Hot Water Heater Not Heating Water Electric Outtage

A water heater is crucial to everyone's daily life regardless of whether you live in your home or a rented apartment. Just think how life could be without a water heater? Without it, you will not have the luxury that hot water provides in your homes, schools for washing, businesses, drinking, and cooking.

Unfortunately, people usually do not think about how essential their heaters are until they stop working and need to be replaced or repaired. Like any other significant technological necessities, people fail to appreciate heaters and the important function they play in their life.

A water heater is a unique device which is used for regulating either cold or hot water to be used within the home or business. It can be a solar appliance, a tankless or tank-type. Heaters are associated with various types of problems. However, certain issues are common to heaters regardless of their type. 

hot water heater not heating water electric

Aqua Heater Not Working Don't Despair We Got An Answer

It can be very much frustrating to purchase a brand new heater, you install it, turn on the heater, turn on the water in the faucet and to your disappointment, the water comes out cold. Before you can think of picking your phone and claim for refund, you need to understand that this is a very common problem which can be fixed.

hot water heater not heating water electric

If you have this kind of problem with your aqua heater not working, you should worry no more because this article will provide you with a concrete solution to fixing the problem. While it is good to consult a professional for assistance in repairing your heater, you can fix some minor problems by yourself. This will save your time as well as your money when your furnace heater not working.

Basic Troubleshooting Techniques Revealed 

Some Basic Troubleshooting Techniques

If your water heater stops working for no good reason, first check whether the installation process has been followed well. Before the heater is installed, you should make sure that you follow all the instructions carefully. It should be noted that incorrect setup can completely damage the water heater system.

You should not forget to assess the earthing component; this is the element that ensures that your device is safe to use.

Also not that, water heaters used at home requires lesser electrical ratings as compared to the commercial water heaters. Next, observe the water pressure; it should be sufficient to operate the unit. This usually depends on the model of your heater so check the heater manual.

So What Is The Point, The Piping Point...

The Power and Piping Point

For an instant water heater, you need to examine the consumer unit power. If you find out that it is not correctly set up, you should follow the user guide so as to configure it. If the problem is not found, check the piping point. These devices are located a foot from the wall.

Install a foot long pipe on the water point and then unload the water heater. Now, secure it to the tube. Get some threading tape to ensure that the joints do not drip and then observe how the water flows.

After you have successfully secured the unit to the overhead pipe, you should examine the power wiring. Make sure that you have the manual to confirm everything. Check the power source and the wiring joints.

Are the wiring in the right points? Use a clip to secure the wires to the wall. When you are doing this process, make sure that you do not damage the wires. Use a wire cover too.

You may need to add more connections depending on your unit set up. After all the connections are well set, turn on the switch. You can use a pilot lamp on your bathroom door. Turn on the water and then test the heater. Follow the user guide instructions and directions for preparing hot, warm and medium water.

Fixing Gas Water Heaters

If you are using a gas water heater and you cannot get hot water, consider the following. Take off the cover plate and make the window visible. Set the control knob or the button to off. Allow it to set for about 30 seconds.

Afterward, put it back in the pilot position. Push the red button and keep snapping the igniter until you see a glow. When the glow appears, set the knob to on, and this will turn on the pilot light. The igniter will also turn on, and the device will be ready for use.

hot water heater not heating water electric

Conclusion And Verdict 

Tips and Warnings

There are two common used heaters; electric and gas heaters. The techniques and process for repairing these two are different. For electric heaters, the problem could be due breakers. In most cases, minor resetting of the breaker will solve the problem.

It is a wise idea to know how to repair a water heater as this will help you resolve a lot of complicated problems with your device. However, if the problem persists, have an expert to check on it. Also, let them know if you had tried to repair the heater on your own.

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aqua heater not working

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