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If you are into photography then for sure you would want to know how to get paid for photos. After all, who doesn’t want to get paid for something that he or she loves to do. Do what you love and the money will follow.

You’ve probably heard this advice before. It is actually the title of a bestselling book. This advice may not make sense at first, especially because we were trained to separate work from the things that we love to do.

But if you will really think about it, it actually makes sense to create a career out of something that one is passionate about. If you are passionate about something then you are excited to do it then the line between work and leisure is blurred or erased completely.

And if you are doing something that you love then you will be more productive and being more productive generally means making more money.

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Get Paid For Photos And Research Surveys

get paid for photos

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Be a pro

So how do you get paid for photos? There are actually several ways. One way is to work as a professional photographer. You have the option of either working freelance, set up your own company or look for companies that are looking for photographers.

If you want more freedom in life and you want to set your own working hours then it is strongly advisable that you choose to be freelance photographer. With social media and the online classified advertising platforms such as Craigslist, you can easily promote your services to attract customers.

The best way to make money from being a freelance photographer and get paid for photos is by choosing a photography niche. There are several to choose from. You can specialize in wedding, fashion or even food photography.

The only downside to working as a freelancer is that your source of income can be quite unstable. The amount of money that you will earn will depend largely on how well you are in promoting your services. 

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Get hired

If you want a more stable source of income then you are better off working as an in-house photographer of a company. Many companies are actually looking for photographers. The most obvious choices of course, are newspapers, magazines, advertising agencies and websites. You can also check companies that are into organizing events.

Many companies though prefer photographers who have experience and who has had formal training. So if you are just an amateur then you may have a difficult time looking for work as a photographer. The downside to working for a company is that your time is not yours. You are expected to follow the working hours set by the company and you are obligated to follow their rules as well. Also, the photographs that you have taken while working will be the property of the company.


Be an entrepreneur

If you have the means then you should seriously consider setting up your own studio or company. If you have your own business then you will have more control of your life. You also stand to make a good amount of money as an entrepreneur. But just like a freelancer, you would also need to promote your business well.

The old saying of “build it and they will come” simply does not work anymore because of the tough competition. Apart from the amount of money involved, setting up a business requires hard work. You need to take care of things such as the location of your office, hiring employees and of course marketing and advertising. Plus, you can’t expect to get rich quick as an entrepreneur. It would actually take years before you start making money. 

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Submit to stock photo sites

Apart from working as a professional photographer you can also get paid for your photos by selling them online. There is actually a great demand for high quality photographs on the Internet. Website owners, bloggers, and even big companies always need good pictures that they can use on their websites.

What you can do to get paid for your photos is to submit them to online picture catalogs.Then every time someone downloads your picture, you get paid. On the average, you can get paid 30 cents per download.So if 10 people will download your photo every day you stand to earn $3 per day and you don’t have to do anything. To make more money, you only need to submit more photos and to submit to more sites.


Make money by answering surveys

Now that I’ve told you the different ways you can get paid for your photos let me share with you how you can make money and still have time for your hobby. You’ve probably heard of online surveys before. Maybe you’ve even answered one or a few already. But do you know that you can actually make money online by answering surveys? Some companies actually pay big money to read the thoughts and the opinions of people. They use this information to improve their products and services. The best thing about answering surveys is that they don’t take too much to answer. To answer one survey can take just a few minutes of your time so you can easily finish several surveys in a day and in your free time. 

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Choose the right site

So you want to start making money by answering surveys online? But first you need to find a good get paid to survey website. There are many but you need to be careful. Not all of these sites can be trusted. There is one site though that has helped thousands of people already to make money by answering surveys and that site is CashCrate.

It is one of the most popular get paid to survey sites. And one of the reasons for this is that it offer plenty of ways to make money. Apart from getting paid to answer surveys you can also make money through CashCrate by referring other people to the website. You can earn as much as 30% of the earnings of the people you have referred. Not only that, you also get to earn a percentage of the earnings of those referred by your referrals. And the best part about CashCrate is that joining it is totally free.

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