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Best air purifier for baby room ? Expectant parents have a tendency to select each item for their new baby's nursery with extreme care, like researching recommendations for a rocking chair and finding a dresser that they will still be able to use once their child becomes a teenager. They may check for safety standards of bassinets, but in most instances a humidifier for baby is completely overlooked.

As a new parent you may be curios as to why having a humidifier for baby would be beneficial. By talking to a pediatrician you may learn a few things. A humidifier is able to keep the air in your baby's room pure and clean, which will help keep your baby healthy.


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Best Air Purifier For Baby Room Benefits

The fact that the humidifier provides protection against dry air is probably the most important benefit. In the winter time when your heating system tends to dry out the indoor air by robbing it of natural moisture, the humidifier for baby is especially important. Best air purifier for baby room needs to control the moisture.

More frequent stuffy noses, dry sinuses and sore throats are effects of the harsh air. In the winter months babies often contract several sicknesses and infections since they are much more susceptible to congestion. A humidifier for baby will loosen any build-up of mucus and allow your baby to sleep comfortably, creating optimal breathing conditions by adding the required moisture to the air.

A humidifier also relieves the baby of dry and irritated skin by adding moisture into the dry air. A baby can suffer from tender, chapped lips and red patchy skin because of sensitivity to dry climates. Common skin conditions such as eczema may become aggravated by dry air. Best air purifier for baby room needs to have the skin absorb the mist. Skin will remain clear and soft and be able to retain its natural moistness with the use of a humidifier which adds moisture back into the air.

The white noise a humidifier provides is another benefit in the baby nursery. This comforting and rhythmic hum of the humidifier is similar to that which your baby heard while still in the womb. This whooshing sound will lull your baby into a peaceful sleep by drowning out other common household noise like television, dogs and children playing.

how much are air purifiers

how much are air purifiers


There are several things you need to consider to determine which of the two main types of humidifiers, warm mist and cool mist, are the most suitable for your home.

Warm Mist Humidifiers – Viruses and germs are killed by warm mist humidifiers due to the warm air they emit. For this reason pediatricians often encourage their use. This open the respiratory passages and reduces the build-up of mucus, while the warmer air will help baby to breathe.

Cool Mist Humidifiers – The air released from a cool mist humidifier is cool or room temperature air, since it does not have a heating element installed. Doctors will often recommend a cool mist humidifier for baby because it will not burn a child if they should touch or play with it. If your child suffers from croup the doctor may also encourage you to get a cool mist humidifier.

Both styles of humidifiers release moisture in the air, except that heated air is released by the warm air humidifier while the cool mist humidifier releases cool or room temperature air.

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Types of Humidifiers

When it comes to choosing a humidifier for baby, there are three main types from which you can choose.

A Tabletop Humidifier – These humidifiers only emit moisture in the room in which they are located. They are portable and compact, which means they can be moved, to another room or for cleaning purposes. This humidifier seems to be the most popular choice for a baby nursery.

A Console Humidifier – A console humidifier is able to emit moisture into the whole area of a house as they are much larger units compared to the tabletop style. Depending on the model you choose, a console humidifier is able to hold between five to nine gallons of water at one time.

An In-Duct Humidifier – The In-Duct Humidifier is installed into the air ducts of your home and it will humidify the entire house at once. This is the costliest of all humidifier options, but it is super efficient at keeping the air in the house moist for all, while requiring almost no maintenance. The most economical option would be a tabletop humidifier if cost is a factor. Best air purifier for baby room has to have good air ducts.


Precautions to Consider

Although using a humidifier in your child's room is very beneficial there are precautions that must always be considered. To ensure that your child remains safe and unharmed by the humidifier, you need to follow all precautions.

To prevent mildew, bacteria and mold from building up inside as humidifiers should regularly be sanitized. It is recommended that you clean your humidifier considering that it takes only about 48 hours for damp surfaces to be covered in mold.

If your child plays with a warm mist humidifier there is a chance that it can potentially cause burns to your child. A hot steam humidifier should not be left anywhere that a little child may be able to reach it.

It is an appliance that can cause harm even though it looks like a fun toy for kids. You should use distilled water if you want a humidifier that performs better. Some tap water may contain mineral fragments.

Allowing your humidifier to completely dry out between uses will help to eliminate any possibility of lint, germs and mold inside the machine, also preventing damage. A humidifier is the most natural way to ensure that you reduce cold symptoms from your child and help it to sleep peacefully.

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    Final Word

    It is well worth considering the purchase of a warm mist humidifier to restore moisture to the air if you live in a dry climate. You can ask your pediatrician which humidifier may be the best for your particular climate.

    A humidifier will help with heating costs during the winter months, ensuring that your child sleeps peacefully and stays happy. You will have lower utility bills if you turn the thermostat down and put on your warm mist humidifier. Whatever climate you live in, you should consider purchasing a humidifier.

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