How To Fix A Dryer That Is Not Heating Up

Dryer wont heat ? Are you having a problem with your dryer? Do you find it difficult to fix your dryer? If yes, then I can help you to resolve your problem. There are many probabilities of this heating problem. To find out the real reason, you first need to know what types of the dryer you have.

Two types of the dryers are available in the market electric and gas. Before trying to fix it, first, turn off your electrical power if the dryer is an electrical one. If it is a gas dryer, then stop the supply before starting to find out the real cause.

This is important to avoid any accident while going through this process. If you do not know how to stop it, then you can read the manual. And follow the section that says about the operating and stopping process.

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Once you are done with it, you can go ahead with your next step. In this article, you will come to know how to fix the electrical dryer. You can check the five important things such as the proper voltage, timer motor, thermal fuse, thermostat, and heating elements to know the cause of not heating. 

how to fix a dryer that is not heating up

Dryer Wont Heat These Ideas May Give You A Hand

how to fix a dryer that is not heating up

1. Proper Voltage

If your dryer won’t heat up, the reason might be that your machine is not getting required amount of the voltage for the running. To start with it, you should first check the power supply. Check that it is properly plugged in or not and the power is coming to your device or not. Now you can verify the circuit breaker panel to ensure that all of them are in the right position. You can also check the fuse panel to ensure that none of them are blown.

Check all these connection and supplies thoroughly to ensure that there is no problem in the power supply and voltage. If there is any problem, then fix it and start your machine to know it is functioning or not. If there is no issue with the voltage and power supply, then check the followings. 

2. Timer Motor 

You can check your timer motor to know that it is functioning properly or it has some defects. Remember that a defective timer might be the reason of your dryer not to heat up. Check the timer. If it is not in the proper condition and showing some problem then consider replacing it. You might need to replace the motor assembly entirely or can simply replace the motor. To know, which one needs replacement, you can consult a professional. 

how to fix a dryer that is not heating up

What About The Thermal Fuse ?

3. Thermal Fuse

If the dryer wont heat the faulty thermal fuse might be the reason of your dryer not to heat up. If the thermal fuse is blown, it cannot function. In that case, you need to replace that with a new one. To know the fuse is blown or in a proper condition, you just need to open the dryer’s cabinet and find the fuse. And then you can simply test it to know the condition. If you do not know how to do this then follow the manual guide or take the help of an expert. 

4. Thermostat 

Check the thermostat to know all of them is working properly. If any of them is not in a good condition then that might be the reason of your dryer not to heat up. To check the thermostats, open the cabinet and check one by one to know all of the thermostats are functioning. If you find any of them faulty then consider replacing. 

Also Don't Forget The Heating Element

5. Heating Element 

Another reason of your dry won’t heat is the problem with the heating element. If the heating element is not working then it will create problems for the heating. Moreover, these elements are not repairable. If you find that the heating element is the faulty one then you can replace it. Open the dryer’s cabinet to check the heating element and to ensure that it is working properly. If not, replace it to resolve the problem. 

When your dryer wont heat check all the devices to find out the reason of why your dryer isn’t heating up and how to fix it. You can fix all these issues on your own with little knowledge and experience. If you find it difficult to fix after checking all the above things then consider visiting a professional. Remember the choice is yours as the consumer when it comes to choosing the best dryer that is available.

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how to fix a dryer that is not heating up

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