Grapefruit Essential Oil Weight Loss Results And Why It Works

Would you like to know more about aromatherapy weight loss and some of the aromatherapy oils that can significantly help with that? If yes, you are at the right place. Although physical activity and good nutrition are crucial steps towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle and losing weight, the usually overlooked physiological and psychological components are equally as important if successful weight loss is to be achieved.

Those who have tried to lose some weight understands that it is an epic battle between mind and body, a struggle between one’s environment, emotions, hormones, brain chemistry and genetic makeup. Unfortunately, exercise and diet alone cannot produce long-lasting weight loss changes to many people, and that’s where the aromatherapy oils come into play. 

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Little about the aromatherapy oils

The aromatherapy oils are highly valued for their unique aromatherapy weight loss and healing properties and may be the reason they have been used therapeutically for thousands of years (around 6000 years).

These oils are mostly derived from leaves, fruits, flowers, seeds and roots of plants. Despite being used by Indian, Greek, Roman, Chinese and Egyptian cultures for spiritual, cosmetic and medicinal needs, there was no scientific evidence about their effects on physiology and mood until recently. Scientists have done some research on how the essential oils affect a person (physically, mentally, emotional, psychologically and so on.). Although the results are slow, it is promising.

grapefruit essential oil weight loss results

Aromatherapy Weight Loss : How It Can Help Relieve Stress ?

grapefruit essential oil weight loss results

How aromatherapy oils can help

Aromatherapy weight loss is thought to be achieved by the stimulation of brain parts, through aromatherapy, which has a positive effect on mental, emotional and physical states. Your nose can easily detect about a trillion odors while your olfactory glands have the ability to interact with your brain’s hippocampus and amygdala almost immediately.

Those sections of your brain handle memory and emotions. If you inhale molecules through the nose, your brain receptors that control motivation, pleasure, learning, attention span, stress levels, heart rate and blood pressure becomes activated. Mainly, that is why the essential oils are effective in treating hormone imbalance and anxiety. Although there is no proper substitute for exercise and diet in the fight against weight, the challenges that are usually encountered during that process have a psychophysiological basis.

Aromatherapy oils can come to your rescue if you are suffering depression moods, poor digestion, low energy, cravings for sweet foods, slow metabolism, lack of consistent motivation, dieting fatigue and emotional eating during your weight loss fitness program.

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Examples of aromatherapy weight loss oils

1. Grapefruit Aromatherapy oil
It is an uplifting, crisp, and sweet aroma and mostly used as a disinfectant or an antiseptic.

What Impact Does It Have On The Human Body ?

What does it do?

• Reduces abdominal fat accumulation
• Increases endurance and energy
• Boosts metabolism
• Curbs cravings

Why does it work?

Grapefruit oil has a natural compound known as Nootkatone. The compound stimulates an enzyme, AMPK, which controls your body’s metabolic rate and energy levels. If Nootkatone compound is introduced into your body, the AMPK enzyme will accelerate the chemical reactions in your skeletal muscle, liver and brain tissues.

The research on both the compound and enzyme has shown results of improved physical performance, decreased body fat, reduced weight gain and increased endurance. In another research lab, several rats were exposed to grapefruit oil and tested at intervals of 15 minutes for three times a week. The results showed signs of weight loss and reduced appetite.

Explanation: the grapefruit’s principal component, limonene, induces lipolysis, that is, the process of breaking down and dissolving body protein and fat. That in turn, reduces the need for food – source of fats and proteins.

grapefruit essential oil weight loss results

What does Lemon Aromatherapy Oil Do For The Body ?

2. Lemon aromatherapy oil

This aromatherapy weight loss oil has a pick-me-up scent and sour overtones.

What does it do?
• Relieves pain
• Enhances mood
• Increases energy
• Suppresses weight gain

Why does it work?

It has the fat-dissolving powers just like the limonene component of the grapefruit oil. Scientists have conducted several studies on lipolysis, and they all have concluded that if lemon oil and grapefruit oil are used together, the rate of lipolysis increases. Acting as a mood booster, it is a potent remedy for alleviating negative feelings. Also, it raises the norepinephrine levels.

What is it? The norepinephrine is a neurotransmitter and stress hormone that is responsible for the flight-or-fight mechanism. Subsequently, it increases the oxygen level in the brain for better mental function, blood flow and heart rate allowing muscles to work better and faster.

3. Peppermint aromatherapy oil

It is intense, minty and fresh and has menthol component that has a cooling and calming effect. 

What does it do?
• Reduces appetite
• Aids digestion
• Elevates mood
• Increases mental alertness and energy

Why does it work?

This aromatherapy weight loss oil has been used for centuries as a remedy for ingestion and has up to 70% menthol. Besides being an effective muscle relaxer, it can be used alongside caraway oil to improve bile flow, reduce bloating and ease the stomach muscles allowing the passage of food into the body to be faster.

In a study pitting the peppermint oil against the ylang-ylang, the scientists discovered that those who inhaled the latter were calmer in the mood, improved memory function and were more alert. In another 2008 study, all the volunteers who inhaled it after every two hours had were hunger levels and in turn consumed fewer calories. 

4. Cinnamon aromatherapy oil

It is an aromatherapy weight loss oil derived from the leaves and inner barks of the Cinnamomum tree and has sweet and warm fragrance. 

What does it do?

• Reduce inflammation
• Regulate blood sugar levels 
• Improve insulin sensitivity

Why does it work?

The cinnamon extract heightens the sensitivity of insulin in the brain as well as increase the rate of glucose uptake in the blood. What is insulin? It is a hormone that controls the fat and carbohydrate metabolism by facilitating glucose absorption in the blood by either storing it as fat or converting it to energy.

If your body cells develop insulin resistance, your body will erroneously start storing fat instead of burning it. That directly leads to overweight and difficulty in losing weight. Cinnamon extract ha also showed the capability to inhibit the production of inflammatory cells that are present genetically obese peoples’ body fat. 

Aromatherapy weight loss is made possible because the aromatherapy oils have the ability to:

• Reduce cravings
• Reduce stress
• Uplift the spirits
• Reduce emotional baggage
• Improve confidence
• Lift depression
• Reduce insecurity
• Induce happiness
• Reduce loneliness

aromatherapy weight loss

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