How Do Figs Grow What Things That You Should Know 

Fruit essential oil ? Various types of essential oils derived from a number of natural products are available these days which can be used for a number of health benefits. These are the oils extracted from a number of fruits and other natural vegetation in the form of their essence.

They can help you in sleeping, relaxing, improving digestion as well as your skin as their pleasing fragrance provides healing effect to your body, mind and emotions. Fruit oil is another essential oil that is used in many countries for a number of health benefits since long. Brief information about the benefits of this essential oil is provided in this write-up for your consideration.

how do figs grow

How Do Figs Grow ? Fig Essential Oil How Can It Benefit Me

how do figs grow

What is fruit essential oil?

Fruit is a seasonal fruit, belonging to the mulberry family, found in abundance in western Asia including Afghanistan and Greece but you can get it anywhere in the world in dried form. This fruit is found in various colours including purple, yellow, black, green and red with juicy flesh and crunchy seeds enveloped in smooth skin. It provides very pleasing smell which is used by many aroma-therapists for treating a number of health problems including constipation, sexual dysfunction, piles, indigestion, bronchitis, diabetes, asthma and cough.

It can also help in recovering body weight after long illness. The health benefits of fruit also make fruit essential oil a treasure of a number of health benefits due to the healthy ingredients found in this fruit. The beneficial nutrients found in this extract may include calcium, vitamin A, iron, manganese, phosphorus, vitamin B and B12 along with potassium, chlorine and sodium.

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Health benefits of essential oil extracted from fruit

Weight loss: the essential oil extracted from Phoenician is recommended for obese people as it can help in reducing body weight due to its high calorie count. It can reduce considerable weight if used specially with milk in recommended quantity.

Prevent constipation: The high concentration of fibre in the fruit helps its oil in preventing constipation by regularising the functioning of bowel. Along with preventing constipation it also helps in eliminating irregular or unhealthy bowel movements and diarrhoea. 

What Does It Do For The Cardio Vascular System ?

Prevention of heart problems: Phoenician contains a number of nutrients even in dried form including omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids which help in reducing the level of triglycerides and the risk of coronary heart problems in one’s system to a great extent. 

Reduce cholesterol: The water soluble fibre, pectin, found in fruit also helps in reducing the level of cholesterol by improving your digestive system even in the form of Phoenician essential oil. The clumps of excessive cholesterol are moped out and removed out through excretory system with the help of this fibre. In this way this fibre dense oil works as a laxative that can prevent various types of cancers like colon cancer and abdominal cancer along with stimulating healthy movements of the bowel.

Protect from post-menopausal breast cancer: The fibrous content in the Phoenician protects from the breast cancer in post-menopausal period by balancing hormonal fluctuations. The effect of hormonal changes on the immune system disables the antioxidants to fight with cancer causing free radicals. In this way, high fibres of fruit, found in oil, help in protecting you from the adverse effect of free radicals. 

Prevent hypertension: Hypertension is usually caused by high level of sodium and low of potassium in your body. The Phoenician essential oil can help preventing hypertension by maintaining this balance as it contains low sodium and high potassium derived from fruit. 

how do figs grow

What Is The Benefit For Respiratory Disorders ?

Sexual dysfunction: Phoenician are recommended since long to correct the sexual problems like erectile dysfunction, sterility and endurance. The presence of a number of beneficial ingredients like minerals and vitamins help in increasing your stamina and energy at can improve your sexual urge and ability.

Relieve diabetic patients: Phoenician or the essential oil derived from them are recommended by various health experts for diabetic patients to control their level of diabetes due to the high fibre found in them. Regular use of this oil can also help in reducing the need of insulin that which is essential for diabetic people as the potassium in it helps in regulating the absorption of sugar ingested with meals.

Treat respiratory disorders: The essential oil extracted from figs can also help in treating various respiratory problems like asthma and whooping cough etc. The leaves of fig tree can also be used as tea to relieve the problem of chronic bronchitis along with lessening the symptoms of various other respiratory problems. 

Soothe venereal diseases: In order to soothe venereal diseases figs were recommended traditionally since long in various countries. They can be used tropically in the form of fig essential oil or ingested as fresh or dried fruit to relieve the effect of transmitted sexual diseases, according to various researches.

Regulate the loss of urinary calcium: The effect of increased loss of urinary calcium caused by the use of high-sodium diet can be regulated by using figs and its derivative essential oil due to high potassium present in them. It helps in increasing the amount of uric acid along with other harmful toxins and reduces the amount of calcium in the urine excreted by you.

Relieve throat pain: It can protect and heal your sore throat due to the soothing nature of the mucilage content found in high amount in figs and their extracts. It relives the stress and pain in your vocal cord.

Prevent macular degeneration: Macular degeneration symptoms caused by aging like loss of vision as well as effect on your looks can be prevented by using figs as fruit or essential oil regularly.

Bone strength: Figs and their extracts can help in strengthening your bones due to high amount of calcium and phosphorus in them. They not only reduce the risk of osteoporosis and degradation of bones but also help in improving their re-growth and strength.


Though figs have a number of benefits in the form of fruits or fig essential oil but still there are certain precautions to be followed while using them regularly. It can cause tooth decay due to high amount of natural sugar in dried figs. It can also cause diarrhoea and mild to severe allergic reactions to the people vulnerable to certain chemicals found in figs. So you should consult your doctor before using fig essential oil.

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how do figs grow

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