How Long Do Dehumidifiers Last ?

Basement dehumidifier are a natural part of any home. Many individuals utilize this space as a home laundry, storing daily goods, or creating an additional family room. But regardless of what you use it for, your basement should always be clean and welcoming.

When it comes to basements, humidity is perhaps the most common issue homeowners deal with. While low concentrations of moisture can be slightly beneficial, high levels of dampness can substantially damage the paint of the walls, leading to a very wide range of undesired results, including health issues and huge financial expenses.

If your basement feels damp and moist, then you should consider getting a basement dehumidifier to eliminate excessive humidity. Keep reading to find out more about the benefits of these dehumidifiers, and the many factors to consider prior to purchasing one.


Humidity Can Dramatically Damage Your Basement

Humidity can significantly damage your basement, especially if you are using it for living purposes. Dampness can also cause metal pipes to rust and damage, which can result in substantial financial expenses for fixing them. Moreover, dampness can ruin your carpets and rugs, and ruin the paint of the walls as well.

At the same time, high levels of moisture can dramatically affect wood furniture, making it swell and weaken. The internal structure of your basement walls is also at risk if there is a high concentration of dampness in your basement. Needless to say, excessive humidity can result in mold and mildew, which can weaken the structure of the building and put your family’s health at a risk (especially if allergies are an issue).

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Benefits of Basement Dehumidifiers: Why Do You Need One?

how long do dehumidifiers last
how long do dehumidifiers last TOP

There are many important benefits of getting a basement dehumidifier. These home appliances can successfully eliminate the moisture in your basement and prevent all of these undesirable results listed above. A dehumidifier draws moisture from air and walls, which helps reduce dampness and keep your basement dry. This can go a long way towards maintaining a clean, hygienic living space, or a suitable storage area for goods such as food. What’s more, a dehumidifier can make the basement feel less of a basement and more of a friendly, warm living space, reducing risk of associated health issues.

are recommended specifically for people living in areas with damp air, or to those homeowners who have gone through a flood, as there is likely a lot of moisture left behind. Getting a dehumidifier is also advised if you are susceptible to allergies, as humidity can cause mold and mildew, which can trigger a host of unwanted health issues. All in all, these appliances are essential to keeping your family safe and healthy, and they can also prevent costly reparations incurred by damaged walls, piping, furniture, and other home assets.


How to Buy the Right Dehumidifier?

how long do dehumidifiers last

Shopping around for them can be very cumbersome, especially since there are literally dozens of models to choose from. There are many factors pertinent to decision-making, which can actually make the difference in how your basement looks and feel. Let’s take a look at the most important aspects below.


1. Look for a Size Suitable for Your Basement

As you shop for a dehumidifier, you will soon come to the realization that these home appliances come in a very wide range of sizes. Large- or medium-capacity basement dehumidifiers are usually the best options since they can handle larger amounts of moisture as compared to small-capacity ones. Large-capacity models can hold up to 75 pints of moisture, whilst medium-capacity ones can hold anything between 40 to 60 pints. These are ideal for most basements, but it usually depends on the levels of humidity present. If your basement gets really wet (say, with puddles on the floor), consider choosing a large-capacity dehumidifier. For general dampness, a medium-capacity dehumidifier will be the best.


2. Check Noise Level

One major drawback of basement dehumidifiers is their noise level, which tends to go pretty high for some models. Most dehumidifiers produce noise between 55 and 67 decibels, but some can go higher than that. If you do not want a noisy dehumidifier, look for a model with a noise level lower than that.


3. Consider the Moisture Removal Method

Not all dehumidifiers are created equally. Different models use different moisture removal methods, which are usually determined by their general capacity. While some dehumidifiers use internal buckets that require consistent emptying, other models have a direct drain feature, which uses a floor-level water drain in order for the unit to operate continuously and without needing to empty the internal bucket. If your basement does not have a floor-level drain, then you will want to get one of those dehumidifiers that require you to empty the internal bucket in order for them to work.


4. Think of Energy Performance

When it comes to buying a basement dehumidifier, energy performance is an important factor to weigh in. Since a dehumidifier will likely operate continuously, this means that energy consumption will also be bigger, so your monthly expenses will dramatically increase. Energy performance is rated by the amount of moisture extracted every hour versus the amount of energy needed to do so. To make sure that you will not be paying thousands every month, consider buying a dehumidifier that is Energy Star certified, as these home appliances use the least amount of power without compromising performance.


Final Word

With so many benefits, basement dehumidifiers are certainly a great investment for those homeowners looking for a way to keep their basement clean, neat and protect their property against costly reparations and incurring medical bills. However, you must carefully consider the factors from above before you actually buy a model, otherwise you might end up paying too much money every month, or getting a unit that cannot handle the amount of moisture in your basement.

Once you get a dehumidifier, you will certainly enjoy its great performance, and its ability to prevent a litany of undesired results that might possibly affect your health and well-being (among others). And if you start shopping for one today, you could say goodbye to basement dampness tomorrow!

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