Furnace Running But Not Blowing Air

Your furnace blower is one of your best companions in the winter. While buying a furnace, you take utmost care to ensure that the new equipment is able to minimize the energy cost and to meet the basic requirements. Moreover, you would like to buy a product that is cost- effective and durable. If you want to get all the above facilities and to make the best deal, then you need to focus on the four factors, size, furnace type, energy efficiency, and blower type.

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Furnace Blower Comes In Different Sizes Which One To Get

furnace running but not blowing air

Burner Size

Burner size is important as it ensures the comfort, efficiency, and the durability. While choosing a proper size, first try to understand your requirements and the purpose of the use such as why do you need a furnace blower and why and how you will use it.

If you choose a very small size obviously it will not be helpful in the terrible winter. You will have to run it more frequently and that will increase your energy cost. If you will go for a larger one, it will affect the energy efficiency. Moreover, it will affect the longevity. Hence, it is important to buy a proper size. If your family is small you can go for a small size. For a big family, a medium size will be better.

furnace running but not blowing air

Furnace Burner Type

There are three types of the furnace burner, single stage, two stages, and the modulating stage. A single stage burner runs either at full blast or not all. Hence, you will have to compromise your comforts. And it will increase the energy cost as well. A two stage burner comes with two settings. You can run it high or low. A low setting requires less energy and you can use it comfortably in mild cold days.

For the extreme cold, you can use the high settings. A modulating burner is more efficient and useful than the above two. It comes with an adjustable setting. You can adjust the flame at any point between the high and off. It will keep your home temperature comfortable and will reduce the energy bill. 

Furnace Energy Efficiency And Benefits

Furnace Energy Efficiency

Like the cars, furnaces have also the AFUE ratings that show how effectively they turn energy into heat. Two types of the furnaces are available in the current market, conventional furnace and condensing furnace. The AFUE of the conventional furnace varies 80% to 83%, this efficiency level is called mid efficiency, and the condensing furnace has high efficiency with 90% to 98% AFUE.

If your budget is restricted, then it is better to go for a mid conventional furnace. If you are prepared to spend more, then you can go for the condensing furnace. Remember that condensing furnace is expensive and its installation is also not that easy. 

furnace running but not blowing air

Blower Type

You need to choose the proper blower type. A blower affects the efficiency and durability of the furnace. In fact, it can increase or reduce the energy cost. Three types of the blowers are accessible on the market, single speed, multi-speed, and variable speed.

Like the furnace single stage, the single speed runs either at full blast or remains totally off. Multi-speed comes with different speeds, low, medium, and high. You can adjust them depending on your needs. The variable speed can adjust the air it blows depending on your heating requirements, like a modulating burner.

The Perfect Furnace For You

What should you consider while buying a perfect furnace blower?

In addition of the above four factors, you need to consider the manufacturers, models, features, costs, and warranties. You will get both the expensive and inexpensive models. If you go for an expensive model you will get more comfort, energy efficiency, and a long period of warranties. 

Price of a Furnace Blower

The price of the furnaces mostly depends on the size, model, and energy efficiency level of the equipment. The average price will be about $3,000 to $4,500 depending on the model. If you want high-efficiency models, you will have to pay more. But it is worth spending. You can use them for a longer time without compromising the comfort. Moreover, it requires less energy. 

These are the key requirements of a furnace. Many things depend on your needs and budget. If you are prepared to spend more then buy a high-efficiency furnace blower. This is more effective and comes with more developed features. This is one device that you can't live without.

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