How To Disinfect Carpet Without Steam Cleaner

Best cleaning method has been around a very long time. It is truly amazing how they have changed over the years. I remember a time when those vacuum cleaners look very ugly and they were also cumbersome to carry around the house. They were by all my accounts as I remember very heavy you had to be an avid weight lifter in my opinion to carry one of those machines. For more information on best carpet cleaner

The parts that came with the vacuum were also on the outside of the unit. This made the unit unpleasing to the naked eye. When people clean it is expected to have attachments however I don't think that you would want those same attachments on the outside of your vacuum cleaner. As I was doing some researching on the net I found some very interesting pictures of these machines and we have came along way in terms of looks and feel with these units. Best cleaning method starts with spacing your room out to find dust.


Best Carpet Method Around

It was very comical to me when I saw these pictures some of these machines looks like an old mom's station wagon, others looked like something that says take me to your leader. It made me laugh but seriously these machines just did not cut it. Truthfully speaking I don't know how these machines ever made it to the market but I guess anything was better than sweeping no matter how ugly or loud that it was.

how to disinfect carpet without steam cleaner
how to disinfect carpet without steam cleaner

Also, when you had to use this thing it was real hard to tote around because of the small wheels that was under the base and if you had think carpet that only meant that you was going to have a very hard time cleaning. Also, the vacuum cleaner had so many attachments that after about 9 months of usage you would only be left with the main stick and coil. It was really hard back then to maintain your home using these machines.


What is the best cleaning method ?

Also, another that I remember is that after you kept using your feet to cut the vacuum on and off the button would do one of 2 things it would not cut on or it could not cut it off. You had to at that point to unplug it from the wall. Back in those days people woudl not waste time to take their machine to the shop they would just use the vacuum as is until they got a new one. So the next that you started clean your method of turning on a vacuum would be that of plugging it into the outlet and then when you had to turn it off you would just pull the plug. 

TOP how to disinfect carpet without steam cleaner

Most people back then would have been satisfied with that because it still help them to avoid sweeping. The colors was also awful to look at as well back then we had off gree, burgundy, hideous light blue, brown, and even had the nerve to have orange as one of the colors. And for some reason there would be dirt on the outside rim of the machines around the white trim.

Needless to say based on my comments in this article I hated to vacuum it was more of a chore that cleaning the house. I am not saying that chores should not be done it was just a hard time managing all the pieces and parts in addition to changing the bag, I would sneeze everytime I had to change the bag and their was no allergy bags back then.


Fast forward to today I think we have made some major strides with the development of the canister vacuum. One of the things that I notice right away that they are lighter not as heavy as there predecessors which is a good thing. Because if you think about the uprights that are out on the market right now they are very heavy in terms of usage. Best cleaning method is lightweight.

Very hard to push which make the canister vacuum a way better option. Also, another feature that I saw was that the wheels were bigger I thought to be the equivalent to riding on 24's (LOL) they are much bigger that the older models which is a huge time saver some of them even has the capability of turning around 360 degrees, that is how far they have come in terms of mobility.


Also, something else that struck a chord with me is that there were not that many pieces and parts anymore which I was happy to see. In addition, it seems as though some manufacturers of these machines have found a clever way to had the parts in a storage compartment or in the tubing itself. There is a vacuum on the market where the crevice tools is actually in the vacuum stick. All you have to do is detach it from the vacuum to start usage. As a consumer you are probably asking your self well what should I be aware of with the newer machines since they are so advance. Well the answer is not cut and dry because even though we have made major strides there are still some drawbacks.


There are some companies that won't support your purchase so it is a good idea to ensure that if you do decide to make an investment is these machines that you secure one with a satisfactory warranty. Make sure that the parts are replaceable in the event of some damage. Remember these machines can be pricey and if you are to make an invest you want to ensure you are getting the worth out of the machine.

Bottom line we have seen some significant upgrade to these machines and with more research we will be in an even better position as they are not created automated robot vacuums. The reality is that a vacuum is a tool to keep your house clean, however, you have to ensure that there is preparation prior to the cleaning so that major blockages don't occur and impede your progress and lifestyle.

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