How To Make Perfume With Essential Oils Without Alcohol

Essential oils for fragrance ? Before we take a look at how essential oils can help with aromatherapy, let's first understand what these essential oils are and how we can derive all the benefits from essential oils for fragrance.

Essential oils are basically natural oils that are found in trees, shrubs, flowers and plants. They are created naturally to help defend against insects and diseases. They are extracted from plants using a steam distillation process. The result is a highly concentrated oil doesn't just smell good but has a number of medicinal purposes as well.

A number of people choose to apply these oils topically for treating ailments, wounds and infections. Look at emu oil, for example. It is known to have a number of pain relieving benefits including relieving aching joints, sore muscles, inflammation, gout, carpal tunnel syndrome, bedsores, bites, eye irritation, frost bite and insect bites. But for some people, it is the cognitive benefits of essential oils which compel them to use them.

Essential Oils For Fragrance And Healing Properties

how to make perfume with essential oils without alcohol

What is aromatherapy?

It is a term used for the description of alternative medicine and therapies which use plant materials called essential oils as well as other plant compounds to alter the mood, mind and cognitive health of a person. 

It has been around for quite some time now and is used the world over. In Western European countries like France, it is even incorporated into conventional medicine as an antiviral, antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal.

Essential oils for fragrance can also be blended with each other to create new oils like cedar wood, basil, frankincense, thyme, geranium, cardamom, peppermint, chamomile, elemi, lemongrass and citronella.

how to make perfume with essential oils without alcohol

How it works?

The smell which is released by essential oils for fragrance are taken in from the nose and the information is passed to the brain. Specific scents trigger specific messages and this causes the brain to react in a particular way. It comes down to the way the treatments are used.

This may be a simple way of understanding how these oils work but it is a pretty accurate description.

Types of aromatherapy oils

There are numerous types of oils which may be used for treatment to attain different goals. Here are some of the most popular oils:

- Lavender oil: This oil is known to have quite the calming effect on your body. It is quite adaptable and is worth having around. It doesn't just work for allergies but for a number of other issues. It can be inhaled, applied on the skin or ingested. It is used for treating insomnia, dementia and for providing pain relief. It helps with hyper tension and blood circulation.

- Rosemary oil: This is among the most frequently used oils as far as aromatherapy is concerned. Perhaps this has something to do with the large number of benefits it offers. It can help restore oral health and relieve conditions such as bad breath. It can even improve skin tone and moisturize the skin. It works great when it comes to clearing out the lungs and can heal a number of respiratory problems like colds, the flu and a sore throat. It's even believed that rosemary oils have a positive effect on various organs of the body including the liver and the heart.

- Lemongrass oil: This is a type of oil which can help ease inflammation quite a bit. It doesn't just help fight inflammation but also causes toxins to be released. It has antimicrobial and antiseptic properties which make it extremely effective in killing germs and cleaning wounds too.

- Juniper oil: The oils which are extracted from Juniper berries can be quite helpful in healing ailments like arthritis, gout, menstrual disorders, rheumatism, etc. It can be used for massages as well and is very beneficial in relieving tension, anxiety and drowsiness.

- Mandarin oil: This oil is extremely helpful when it comes to treating skin problems. It can be used for rejuvenating skin cells and fighting a number of different skin infections. It can even be used for healing stretch marks and acne marks.

- Tea-tree oil: This is a great antibacterial agent. It can kill bacteria and germs. It has a very pleasant scent too and will quickly spread throughout the room. It can make any room smell fresher within seconds.

- Bergamot: This oil has a citrus scent and is known to help relieve stress, anxiety and certain skin conditions such as eczema. It is an essential oil which must be diluted before application though since the undiluted version may cause burning. It can be used as incense too.

how to make perfume with essential oils without alcohol


To get the most out of essential oils for fragrance, you will have to get a diffuser as well. There are four types of diffusers available today. Let's take a look at them:

Nebulizing diffuser: This works just like a perfume atomizer. With a constant supply of air, this diffusion may quickly release a lot of oil. Since it works on putting oil into the air in the form of droplets, it is usually considered the best diffusion type.

Ultrasonic diffuser: They create fine mists like nebulizing diffusers but use a different method. They use electronic frequencies to cause ultrasonic vibrations which break the essential oils into tiny particles which disperse into a fine mist. They are easily absorbed by your lungs and have a much greater therapeutic effect on the mind, body and spirit.

Evaporative diffuser: This is a pretty basic diffuser. There is a fan which blows air through a filter which has essential oils on it. The air cause the oils to evaporate quickly. Even though this diminishes the therapeutic benefits of the oils, it is a relatively quiet way of getting the aroma from the oils to spread throughout any room.

Heat diffuser: They cause essential oils to evaporate quickly too. But instead of using air, these diffusers use heat instead. Some of them might use high amounts of heat to produce strong smells but the best ones use very low levels to produce subtle aromas. The difference here is because the high heat levels may alter the oils chemical constituents.

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