How To Descale A Humidifier For Your Health

How to clear vicks humidifier is a question that we all have. When suffering from a cold, flu, or sinus problems, breathing can be very difficult for you or the people around you. Vicks Humidifiers are designed to help you curb the problem in a scientific way. Vicks Humidifiers are specially designed to offer temporary symptom relief from colds, and ease congestion during breathing.

These humidifiers work by releasing cool vapor in the room. These vapours are formed by a rapidly turning disk submerged in water. These units are especially used over the winter when the air becomes cold, moist and stuffy.


Some models come with special filters that are designed to remove dust, smoke, pollen, odour, and other contaminants. These filters may become clogged with dirt and may require frequent changing. Humidifier units can be good breeding grounds for bacteria, mold, and other harmful contaminants because of the warm environment inside.

Scales from tap water may also clog the humidifier and therefore, only distilled water should be used. Neglecting proper cleaning practices can increase the growth of germs and bacteria, which might enhance susceptibility to respiratory problems.

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For these reasons, Vicks humidifiers require daily cleaning. Careful cleaning and disinfection can help improve the unit’s operating efficiency, prevent further contaminations, prevent damage to the machine, and help it last longer. A more in-depth cleaning should be done on a weekly basis. This article will provide you with the most efficient step-by-step instructions on how to clear vicks humidifier.

However, because Vicks humidifiers come in different models, you may find that the information below does not apply to your model alone. Both the warm and cool mist humidifiers have their own separate cleaning instructions. Please note that the principles of cleaning all Vicks humidifiers may remain the same but some models require very specific approaches.


How To Clean Humidifier With Materials

how to descale a humidifier

Things you will need: 

•Clean Water




•Cloth/Paper towels

•Small bowl

•New filter(optional)

•Measuring spoon

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1 Daily Cleaning


1. • Turn off the humidifier and unplug the cord from the wall socket. Allow it to cool down before you start cleaning. It’s advisable to perform the cleaning on a flat surface that is stable and has adequate space.



2. • Carefully remove the water tank and the water tray. Do it carefully to avoid damaging the filter.


3. • Drain the water tank and then flush the container with fresh, warm water. This helps remove any loose dirt and impurities. This should be done after each instance of use  


4. •Use a soft cloth to wipe the water tank, water tray, medicine chamber, and any other accessible parts. Do it gently to avoid damaging the humidifier.


5. • Always ensure that all the water has been emptied from the chambers after every use and cleaning.

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2. Weekly Cleaning


• After unplugging the humidifier from the power source, allow it to cool down and then remove the filter. Hold it down under cold running water in order to wash away the impurities. Place it on a clean towel to dry and start working on other parts.

Please note that using cleaning solutions on the filter may damage it permanently. Also, if your model requires frequent replacement of the filter, you are supposed to change it often. You can check out the cleaning instructions from the manufacturer’s manual.

•Clean the Water Tank. Remove the water tank and pour in it a generous amount of undiluted vinegar (use about 3 cups). Swish the vinegar solution so that it covers all the parts of the tank. Allow it to sit for approximately one hour. Vinegar works to loosen up the scale deposits left behind by the water. It basically acts as a natural cleanser.

You can use a soft brush to scrub off some of the dirt and impurities at the bottom of the tank. Repeat the scrubbing process especially on areas that appear to be encrusted with mineral build up. Rinse the water tank a second time to remove any residue. Note that it’s highly advisable to use vinegar only because using another type of cleaner may pose health risks for to family.

how to descale a humidifier

•Wipe the entire interior of the humidifier. Using a soft cloth or sponge that is already dipped in vinegar and water, clean up the remaining parts of the humidifier. This removes the remaining loosened up scale deposits and other impurities. It also prevents dirt and other debris from entering the water tank. It also prevents further growth of bacteria and mold. Drain the vinegar after you are done cleaning and rinse properly with warm water.

how to clear vicks humidifier

•Do not forget the pickup tube. Run warm water through the tube and wipe out its exterior as well.


•Clean the Exterior. To keep the humidifier clean and presentable, you need to be thorough. Use a dry cloth on the electrical and mechanical parts, the inlets and outlets. On the underside, used a damp cloth. Take extra caution when cleaning the electrical and mechanical parts. Using a wet cloth to clean these parts may damage the unit or cause electrical shock.


3. Disinfecting The Humidifier After Cleaning


1. •Fill the humidifier’s water tank with clean water and pour a teaspoon of bleach. Swish the solution so as to spread the bleach and allow it to penetrate all parts. Allow it to sit for about an hour so as to completely sanitize the tank. Pour out the bleach water and rinse the tank with clean, cold water.

Please note that letting the bleach sit inside the humidifier for more than an hour may damage the unit. Also, ensure that the tank has been properly rinsed before placing it back on the frame.



2. •For the interior, use a cloth or a sponge that has been dampened in bleach water to wipe it out. Do the same for the exterior while avoiding the electrical and mechanical parts.


3. • Wipe all the parts of the humidifier with a dry cloth. Pay special attention to the electrical parts. Rinse them thoroughly.


4. • Reattach the humidifier according to your model’s instructions.


5. • Store the humidifier in a clean, dry place.


· If your humidifier is old and worn-out, it may not function well. The worn-out parts may be prone to bacteria and mold growth. Replace your humidifier when necessary.


Final Word



Avoid immersing the base in water as this may expose the mechanical or electrical parts, which may cause electrical shock or injuries. 

Giving your humidifier a thorough cleaning not only inhibits growth of bacteria and prevents clogging, but also keeps your entire family healthy. It also helps it stay operational for a long time.

This editorial covered how to clear vicks humidifier. If you should need more information feel free to follow the links on this page. 

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