How Close Should A Humidifier Be To Your Bed

Humidifier is a type of device that helps to increase the moisture or humidity of a room or the entire house. It is mainly used to humidify a single room and prevent it from getting too much dry. Due to many humidifier advantages, it is a quite popular device for the people living in mostly desert types of regions.

It is widely used in many commercial and industrial functions too. Adding this device to your room is very much important, especially during the winter months when it gets dry. Read on to know why it is important for dry regions.

Humidifier Benefits For Dry Regions


What Are The Problems Of Dry Regions?

Regions with dry climate generally have excessively low humidity. Even a room, which is artificially heated due to cold weather condition outside, has low humidity. This can drop the humidity level as low as 10 % to 20 % whereas 30 % to 50 % is the normal level. You should maintain this level otherwise you may face many problems. Here are some of the problems that people face in low humidity –

- It can affect your health adversely as the mucous membranes with start drying out. For example: the lining of your throats and nose can become dry causing distress in respiration.

- The wooden furniture at your house can shrink due to the low humidity. Even it may cause cracking or loosing of joints. 

- In very low humidity often the paper and books can shrink and also become crispy and brittle.

- You will also get electricity problems as low humidity can destroy the semiconductor devices. Small dust particles may also get stuck to the surfaces which are electrically charged. 

Because of all these problems caused due to low humidity, humidifiers are a must have for the places with low humidity. It has many benefits and is definitely one of the most essential devices.

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Benefits Of Humidifiers

how close should a humidifier be to your bed

The humidifier advantages have undoubtedly made it a must have product for the people living in low humidity areas. The noteworthy benefits of a humidifier are –

a. Prevent Illness

Humidifiers keep on adding moisture to the room which has low humidity and make sure that it prevents nose lining from getting dry. The tiny hairs which are present in the nose work as a filter and keep out the viruses and bacteria away. If the humidity is low it cannot do its work. Thus, a humidifier prevents illness like cold and flu from those viruses and bacteria. It also helps to prevent blood coming out of the nose.

b. Protect Furniture

As discussed above, too much dry weather can have a negative effect on the wooden furniture at your house. Adding a humidifier will add that extra moisture to your room which will keep the durability and integrity of the furniture intact.

c. Protect Your Skin

how close should a humidifier be to your bed TOP

The heater which keeps on running to make your house warm and comfortable in winters is equally responsible for your dry and itchy skin. When the atmosphere around you gets too much dry it can affect your face and hand skin badly. A humidifier can help you to keep the moisture of the room intact and will also prevent your hands, lips and face from getting dry.

d. Control Static Electricity

A humidifier can also lessen the potentiality of the static electricity which is quite common during winter months. You will often see hairs getting stuck to the combs or even socks to your shirts etc. 

e. Reduce Snoring

Low moisture or humidity level can increase your snoring when you are sleeping. So, staying hydrated all the time will help you to add some moisture to the nose. So, to decrease the dryness you will need a humidifier which artificially increases the humidity in the room. 

So, these are the most important humidifier advantages. In order to get the best working humidifier for your house which will help you, you have to find the best.


How To Find The Best Humidifier?

Do you want to buy a humidifier for your house? Then you must know that you should buy the best for your house. This will ensure perfect functioning of the humidifier in your room. For choosing the best for your house, there are certain aspects which you have to look for. These are –

· Get the right size – You have to get the right size for your room according to the capacity of the humidifier. If you do not buy the right size according to the capacity then it will not work properly like the way it should. So, you have to be very careful in this case.

· Portable or For Whole house – You also have to decide between the portable one or you want a humidifier for the whole house. According to your choice, the selection will differ. 

· Cool or warm mist – Whether you want to use a warm mist humidifier or a cool mist humidifier, you have to decide that depending on the climatic conditions. There are many some humidifiers with both the options and facilities. So, you can choose that too if you need.

· Reputed and reliable – Always buy a product which is reliable and reputed. Investing on a bad quality product is equal to wasting your money for nothing. So, make sure the product is reliable and is built up of high quality material.

· Reviews and feedbacks – Browse through the net and read the reviews and feedbacks for a particular product that you want to buy. This will give you an idea whether or not the humidifier advantages are going to help you.

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Final Word

So, if you are staying in a place where the moisture content in the air is very low, then you know the problems that you can face. So, it is better to buy a humidifier which has numerous benefits and can keep your house healthy.

Too much dryness or too much humidity both are dangerous for the house, furniture and even for your health. So, choose the best and right humidifier for your house that will work perfectly like it should. There are many humidifier advantages which will keep your whole family healthy and your furniture intact. Also some may argue that you need a humidifier near your bed and that is a good idea however you can rest assure that as long as it is in the same room you should be good to go.

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