How Long Do Vacuums Last ?

Best cordless vacuums, which is the best. This is a tricky question to answer because when it comes to the cordless vacuum, there are alot of mis-information out their on exactly it does. First we have to take into account that these machines are not like there big brothers, they don't have the same amount of power that there bigger siblings does. Also, you have to take into consideration that they are much lighter in terms of weight.

So with these particular traits the question that needs to be asked is how can we best utilize these machines to make the home air cleaner. I am often amazed when I see these commercials about the vast amount of suction power that these machines has when vacuuming. I admit when I see best cordless vacuums these machines they are a wonder in themselves because they are strong with suction power.

how long do vacuums last
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However, most people in my opinion when vacuuming tend to miss the most important aspect of vacuuming which you will have to keep reading this article as I will reveal the best tips below. I notice that when the advertisements state that these vacuums has strong suction power it leaves one with the impression that they can run on any surface which is not necessarily the case.

Essentially as a consumer what you must realize is that when someone is selling a product they will give it the best presentation possible which is not a bad thing because of course someone  has to push the product to view.

Best Cordless Vacuums Is All That Glitter Gold

However, not all that glitter is gold because when they advertisers are showing you how good a cordless vacuum is they are also not telling you that this is in a control environment. This means we are going to give the best lighting, sound, and images to help you make an intelligent decision on why you should buy this vacuum.

In my opinion I doubt that when these machines are built that they have tested it on every carpet known to man that would be impossible so how do you know whether or not which best cordless vacuums is the best.


One of the main issues with best cordless vacuums are they don't compare to there upright brothers. They are in my opinion good for flat surfaces where you don't see that much debris. Maybe on light carpets or pieces of carpets but not whole rooms I think that would be to much work for that machine to handle. Another thing that you as a consumer have to be mindful of is the battery life. 

how long do they last

Some vacuums out there claim a battery life of many hours of usage however that is just not the case. One other point to mention when it comes to battery life I think what is key is that your individual usage of the machine honestly in my opinion I would use these types of machines on light areas. Where their is not that much trash or debris. Unfortunately some people take these machines and over use them so it is a catch22 when we talk about battery life. 


If you are going to make an investment for these types of machines you have to keep in mind that these machines were in my opinion built for light work loads. It is not to compete with its bigger upright brothers and sisters, it should be noted that these machines tend to have the best usage on areas such as your kitchen area or if you have some type of sun room in your home, maybe a dinette area, where debris loads tend to be much lesser than the heavier carpeted areas.

how long do they last

How much can a stick vac container hold ?


Also with these machines you will find yourself dumping the container often due to the fact that it is smaller which can some times disturbed your time spent cleaning however, I do have some solutions to this issue you may want to keep reading to find them out as well. 

Now that you have reach this part of the article I thought it was only fair for me to now disclose to you some tips that should help in selecting the best cordless vacuum cleaner, keep in mind the following suggestions:

1. First if you are going to use this machine make sure that before you use it in the desired area you cleaned up the bigger drebris that is on the floors or light carpets. I think this the most critical piece because most people when they buy a new vacuum they expect it to suck up the world and when it comes to vacuuming you have to prep the area first before cleaning it . It is just like you are about to paint a room you just don't put paint on the walls you prime the wall first then you apply the paint the same thing goes for your vacuuming.


2. Make sure that you are not overcharging your battery a good idea is your may want to get a outlet timer that will set your vacuum to charge for a certain number of hours rather than just plugging it in the wall and leaving it their. Remember the reason why it is called a battery charger it is there to provide power for a specific period of time and use then you have to recharge it again. 


3. Make sure that you have the capability of a motorized brush this will help your in your cleaning but also ensure after every use that you properly clean your brush, I think this is another big mistake of usage where you use it and don't do anything else to it until some thing breaks well guess what it is to late at that point your have to maintain your cordless vacuum just like anything else such as a car, you don't drive your car until it cuts off right LOL


4. Lastly make sure your have a proper warranty in place from my independent research it seems as though 2 year warranties are the norm so if nothing else ensure that you get this type of coverage honestly anything outside of these 2 years may not be worth it as they as in the manufacturer may have come up with a new product by then.

In the end just make sure which ever brand you decide to go with that it has the following characteristics above this should help you as you do your own research to find the best cordless vacuum for your home in your pursuit to a cleaner air environment. 


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