How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Heat Pump

Best heat pumps are general electric structures that are able to transfer heat, drawn either from the ground or the air, from one place to the other. Heat pumps usually allow for substantial savings on utility and energy bills, which makes these appliances a popular choice to warm up your home during winter.

In fact, the use of these electric appliances to save on the heating bills in winter is a renowned secret amongst most energy-savvy consumers. In addition, heat pumps can also be used to generate hot water and even in air-conditioning. Below are the best heat pumps:

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Best Heat Pumps Reviewed And How You Can Benefit From Them

how much does it cost to replace a heat pump

Maytag PSH4BI iQ Drive 

This heat pump uses the inverter-rotary technology so as to perfectly offset your cooling and heating needs. The system is exceptionally quiet. In fact, you will not even hear the system running since it moves air at a very impressive 59 decibels.

Furthermore, the Maytag PSH4BI also has remarkable dehumidification features. The durable system also features the stainless steel jacket and it also qualifies as a green fix. With an incredibly high SEER number, the Maytag PSH4BI iQ is a great choice for anyone who lives in warmer climates and also needs more help to cool the home when the temperatures rise. The system also comes with a 12-years warranty on the parts.

Carrier Infinity Series Heat Pump with Greenspeed Intelligence 

This is yet another quiet heat pump. The Carrier Infinity Heat Pump operates at low levels (58 decibels). It features a variable speed operation that creates the highest levels of comfort because it normally allows the heat pump to run for long periods at low speeds. The heat pump uses less energy as it provides you with the consistent temperature controls for superior comfort.

The Carrier Infinity Heat Pump features the WeatherArmor that protects the exterior components from elements, its rated 7/7 for cooling efficiency, heating efficiency and also has quiet operating levels. With its impressive heating efficiency, this heat pump is a great choice for the cooler climates. Besides, the heat pump comes with a 10-years limited warranty after registration. 

how much does it cost to replace a heat pump

American Standard And Trane All Aboard !

American Standard Platinum ZM 

Even though the efficiency levels of this heat pump are lower, its price is also a little bit lower. The American Standard Platinum is affordable to install and it saves the homeowners an average of 60% on their cooling and heating bills. If you’re replacing an older system with the low energy efficiency ratings, then the savings could even be higher with this heat pump.

One of the unique features that make the heat pump so energy efficient are the 2 compressors that help in lowering energy costs. Furthermore, the variable speed motor also keeps the temperatures throughout your home even while the humidity controls level ensure that you are capable of keeping the humidity out of the air during summer. The warranty on the system covers its compressor for 12 years, outdoor coil for 10 years and other internal parts for 10 years. 

Trane XL20i 

This variable speed heat pump features the Comfort-R enhancing airflow technologies. With this addition, you’ll have greater humidity control during summers. The unit supplies a slow fan speed upon startup in summer and warm air upon the initial start-up during winter. These managed cycles usually help in controlling the temperature within your home.

There are also 2 compressors that are used with the large one kicking in only when the weather conditions become extremely hot. The Trane XL20i is extremely quiet as the multi-stage compressor usually create quiet comfort that you will enjoy all through the year. You will also have the option of adding the advanced air filtration using the Trane CleanEffect system. This will keep pollen, dust and other common irritants out of the air. It comes with a 10-year warranty on the internal functional parts and outdoor coil, and 12-year warranty on its compressor.

how much does it cost to replace a heat pump

Does Lennox Need A Goodman

Lennox XP21 

The Lennox XP21 has two-stage operation that will keep the home comfortable while its quiet operation will not interfere with the household activities. The best heat pumps is also SunSource compatible, thus it can be linked to the solar models so as to run off the energy from the sun.

It can as well be combined with the gas furnace to aid you in maximizing energy efficiency in case you live in very cold climates and you prefer to heat your house with gas. The best heat pumps also features the Humiditrol dehumidification system that removes moisture from the air. As a result, your home will always stay comfortable even in hot weather conditions. The Lennox XP21 features a 10-years limited warranty on both the compressor and the other covered components.

Goodman SSZ16 

The Goodman SSZ16 has a high-efficiency scroll compressor that blends with the SmartShift technology so as to provide you with a seamless temperature control all through the year. The sound control keeps this system quiet.

The Goodman SSZ16 is also energy efficient thus making it an affordable option that will help you to lower all your utility bills while also keeping your home comfortable. Another attractive feature of this heat pump is the lifetime warranty on its compressor combined with the 10-year warranty on parts and other functional items.

Trane T2GX All-in-One System

The Trane T2GX All-in-One System is available in single-and 2-stage options. The variable speed blower on this best heat pumps has up to twelve airflow options for maximizing comfort. Homes in warm climates may not need these geothermal options.

However, people living in snowy areas can benefit a lot from their improved heating abilities. By pulling the air from the stable environment that’s found below the earth surface makes the system more efficient and very affordable to run. The Trane T2GX also has different configurations thus it can be customized so as to work beautifully in all regions.


Whether you live in a cool climate or a hot one, heat pumps can always help you to save money on cooling and heating costs. The system provides you with cool comfort during the summer and warmth when in winter. Most systems also feature a minimum 10-year limited warranty.

Nevertheless, you still have to make sure that you hire a qualified installations company that will offer you with a warranty on the installation services. The more efficient heat pumps tend to carry a high price tag. However, they will just pay for themselves as time passes through the lower utility bills. Before choosing the right heat pump, talk to the professionals so as to find out the ones that work best in your region and the ones that will function best in your home. 

Pentair 460930 UltraTemp 70 High Performance Pool Heat Pump, Heat Only, 230 Volt, 60 Hertz, 1 Phase, Almondfurnace

how much does it cost to replace a heat pump

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