How Long For Hot Water Heater To Heat After Reset

Having no hot water in house can be an extremely uncomfortable experience, especially in the winter time. There are various reasons why your water heater may stop working properly. Some are simple and some are more complex, but a good majority of them can be taken care of as do-it-yourself projects. The first step before taking any action is identifying the problem

The most basic problem if you have no hot water in house is if you’ve simply used up all the hot water in your tank’s capacity. If this is the case, you just need to wait a while to give the tank enough time to refill. This can happen if you have more people staying at your house than usual, like when you have guests over.

There are two different types of water heaters, so each of them will be covered here.

how long for hot water heater to heat after reset

Potential Problems With Electric Water Heaters

how long for hot water heater to heat after reset

-Breaker Issue:

If your breaker has been tripped, you may not be getting power to your water heater. In this case, all you have to do is flip the switch and then flip it back to its “on” position. Another breaker issue that can occur is if you have an undersized fuse which means not enough power is being sent to the water heater. If so, you’ll need to replace your current fuse with one that can handle more amperage. Fuses can also fail over time so sometimes they just need to be replaced. 

-Leaking Tank:

Water in your water heater’s compartment is a sign that there’s a leak. If leaking water touches any electric components, it can cause it to malfunction or a short. If this happens the tank most likely needs to be replaced. If the leaking water caused serious damage, the entire unit may need replacement. 

-Cutoff/Reset Button Switched Off

Water heaters have reset and high temperature cutoff switches. If either if them get tripped they can make the water heater stop functioning. If neither of them respond after being switched, it may be a sign that they need to be replaced.

Potential Problems With Gas Water Heaters

-Lack of Gas:

There are a number of reason why gas is not reaching your water heater’s pilot. To check, look to see if the the gas valve is in the open position. You may have a damaged gas line that has been punctured or clogged. Defective gas lines should be replaced immediately. Another potential problem source may be from a defective gas valve. If you have a gas valve that’s not functioning properly, it needs to be replaced - this is a cheap problem to fix.

-Pilot Light Not Burning:

If your pilot light has gone out, you’ll need to light it again. If you open the door to your water heater and there’s no flame, it could mean that your pilot light went out. However, keep in mind this is only for gas water heaters and that newer models of water heaters use glow plugs or spark ignitors instead of pilot lights. 

how long for hot water heater to heat after reset

What To Do If Your Pilot Light Is Not On ?

If your pilot light is not on, follow these steps:

1) The first step is to turn the gas completely off and wait at least five minutes. This allows the gas to dissipate so that you can light the pilot safely.

2) Turn your water heater to the “pilot” position.

3) Take a long lighter and put it close to the gas line where it meets the pilot burner and ignite it. If done properly, a constant flame should have been lit. 

If you have a water heater with a glow plug or spark ignitor, all you need to do is press and hold down your ignition switch, wait for around a minute and then turn your water heater to the “on” position.

-Burner Problems:

Soot and other residue can clog a burner and keep it from being able to ignite. To check, remove the burner and inspect it. If it appears overly dirty, then it needs to be cleaned. 

If you’re having problems with your water heater and have no hot water in house and none of these solutions has fixed the issue for you, it’s best to call a professional and let them deal with it. If you don’t know what you’re doing it’s possible to make the problem worse or even put yourself in a dangerous position. By all means, go through this list, but with more serious problems, you may not be able to fix them on your own.

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no hot water in house

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