How To Deep Clean Carpet Without Steam Cleaner

Do it yourself carpet cleaning ? When we talk about cleaning it is not just the dust we need to be concerned about as it relates to quality indoor air. It is also about have the most optimized appliance when removing dust from your carpet, curtains, and furniture. In order to do that you need to have the best tools avaiable at your disposal.

Do it yourself carpet cleaning can remove dust

It should be noted however, that removal of dust starts with removing the big pieces of particles that are stuck into the carpet. Because you don't want these particles to get trap in the vacuum cleaner bands or the brush. Because over time these bigger pieces of particles can build up and make your band within your vacuum to work harder.  

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Do it yourself carpet cleaning can have embedded dirt

Eventually with this constant forcing of the vacuum overtime the band can get weak and break. Then one day when you go to do your cleaning you will cut the vacuum on and just hear the motor running with the brush being able to pick up the dirt embedded inside the carpet. The thing that is even worse is you initially can't tell if the band has burst because there is no warning that is visible to the user to let them know that the vacuum cleaning band needs replacing. 

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Do It Yourself Carpet Cleaning Where The Rubber Meets The Road

It is not only until you have been vacuuming for 25min that you realize the dirt is not going any where and you stop to check the bag. Then you start to check the tubing to ensure there is no particles of dirt has developed in to a ball. Once you check those 2 things out then maybe you might turn the vacuum upside down to look to see if there is anything caught in the brush but alas you look and you really can't tell if anything is trapping the brush from moving.

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Do it yourself carpet cleaning could discover parts and pieces

At this point if you really want to go deeper you may decide to go and get a Philips screw driver and start to unscrew the parts of the vacuum that will allow you to see inside of the vacuum at this time you may be locating the owners manual to help you identify the parts and pieces that could stop the brush from rotating.

The thing with vacuums unfortunately they are not like a car they can't tell you that the bag needs changing or the tube is clog up, the brush does not turn, none of these issues are readily identifiable because vacuums unfortunately are not automated machines it still requires human interaction and hands on trouble shooting.

how to deep clean carpet without steam cleaner

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Do it yourself carpet cleaning the person vs. the vacuum

If I was to invest in a vacuum I would at some point would like for the vacuum to at least tell me when the bag is full, or alert me that there is a possible tube clogging. But none of these things occur so it begs the question of what do you do when this happens.

Well fortunately for you I have some possible solutions that can help, again these are my thoughts on the issue so please consider them with a grain of salt. First and foremost when it comes to vacuums you must understand that vacuums are only as good as the person that is using them .


Changing The Way We Clean

Do it yourself carpet cleaning needs preparation

Whenever you are cleaning dust and particles from your environment it is very important that you remover your bigger pieces of items from the area that you will be attempt to clean because vacuums are not programmed to avoid bigger particles they only pick up what you run over.

Preparation of the area is very critical to the successful removal of dust but I get it you may not understand what that translate to well it is easy. When in doubt remove any items that is bigger than your thumb from off the floor chances are if they are that big there is no point in trying to take the vacuum to run over the item. With that in mind I want you to pay close attention to the following 5 ways to improve your riccar vacuum experience.

1. You should always keep the vacuum canister clean and if it is an Upright you should ensure that the particles of hair or paper are not blocking the suction. 

2. During your cleaning you should consider changing your vacuum bags at least once a month or if you are not sure change the bag when you determined that the bag is about 2/3 full.

3. Ensure that when you are replacing the parts that you invest in the original parts. This is important to improving the performance of your appliance. Unfortunately some people think it is ok to get second hand parts and when the go to use these parts they don't work in the machines. Then they want to know why.....well it is not the original part silly. Don't short change your clean air experience ensure you get the right part for you machine.

4. Also, have your appliance checked by a local riccar vendor, I know it seems silly at first but the truth is there is no way for you to continually provide maintenance for a machine that you really don't have the necessary resources to support the vacuum.

5. Lastly which I think is the most critical to follow is ensure that you put your manual in a safe and secure area so that in the event that you need it you will have it available to you. This one to me is the most important single thing that anyone can do for a product because without the manual and something happens while your cleaning you are going to be a fish without water.


So Now What ? Well....

In conclusion I think that in order to improve performance of the riccar vacuum you as a user have to be actively engaged. The vendor or manufacturer can do all the testing in the world but no one can do vacuum testing on your home environment so keep that in mind when you make an attempt to invest in a cleaning system for your home. The bottom line is no product can survive on its own it must be maintained by the person that is using it.

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