hours are not trendy anymore. What is trendy today is making money online. This can provide you a good income, great flexibility in choosing your working hours, the advantage of being your own boss, having more time to spend with your family and friends, a better work – life balance, and the convenience of working from the comfort of your home. 

Even your sofa can become your 21st century modern office. All you need is a good internet connection, something that has already become a commodity in most of the places in the world. And, by working online you can enjoy the freedom and lifestyle of online freelancers, even setting your work office on the sunny beach of an exotic tropical island. The possibilities are endless and if you did not think yet about working online, it’s time to take into consideration this exciting opportunity. With a stay at home mom program you can start planning for things that relate to your life.

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Get paid online with Cash Crate

But what is even more exciting is the nature of work you might find online. Did you know, for example, that you can get paid for filling questionaries’ and sharing your opinion in online surveys? Or that you can get paid to chat online? Yes, that’s true. It is perfectly possible to make a great income from chatting, an activity most of us enjoy anyway, and consider as entertainment and fun rather than work.

We recently heard about an excellent website that offers a program for getting paid to chat online and have a stay at home mom program. Its name is Cash Crate. We checked this online money making opportunity and what we found is worthy to be shared with you all. Basically, the website provide a membership program that provides various opportunities of making money online, from giving your email address on email lists, to filling out short surveys and offers, or completing short and easy tasks.

earn cash through paid product testing

Free Offers

Stay At Home Mom Schedule That Works


How it works

The registration is very easy and straightforward. It should take you no more than half a minute to complete the registration form. There you have various choices for making money online. You can select the offers you are interested in and what to complete. All you have to do is to click on your offer of choice and once completed to click the submit button.

If you go ahead and complete the offers, the website will verify if you really completed it and in case that everything is fine you will receive funds in your account. Since this easy lucrative activity can be done from any location, it doesn’t really matter where you live or travel. This will allow you to continue your stay at home mom program.


Here are just a few examples of offers you can choose from: Vindale, Global Test Market, Swagbucks, and more. Most of the offers listed on the Cash Crate website, at the URL cashcrate.com, are in fact very easy to complete and very short. Of course, before to actually go ahead and complete it, it will be difficult to evaluate how long will take you to fill out the offer selected from their list.

But in general, they provide only short offers, so will not spend much time before being paid for your time and efforts. It is such an easy work in order to get paid. While maintaining your stay at home mom program. Some offers will want you to fill in your physical address, others will just ask for your email address. There are survey type offers, get pay to chat online offers, subscribe to something and more. If that just sounds too easy to you, believe me, it really is.

earn cash through paid product testing


The explanation of the fact you can actually make such easy money online with Cash Crate is that many companies base their sales strategy on email lists. So, of course, they are willing to pay in order to get more email addresses on their list. If you are concerned about getting a lot of offers and spam in your email box, then you can just set your spam mail options in such a way that most of the extra mails go in your junk folder.

Or, you can just create a new email address especially for working with offers on Cash Crate, along with your primary email address which you may continue to use for keeping in touch with your family and friends. Either way, you will avoid being bothered by the increased number of emails in your inbox. You may even handle this by making several different email addresses to use with Cash Crate mailing lists and offers. 

earn cash through paid product testing


Cash Crate seems like an easy way to earn some extra income online. They have hundreds of offers available on their website, and you may fill in as much as 10 offers in just 20 minutes, if you are lucky to choose the shorter ones. After filling the offers Cash Crate will very them and show your pending earnings. Another way of earning money with Cash Crate is joining their referral program. This way you ensure to be paid commissions for anyone who signs up from your own referral link.

You will need to pay attention to not check in any box that says you agree to be paid on recurrent basis, every month. Watch careful what you are filling out.


Why this is legit

This way of making money online is totally legit. The website, Cash Crate, can make money only when its subscribers complete surveys, offers, or other tasks. Third party companies are willing to pay Cash Crate for the service and the jobs done, and the members of the program get paid at their turn a portion of these payments. Most of the tasks you will find on Cash Crate’s list are free. There are just a few that involve using your credit card for verification purposes or getting cash back after a purchase or a trial.

Smaller tasks pay less, of course. But they don’t take much of your time to complete. For instance, you may be asked to sign up for free samples and receive a small payment in your Cash Crate account aside of the free sample. However, do not overlook the small payments, they add up in the long run. You can expect to receive advertisements, of course, since basically this works by giving away your email address or other means of contact in exchange of money.



The tasks on CashCrate are so easy that you can complete most of them while watching TV, for instance. They usually do not require much thinking or focus, just keep in mind to pay attention on what you sign for, or else you might have some unpleasant surprises, like monthly charges for something you don’t remember you have ordered or subscribed for. To conclude, Cash Crate makes a nice, easy, and fun way to earn some spending money. Keep in mind that the real money is in referrals, so if you want to make a significant income online with Cash Crate then start promoting your referral links. Remember a stay at home mom program is at your finger tips.

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