Essential Oils And Their Purpose : Blue Tansy

Blue tansy essential oil ? This essential oil is rare, complex and above all, precious. It is fresh, enticing and sweetly fragrant. It is the fine wine of essential oils. This essential oil is an elixir that heals a multitude of ailments. Beyond soothing burned, inflamed, damaged, or irritated skin, this essential oil is packed with a rich array of antioxidants, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. The oil is a composite of artemisone, camphone, borneol, camphor, piperitone, thujone and isopinocamphone. 

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Blue Tansy Essential Oil Has Mystical Properties

essential oils and their purpose

Now, the oil is extracted from a European herb called tansy. This oil is extracted by the process of steam distillation of all of the plant parts. This herb is very very poisonous. Despite being very poisonous, this herb was still widely used by poor people, villagers, and Gypsies who discovered the medicinal properties of this plant. Below is a run-down of the health benefits of the oil, which is an extract from the poisonous tansy herb.

This Essential Oil has:

--Antibacterial Properties- It is not surprising to learn that this essential oil is extremely lethal to bacteria that comfortably reside in the human body. Just as the tansy herb is fatal or poisonous to the human folk, the essential oil is infinitely deadly to those tiny bacteria.

Although some strains of bacteria have the ability to survive extreme temperature levels or toxicity levels, but the bacteria that live in the human body have no chance against annihilation by these essential oil. Thus, this essential oil cushions against infections from bacteria provided that the oil is taken in extremely mild doses.

essential oils and their purpose

Antifungal- This essential oil efficiently guards against fungal attacks which can be the cause of a multitude of illnesses such as hair problems, running ears, dysentery, and a variety of skin diseases. This is because fungus will be immediately and surely killed once exposed to the blue tansy essential oil. Fungus simply cannot stand the potent toxicity of this essential oil.

Anti-inflammatory- The blue tansy essential oil is regarded as a great remedy to inflammation- especially skin inflammation. The essential oil also guarantees relief in the digestive, respiratory and nervous systems.

Antihistaminic- Allergic reactions in the body are often triggered by the presence of histamine in the body. On their side, allergic reactions are responsible for breathing problems, asthma, severe coughs, rashes, itches, hiccups and continuous sneezes. Allergic reactions can turn fatal if involving essential internal organs such as the heart or the liver. 


The blue tansy essential oil neutralizes histamine and regulates its further production, thus, keeping the allergic reactions in check.

Fortunately, the problem can be stayed by the oil which possesses great anti-histaminic properties. The blue tansy essential oil neutralizes histamine and prevents its further production, therefore, lowering the allergic reactions.

Antiviral- As earlier stated, the oil has thujone and camphor which components are very toxic or poisonous to living cells. Thus, thujone and camphor have the ability to kill viruses. Thujone and camphor work by rupturing the cyst, probing inside and killing the virus. This, then, halts the growth of the virus and provides immunity against common viral diseases such as measles, small pox, mumps and the common cold.

Febrifuge- Most fevers are usually a sign that there is a fight between the body’s immune system and infection by bacteria, viruses, protozoa and fungi. The body’s temperature increases in line with the intensity of the fight between the body’s immune system and the infections. Since infections are the main causes of fever, then, inhibiting or preventing these infections is the most appropriate way to reduce fevers. The blue tansy oil being an antibacterial, and antiviral substance, helps the body to counter these infections, and thus, reduce body temperature. Since inflammation may also raise the body temperature, the anti-inflammatory property of the blue tansy essential oil further helps to reduce the body temperature.

essential oils and their purpose

Insecticide- Cockroaches, termites, ants and moths all scamper to safety when they suspect this essential oil could be nearby. Fleas, mosquitoes, lice, ticks, and bedbugs prefer to maintain a safe distance from this essential oil too. The essential oil has an aroma that is so pungent to these tiny things: an aroma they cannot stand. Thus, this essential oil is very effective when it is used in fumigants, sprays and etc. It is worth noting that even wall lizards and mice give this essential oil a very wide berth.

Sedative- the oil can also be used as a sedative for emotional impulses and nerves. It can pacify anxiety, anger, nervous afflictions, convulsions, impulsive behavior, hysteric attacks, and epileptic attacks. This oil induces a calm, relaxing effect on the brain and the nerves.

Vermifuge- As earlier stated, blue tansy essential oil is an extract from the tansy herb which is a very poisonous herb. Its poisonous effect kills intestinal and parasitic worms in the body: round worms, hook worms, tape worms, etc. As a vermifuge, the oil can be used to kill worms in wounds, thus, helping in the growth of healthy cells and quickening the healing process of the wounds.

Hormonal Stimulant- The oil can also stimulate the endocrine glands to increase secretion of hormones. As a hormone stimulant, the oil greatly impacts the thyroid and thymus glands. The thyroid and thymus glands directly impact growth and maturity.

There are many other benefits of the blue tansy essential oil. For example, the essential oil can be used in the treatment of sciatica, skin infections, dyspepsia, and it can help to prevent miscarriages. But, while using it, the users should be aware that the essential oil is a potent poison due to high concentrations of thujone in it. Even small doses of this essential oil can be harmful to someone’s health and life. This essential oil can cause hallucinations and severe nervous and neurotic disturbances. The essential oil also has addictive and narcotic effects. 

On blending, this essential oil blends so well with cedar wood essential oil, lavender essential oil, ravensara essential oil, helichrysum essential oil, and rosemary essential oil.

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