Electric Fireplaces That Heat 1000 Square Feet

Electric fireplace reviews ? The quick answer is for aesthetics, electric fireplaces are wonderful and also they offer extra heating.There are lot of advantages and disadvantages to electric fireplace heaters, particularly when we do comparison to gas fireplaces and wood burning. Who does not happy that cozy convenient experience of sitting around a romantic and warm fireplace? There is a soft hypnotic feature to the mild rolling flames and glowing embers which offers warmth, peace and calm.What a nice method to zone out.

Today, the great benefits of getting a fireplace are found all over. Electric fireplaces have removed the limited cost, ecological unfriendliness, tiresome maintenance of conventional fires. Mounted electric fireplace in the living room. If you are interested in purchasing a wall mounted one, a fireplace insert or a freestanding electric fireplace, we need to be of service.

That is out goal.We have hunt with ferrets out that hard to find, want to understand details which can avoid you doing a purchase which will not satisfy your requirements.We like to advice you to do a buy that will offer great satisfaction for many years.Electric fireplaces can offer a modern forward center point to the room at a great economical cost.

The structure probabilities are unlimited.Trendy electric fireplaces have turn integrated in to media centers and bookshelves as well as the conventional mantels.They can instantly be fitted at any place like condos, apartments and recreational vehicles also.If you move often just take the equipment with you. You do not want to exclude the coziness of the fire.

electric fireplaces that heat 1000 square feet

Electric Fireplace Reviews Which Can Help You Choose The One

electric fireplaces that heat 1000 square feet

What are the kinds of electric fireplaces?

Black freestanding equipment can be small one like the regal portable stove or they can be one mantel assemblies like the slim electric fireplace.They can even be big pieces of furniture, big center points like a TV media center. They are available in big type of completion and colors as well as material to suit any kind of home decor or room.

Wall mounted equipment are divided in to two types.The first and famous are wall hung fireplaces.Fitting of this is same to hanging a big picture or mirror.You can also find a mounting bracket that is connected to the wall and it is hung on the bracket.One benefit about this is that they are very small.

The next type is a flush mount fireplace.This material is really temporarily suspended in to the wall hence the flame effects picture is flush to the wall. When these kinds of fireplaces can surely do a design feature, they show some challenges.

Fitting always requires the skill of a contractor and can be costly to place it.Because it always perform like heaters the flow of heat should be directed on from the place and not be catch with in the wall. Most of these cannot be recess or flush mounted.

electric fireplaces that heat 1000 square feet

Are These Devices Eco Friendly

Are electric fireplaces Eco friendly?

One of the main reasons that these are the well growing field of the market is that they are Eco friendly.Eco friendly fire places do not generate dangerous byproducts or toxic fumes.There are number of people have mentioned the benefits of electric fire place reviews online.These things do not product dangerous pollutant, take wood or fossil fuels.

The effects of flame are usually made by refracted or reflected light not through combustion of materials.You will not find any caustic agents.It does not require any ventilation, do not make mold growth or make moisture.Certain of the greater end equipment really have air filters to assist clean the air with in the house.

Are they child proof and pet friendly?

The effects of fire and flame are produced by light and projected or reflected on a screen.They are not original flames, so no heat is produced. Touching the screen is simply like touching the TV screen.

What About The Heat In The Whole Home ?

Will it heat my whole home?

Electric fireplaces do an essential function if you are considering to do zone heating.Portable machines can really be moved from one room to another, If you are considering mainly for a heater source a zone heater might be good choice.

Are they expensive to operate?

For large number of people the ability to maintain the main heating thermostat at a reduced temperature shows they save lot of money than the price of a machine working cost.Reading a electric fire place reviews help you to get more information.

An electric fireplace can be described as an electric heater that resembles a conventional fireplace. They are good alternatives to the traditional wood fireplaces or the gas fireplaces. Electric fireplaces are often placed inside the conventional fireplaces. They are normally plugged in walls and can either be utilized as a heater or can be operated on a flame only setting. Electric fireplaces consume approximately 1.4 kilowatts to 1.6 kilowatts, this is capable of heating a room with an area that is 400 sq. ft.

Electric fireplaces are available in 3 types, these are:

Electric fireplace mantels
This type of electric fireplace features 2 major components i.e. a vent-free firebox that is fitted with a realistic flame effect (plugs into a standard wall outlet that is designed for 120-volts) as well as a separate mantel where the firebox is housed. Electric fireplace mantels are sold in an array of finishes and color. There are even some brands that also function as a media console.

Wall-mount electric fireplaces
This type is available in models that are directly installed to drywalls and hanging models. The hanging models are sold together with the mounting hardware necessary for installation. The models that are directly installed into drywalls require professional installation services.

Electric fireplace inserts
This type is designed to comfortably fit in already existing fireplaces. These inserts usually feature convenient inner glow logs that are characterized by pulsating embers that provide a realistic flame effect to the user. They are easy to setup.

Corner/wall fireplaces
This type is simply placed against a home’s wall. They strongly resemble the traditional fireplaces.

There are several benefits associated with the use of electric fireplace products, the main ones are the following:

i. Electric fireplaces are considered to be the least expensive available option in the market that produces both light and heat.

ii. Their installation is quite easy and they are equally simple to source.

iii. Electric fireplaces are very portable, users only require to pull their plug out of the socket.

iv. Electric fireplaces are excellent for tight spaces, these are spaces where other kinds of fireplaces would not fit.

v. Electric fireplaces have low operating and maintenance costs. They only need occasional dusting as well as cleaning the glass of the firebox. They are also energy efficient. LED lights do not need any maintenance and incandescent bulbs only require replacement after every two or three years.

vi. They are safe and eco-friendly. This is because they do not produce any harmful pollutants or emissions. Electric fireplaces do not involve any combustion process. In addition, they do not contribute to ventilation issues, mold growth and indoor moisture. They are safe because they lack flames to burn and the metal casings cannot become too hot to the point of burning someone on contact. Furthermore, there is generation of carbon monoxide gas.

vii. Electric fireplaces have the benefit of longevity. This is mainly because they are not susceptible to rust and corrosion. This means that even after many years of service they still function and look as a new one.

Buying guide
Electric fireplaces are becoming more popular by the day because of their ease in installation, instant ambiance and efficiency. There is an array of designs available in the market today from which to select from, this has made the process of selecting one a daunting task to the average consumer. The following is a comprehensive buying guide:

Electric fireplaces that are mounted on walls are easy to install and are more portable in comparison to the other types. In addition, the wall-mount types save users some valuable floor space. Media consoles are ideal for people who are keen on adding heat, ambiance to their homes in addition to having a place to place a flat screen TV. Fireplace inserts on the other hand should suffice for individuals who do not utilize their traditional fireplaces but would like to retain the ambiance that it provides. These inserts are easy to maintain and handle as well.

Finishes and styles
Electric fireplaces vary widely in design. People who want products with minimalist design features should go for those that have stainless steel surrounds. Consumers who are keen on traditional designs that are detailed should go for models that have charming woodcarvings. The available finishes are white/ivory, black, stone, oak, espresso, mahogany and stainless steel. It is always advisable to select a finish that matches the décor in your home.

Heating power and size
Most models of electric fireplaces utilize a standard plug of 120 volts. Most models offer 750 watts for low heat settings and 1500 watts for high heat settings, a wattage is sufficient to provide a 400 sq. ft of space with supplemental heat. However, it should be noted that larger models might need a plug with a higher voltage of 240.

The following are some of the functional features that you should look for when buying an electric fireplace:

• Flame-only operation – This feature is good for those who want a fireplace with ambiance but do not want the heating option.

• Adjustable thermostats – This feature allows you to regulate the rate of heat dissipation from the electric fireplace.

• Portability – This feature is useful for people who dwell in small apartments and would like to utilize the heater in various rooms.

• Self-trimming firebox – This will eliminate the need of purchasing a trim for the purposes of aesthetics or installation.

• Brightness control – This feature is usually situated on an electric fireplace’s control board. It allows users to easily adjust the brightness of the fire. When the knob is moved, the brightness and amount of lame is either decreased or increased.

• Digital controls – This is a feature that adds a bit of convenience to the operation of an electric fireplace with either a remote control or a digital control board.

• Flame –speed control – This feature allows consumers to adjust the speed at which flames flicker.

Safety features
The following are some factors to consider when purchasing an electric fireplace with safety features:

• Safety approvals – Look for either s CSA or UL certification. This will be a guarantee that you are purchase an electric fireplace that is efficient and safe.

• Overheat protection – This is simply a built-in switch that automatically switches the heater off when overheating is detected.

• Cool-to-the-touch – This is a sort of glass or housing that protects the user from being burned.

Electric fireplace reviews
The following are some top electric fireplace products in the market today:

Napoleon EFL50H Wall Mount Electric Fireplace
This product is designed for wall mounting. It is a product of the renowned Napoleon brand. The following are some of its interesting features:

Weight – It is light in weight at 56 pounds. This makes it very portable if need be.

Finish – It has an aesthetically appealing black finish to compliment home décor.

Assembly – This product does not require any assembly.

Design – It has a convenient sleek slim design that will pique the interest of any client.

Heating capacity – This top-notch product has a high heating capacity of 1500 watts/5000 BTU’s.

Control – It is sold with an on/off remote control system.

Cartwright Convertible Electric Fireplace
This is a high performance product from the Southern Enterprises brand. It has the following salient features:

Weight – It only weighs 36 pounds. This means that the product is portable if it needs to be moved

Convenience – It is simply plugged to a standard wall to work. There is no installation required.

Finish – This product is fitted with a beautiful espresso finish that combines classic earth toned tiles to provide a traditional style.

Space – It helps in saving valuable space due to its corner convertible design.

Control – This electric fireplace uses a remote control.

Dimplex DF12310 Electric Fireplace Insert
The Dimplex brand has done it once again by releasing a high-end product that is truly unparalleled. The following are some of the unique features that characterize it:

Color – It is available in a stunning black color that is neutral thus can complement most home decors.

Weight – It is very light in weight at 33.1 pounds for optimum portability.

Finish – This product is fabricated using a high quality metal material for durability and aesthetics.

Heater – A fan-forced heater is built into it to provide even and quiet heating.

Installation – It is fairly easy to install to any existing fireplace opening. Furthermore, it plugs to standard household outlets.

The insightful information above are some electric fireplace reviews that can serve as a guide in buying worthwhile 

electric fireplace reviews

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