How To Keep A Room Warm Without A Heater

If you are looking for the best electric fireplace, then you are in the right place. There are a number of companies today producing electric fireplaces. Because of that, there are several models and brands from which you can select. Not all of them are created equal in terms of their functionality, quality, beauty and features. 

Some are not in the position to meet your specific needs, and you may end up wasting your time without getting an amicable solution. Rather than wasting your time and still not getting what you want, we have compiled a list of the top 6 best electric fireplaces.

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Best Electric Fireplace On The Market Your Best Bang For Your Buck

how to keep a room warm without a heater

SEI Narita Console with Electric Fireplace, Espresso

It is one of the top rated fireplaces in the market today. It is a luxurious fireplace that is made of PB with oak veneer, MDF and popular solid wood and has an espresso finish. On top of it, there is an open box for a 50-inch flat screen TV. It has adjustable shelves each side with doors for storage. With this incredible electric fireplace, you not only warm your room, but it also offers a great visual aesthetics that provides beauty to your home.

how to keep a room warm without a heater

Moda Flame Houston 50 inch Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace

It is a first class fireplace provided in the market today. The contemporary white or black metal flame provides a beautiful look that corresponds with its glass front. The fireplace comes with three heat settings of high, low and no heat with flame only, with a quiet fun and brightness control.

You can be able to program it to shut down after a specific period of time with the help of the built-in timer. The minimum shut down time you can set is 30 minutes and a maximum of 7 hours and 30 minutes. 

What about the chemicals emitting from the furnace?

It provides flames that are mesmerizing to look. The Houston fireplace heater requires no gel cans, ethanol, gas, vent or chimney to work – just plug it into a standard 120 volt outlet. 

3. Touchstone 50 inch Onyx Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace with Heater

The Touchstone is one of the perfect fireplaces for your home décor. It can be mounted on the wall of your family room, bedroom, office or basement. It offers two levels of heating. It's easy to install as only one person can be able to do it when you carefully follow the manufacturer directions. Touchstone fireplace provides flames in five different brightness levels. This is an amazing feature as it allows you to change flame brightness for the radiance you desire.

It has an in built timer; you can set your flame for 30 minutes up to 8 hours. You are able to control all this settings using a remote control.

how to keep a room warm without a heater

SEI Claremont Media Console with Electric Fireplace 

Constructed of MDF, popular wood, PB with veneer this fireplace is available in mahogany or ivory black. It comes with a remote control for adjusting brightness, temperatures, heat or no heat and it also has a timer. It has a temperature switch that is located on a hidden panel as a safety precaution for kids. This allows you to shut automatically down the heat as soon as the temperature is reached. Installation can take only some few hours and can be done by only one person.

The fireplace is a hundred percent efficient when it comes to energy use, it uses just as much energy as a coffee maker, providing an economical operating cost that am sure you will appreciate. 

What about Duraflame and Dimplex ?

Duraflame Large Stove Heater DFS-750-1

The Duraflame is a wonderful fireplace because of its incredible performance, ease-of-use, and beauty it offers to the consumers. It may be among the biggest fireplace offered in the market, yet it remains compact enough to fit into your smaller room. This fireplace has a remote control with many options. It is constructed with the black matte finish on its exterior. The four-legged fireplace heats up your home while providing a great visual appeal to any décor.

The Duraflame fireplace comes with a thermostat that will allow you to regulate the temperature to what you want. It needs no chimney and has no vent. 

Dimplex CS33116A Electric Stove

For an updated and upgraded contemporary fireplace, this is the most ideal. Technology for a three dimension realistic looking fire is accomplished with the fan forced electric heater. No chimney or venting required. It has a quiet quality fun for efficient circulation of the heat with no noise disturbance at all. With its many fantastic features, Dimplex is with no doubt one of the best electric fireplace.

Bottom Line

There you have it; while there may be more brands and models of fireplaces than the ones listed above, the ones enumerate above are among the best electric fireplace there is. You will have a wonderful experience and pleasure for your office or home from one of these fireplaces. 

Dimplex CS33116A Compact Electric Stovehearth

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